K-9 Update Version 1.4

  • **As always, update means new starter kennels as well**

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE***After Tuesday May 7, 2012 we will NO longer

    provide support for K-9s that are NOT v1.4***

    So please update your K-9s!!!!

    Update v1.4 Fixes/Changes:


    1. Fixed the sunrise and sunset kennel errors

    2. Fixed Wolf sound when sleeping and when turned off

    3. Fixed Hell Hound animations


    1. New lower prices on all K-9 products!!

    2. New and improved K-9 HUD (new animations added and new look)

    3. GPS now available for use from the K-9 HUD

    4. Owner name added to set text

    5. Custom field added to set text

    6. UUID of K-9 is now shown in local with stats from menu options.

    Also parents UUIDs are shown in local from parent menu option.

    7. We have retired the following Non-Starter eyes:
    Maroon with Gold Glitz
    Violet with Gold Glitz

    8. We have retired the following Non-Starter collars:
    Classic Ivory
    Classic Onyx
    Classic Imperial
    Classic Sky
    Classic Iris
    Classic Petal
    Classic Hotrod
    Classic Tangerine
    Classic Summer
    Classic Atomic
    Classic Suede
    Somethings you need to know about the updater:

    1. It will not work if there is more than one updater out. It gives you

    a message that there are 2 updaters out please remove one.

    If you continue to try and update your K-9 It will give you another

    error message and have you pick one updater up and reset the other.

    (touch and wait 5 seconds to reset)

    2. It will not update pregnant K-9s. The reason being the updater can

    potentially abort the pregnancy. Waiting to update your pregnant K-9s

    will not effect the K-9s functions, they will continue to eat, move,

    animate etc. When they give birth to the kennel, then you can update

    them. The kennel will be the old version and need to be updated when


    3. The updater will not work on sims with a high load. Dilation needs

    to be above .65 and region fps must be above 25 for the updater to work.

    You will get an error message that says the sim dilation is too low, we

    have enclosed a sim monitor that will display these values for you. Just rez on your sim next to the updater.


    Update Instructions:

    Single Updater: Place the updater near the K-9 that isn’t updated and click the K-9 and click the update button. The K-9 will be updated and the settings will be the same as before the update process. ***DO NOT PICK UP K-9s OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***

    Bulk Updater: Place the bulk updater in the middle of your K-9 breeding area, click the updater and adjust the settings you want your K-9s to be set to after the update process, then click the update K-9s button on the updater menu. This updater has the ability to update all K-9s that are not v1.4 in an entire region. However, depending on sim performance it may only do the K-9s in a 96 meter radius. Do not remove the updater until it has completed updating all K-9s and the hover text above the updater reads FINISHED. ***DO NOT PICK UP K-9s OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***

    Updaters can be found at all of the Amaretto K-9 store locations