Q & A Transcript 8-21-10 Aug.21,2010

  • This is the overview of
    the Question & Answer session the Amaretto Team held on Saturday
    August 21, 2010.

    Josaphine introduced
    the staff and informed everyone of their roles on the team. Most of
    the team were given titles that sounded like they worked on a ranch
    so these will be clarified here for you now. Josaphine & Jaysin
    Cooperstone are the Creators/Owners of Amaretto Ranch. Before
    contacting Josie or Jaysin about issues please use the ticket system
    on the website as they are very busy with the day to day operations
    of the horses. Dakota Delicioso is the Range Boss which means she is
    the head of Amaretto Customer Service and if you unable to contact
    the Lead Riders or Ranch Hands she will be happy to help you. The
    Lead Riders are the Customer Service portion of the team, they are
    Jaymee Caproni, Richie Caproni, and Avalon Crystal. They are here to
    help you and answer any questions you might have. Also members of
    the Customer Service portion of the team are Kraven Gothly &
    Etienne Sahara who we have dubbed our Ranch Hands. The portion of
    the team responsible for bringing Josie & Jaysin’s vision to life
    are Cheetah Kitty & Lexxure Lock. Cheetah is our Lead Wrangler
    and in charge of building and textures on the project. Lexxure is
    the Script Wrangler and in charge of the scripting on the project.
    As the horses are not released yet look for changes and additions to
    the staff as the project grows and changes all the time.


    Now the questions were
    coming at the staff at an unbelievable rate, so they have been
    compiled and are not in the same order they were asked, however, we
    did our best to include each question that was asked as well as a
    complete answer to that question.


    • When will the
      horses be released?
       By the end of the of the month.
    • Will the
      starter packs come in male/female pair?
       The starter packs come
      3 females to 1 male There will be a 4 pack, an 8 pack and 12 pack.
      They are set up this way because the male builds fervor at a rate to
      be able to keep up with 3 females. Males and Females build 100%
      ferver in 2-3 days…….. Females are pregnant for 3 days… then
      have a recovery period of 4 days then start building ferver again.
    • How long do
      they live/breed? 
      They breed
      for 120 days. They live on after that as retired horses.
    • How will grid
      issues be dealt with?
       The grid
      issues will be dealt with using our ticket system. The database
      stores the information on your horses but you will still need to
      keep records on them in order to assist us in locating you horses in
      case of issues.
    • When they are
      released will the recessives be available right away? 
      horses will have a visible and hidden trait and only through
      breeding will the hidden traits be discovered.
    • Can they birth
       No the horses will not
      have twins.
    • What are
      Charmed Horses, how do you get them and will their traits pass on
      through breeding?
      Horses are our “Special Horses”. You do not get them
      from breeding certain things together, they are completely RANDOM.
      Their traits do not pass on but by breeding a Charmed Horse with
      another horse this does increase your chances of having another
      Charmed Horse.
    • Do they go into
      hibernation like other breedables?

      The horses will get sick if they are not fed and can be healed with
      a healing kit. They will not go into a hibernation but they will
      get sick and will not build happiness or fervor until this is
    • How long does
      food last?
       Food last 2 weeks
      for 2 horses
    • Is food/water 1
      prim or 2 and how will it be sold?

      The food for the horses is one object but that one object counts as
      2 prims. It will be sold individually and in breeder packs. There
      will be Breeder Food and Pet Food. Pet food will be for those that
      do not want their horses to breed. Breeder food will come with the
      starter packs.
    • Do the horses
      give a stat boost when they are past their breeding span?

      No they do not
    • How long does
      it take for a bundle to birth?

      The bundle will birth when you click the menu and choose to birth
      it, there will be no wait time once this option is chosen.
    • How often will
      there be updates?
       There will
      only be updates, where you have to use an updater to update your
      horses when we have to make a script change. When we add new coats,
      colors & eyes we will announce this and they will be included in
      all the new starters sold through the vendors. We have not yet
      determined how many of each of these will be released each time or
      how often we will release these. We dont have a set time frame as to
      when updates will come out, just as needed to update scripts,
      however, an update where the horses are concerned will not mean new
      coats, colors and eyes it will only mean that something on the
      script side needs fixed. We hope to have a lot of input from you on
      the forums on how many and how often you would like to see new
      things brought into the market and why.
    • Why will the
      new coats, colors and eyes be released in this fashion instead of
      through an update like other breedables? 
      of all it’s because we do not need to go through the update process
      in order to release these. We understand that is a tedious process
      for everyone and took this into concideration. Although buying new
      starters each time is not always an option for all, it is the best
      way to introduce those traits into the market without damaging the
      work breeders have put into breeding the lines they are currently
      working on. As mentioned earlier we do not yet have a time table for
      when we will be releasing new traits and would love to hear your
      opinions on the forums.
    • Can they be
      hurt or griefed like some of the other breedables?

      No the horses will not fight or hurt each other. You are able to
      take the horses into your inventory without hurting them.You
      actually have to take them into inventory and wear them in order to
      ride them. The only thing that can happen to your horses is they can
      become sick if they are not fed and then you will need a healing kit
      in order to make them better. So if you leave them in your inventory
      too long they will become hungry, get sick and need to be healed.
    • In the future
      will the horse be changing shape and form to have them realistic to
      the breed?
       We want everyone to
      remember that the horses are brand new and there may be changes in
      the future. We cannot stress enough that these horses are Virtual
      Pets and will NOT be exactly like real life horses.
    • Is it possible
      if you breed siblings would you get a mutant? 
      will be NO mutant horses. However, there will be benefits to
      breeding siblings together that will only be discovered through
    • Will staff be
      able to breed and sell your breedables in the market? 
      staff other than the owners, scripter, and builder will be able to
      sell and the horses since they will not have access to any of the
      “inside” information or to the main database.
    • Once these are
      released there is gonna be a secondary market start up , how
      involved are you going to be in that market?

      We do not intend to be involved in the secondary market at all. We
      want that market to drive itself just like it does in the other
      breedable markets. Our hope is that we have set the horses up to
      prevent some of the other problems that have been discovered and
      that will help in keeping the market stabalized as best as possible.
    • Are people
      going to be able to create items, barns and accessesories to sell
      themselves with out a problem? 
      we are actually excited to see what the secondary market comes up
    • Will you have
      your own registery system? 
      has provided a non-profit endorcement of the registery that was
      created by NZ Shepherd and Calista Janus. This website is called
      myslhorse.com and should be available around the same time as the
      horses are available.

    hope that everyone is as excited about the horses as we are and that
    you find the Q&A helpful