RFL Time for a Cure

  • I hope everyone is planning on attending the Opening Ceremonies of Relay For Life on Saturday July 14th at 10am slt. The theme this year is Time for a Cure, and that is something we can all agree on, it is definitely time for a cure! Amaretto would like to invite you all to come out to our Team campsite after the ceremonies and participate in the Honor Walk. I for one look forward to this day all year long, the people, the stories, all the work that goes into Relay for Life, it is all just completely inspiring!
    We at Amaretto hope to inspire you in the Amaretto Community to support RFL by purchasing:
    Limited Edition RFL 2012 Clockwork Horse with It’s Time eyes
    Special Edition RFL 2012 Clockwork K9 with It’s Time eyes and Cogs collar

    These have both been put on sale at all Amaretto locations for 712 Linden! The beautiful coats do not have the ability to pass but the eyes on both and the collar on the K9 do have the ability to pass! All of the Limited Edition Horses will be born with Upright Long mane and a Long tail so they can also pass that along! The Special Edition K9 will only be birthed with eye and collar traits showing as they look completely amazing just like that!
    These are going on sale today July 13th and will be on sale until Sunday July 15th at 11:59pm slt! So run out now and grab yours and help Team Amaretto support Relay for Life! 100% of proceeds from sales of the Limited Edition and Special Edition go directly to RFL.

    We would love to see the community riding around the track on your Amaretto horses during the Animal Kingdom hour tomorrow between 4pm and 5pm slt! Come for the Opening Ceremonies and plan on staying all day as there will be something happening all day long! To find out all the events for the day you can go here


    We at Amaretto thank you for everything you in the community do to help support Relay for Life! Amaretto Relays!!!!