Three Years and Counting...

  • Hello Amaretto community!! We are very excited about things coming to you all very soon!! I wanted to tell you about a few of them today. As many of you know we are coming up on our 3rd anniversary!! So very blessed to still be the number one breedable in Second Life!! To celebrate this monumental occasion we are planning a fun filled day for everyone! We will have live performers, prizes, dancing and did I mention prizes?? The party will be September 1st of course and run for several hours so everyone can have a chance to celebrate with us. We will be sending out more info as we get everything set.
    Another fun thing we are doing is our very own Breeders Choice Awards!! We have set out "Nominee Suggestion Boxes" at all of our Amaretto locations so that you, our community, can nominate for each category. We will have a website for the voting and more info on that will be coming as well. So stop by one of our locations, pick up the nominee suggestion notecard, fill it out and drop it back into the "Trophy", simple as that, only one name per category please.
    So keep you eyes on the notices/connections for more news on these and much more excitement to come!!

    Until next time.....Happy Breeding!!

    P.S. I think Miss Ava is missing some more pics, can you help us find them??