Can you hear me now?

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to repost a connection that Ava did a few days ago because I think it is an important one:


    Can you hear me now?

    Amaretto wants to hear from you!

    Thats right guys if you haven’t noticed we have been having questions and answers almost everyday! This is your opportunity to have a voice and be heard! We always post in ever group when we are holding such a events so keep a eye out!

    You can come down and talk about questions, concerns, or comments you may have that you want Amaretto to hear!

    Its important for you in the Amaretto community to come out and be heard, if you do not participate in such events how can you communicate with us?

    Another great way to be heard is through the Amaretto ticket system! Thats right you can make your suggestions title your ticket Attn Ava and I will be sure to get them!

    Remember not all suggestion will be considered, many suggestions that people make have already been in the works or made by others. The Amaretto team loves hearing from you and all the wild and crazy ideas you have!

    So stand up and be heard and I hope to see and speak with you at the next questions and answers!

    This is Ava, over and out!