Are you in the right Amaretto Group ?

  • **Wanted to repost this from Ava's connection because it is so important to keep informed**


    Hey guys its Monday and a holiday for some of you! I hope that you all got to enjoy the three day holiday if you got one.

    Well today I wanted to talk to you guys about which group is right for you! Amaretto does have many groups and they all serve a purpose maybe your in the right one for you or maybe your still looking.

    The following groups are Amaretto Owned with a simple explanation about the group:

    • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables – Main group all things Amaretto No selling or spamming
    • ~Amaretto Advertising Network~ Advertise your Amaretto Breedable, Related product, or Market
    • ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ Group of people dedicated to keeping the integrity of the after market
    • ~Amaretto Ranch Boomtown~ Amaretto owned sim where you can  sell your breedable related product
    • ~Amaretto Ranch~ K-9's- All things K-9's No selling or spamming
    • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Barnyard Birds- All things about the upcoming Amaretto Barnyard Birds
    • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Beta Testers- For beta testers of Amaretto Breedables (invite only)
    • Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group- A group for our none English speaking members to speak in and help one another
    • Amaretto Hippo Group – No chat only notices sent by staff and doesn’t take up any group space!
    • ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~ Q&A group only no chatter! (invite only)

    Each group receives the same important notices. All of the groups except the Beta tester group and the Ava’s Amaretto Answers group all have group joiners at the main store! If you would like to join my ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~ please send me a nc with your name on it! If you have any questions about any of these groups please contact a CSR or you may file a ticket.

    Well until next time Happy Breeding everyone!! ♥Ava ♥