Amaretto Information Kiosk!

  • Today I wanted to re touch on something pretty cool that the great minds at Amaretto have decided to put out for our wonderful community!

    Its the Super Duper Amaretto Information Kiosk ! What! thats right now a inrworld kiosk that you can visit to get all the great Amaretto Information you want and need!

    So what can you do at this kiosk you ask??

    Well………. Below is a list of the buttons and what they will do:

    Rewards- Will give you information on Horse Haven, Puppy Paradise, or Bird Sanctuary
    Events- Will give you the most updated information on upcoming Amaretto Events
    Huds- Will give you the horse or K-9 Hud
    Website- Will connect you to the main website
    Calendars- Will give you a copy of the Events Calendar or the ARU Calendar
    TOS- Will give you a copy of Amaretto’s TOS
    Manuals – Will give you a nc manual for any of Amaretto Breedables
    Landmarks- Will give you landmarks to any of our locations!

    There is also a nifty button on the top if it is red, that means its in use by someone else. if the light is green it is ready for use! I have included a pic below of the kiosk in world.
    So stop by the kiosk when you visit any of our locations to stay up to date with all the latest Amaretto info and events!
    Well until next time Happy breeding everyone!