Amaretto Ranch University News....

  • I wanted to blog today about our University. Amaretto Ranch University has been going strong for several months now and we are very pleased with the response from you the community. With that said, we need your help.

    We would like to ask you all to give us some suggestions for new classes that would be beneficial to the Amaretto breeding community. At the University landing point I have placed a suggestion box. Please bring any and all class suggestions on a notecard and drop them in the box. We cannot do them all of course but we will go through them and get started putting together some new and exciting classes for A.R.U.

    As we know there are many coming close to completing their studies at A.R.U. We have been working on what would be an awesome "graduation" gift when the courses have been completed. This is a work in progress as is the equally awesome University website that will allow users to log in and see their progress along with other helpful information. These things are coming VERY soon so please watch for announcements!

    I would like to thank all of you again for your continued support and please go to the Amaretto University and drop your class suggestions in the suggestion box set up there!