Script Memory Usage Aug.7,2010

  • Thought this was an awesome post by Lorissia on the beta forums, she said I could share it with you all, thanks Lorissia!!
    by Lorissia Fraisse » Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:08 pm
    Since my partner uses V2.0 and it has some tools that the regular SL viewer doesn’t have, which includes the ability for you to see script usage on a mainland sim that you own, I asked him to check on the horses that I have out for beta testing and how they rate in comparison with other animals I have here on the sim.
    Here are the results of the Script Memory Usage on each of the breedables I have:
    Horses 380k
    Bunnies 540k
    Fairies 650k
    Turtles 760k
    Piglets 1280k
    Good Job you guys!