Amaretto Time For A Cure Auction

  • Hello Everyone!!!

    As some of you know today we cleared the auction group out today…Why you ask???


    Well since our last auction brought in over 1.9 Million Lindens!!!!! We have decided to give this another shot and we hope that the community comes together and helps for a good cause. Now I will answer a few questions that some of you might have.

    How can I help?


    Well Amaretto is taking donations for this auction we do ask that any horses sent in to be higher than 8 traits or new or charmed and for the k9s we ask to be at least 3 traits on the k9s or new or enchanted and also the barnyard birds we will take any of them that you wish to donate. We do ask that you limit your items to 2 per person. Please send these donations in a folder with your full sl name and Amaretto Auction as the folder name with a detailed note card explaining why you wanted to donate to Jaymee Caproni! Donations will only be accepted until June 5th at noon.


    How can I register to bid?


    We realize like last time that not everyone will be able to get on the sim the auction will be done in voice over a stream and you will be assigned a proxy to place your bidding threw which will be a Amaretto Staff Member if you would like to sign up to bid please title the note card I want to bid (your name) please only send one note card to Avalon Crystal!


    As always we hope to see you there!!!