Limited Edition Food "Going Old School"

  • Wake up guys! I know you are out there and I have a little news to share with you today!
    With our 3rd Birthday fast approaching we thought it would be a fun idea to release all the special foods that were for sale over the last 3 years!

    This is not all the surprises we have in store for you guys but we thought it was a fun place to start!

    We have made several different packs of food & salt and/or food & chew toy, that will be for sale.

    Let me answer these few questions i know you guys will already have:

    1. Is this food cheaper? No its the same price as the regular packs.
    2. Is this food special? No the only thing that is different about this food is the object is different.
    3. Do I have to buy this food? No you sure don't!
    4. Is this food more prims? Yes it is!

    The following packs are available:


    Amaretto Limited Edition- Lovers Pack
    Amaretto Limited Edition- Goodies for Santa Pack
    Amaretto Limited Edition- Sweet Pack
    Amaretto Limited Edition- Sushi Pack
    Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo- Cactus Pack
    Amaretto Limited Edition- Fright Night Pack
    Limited Edition-Independence Day 5X Pack
    Amaretto Limited Edition- Tiki Pack
    Super Mix Pack- 5 (5x) Breedable Food & 5 (5x) Salt Licks


    Amaretto Special Edition- Lovers Pack

    Amaretto Special Edition- Sweets Pack

    Prices vary on the amount of food & salt and/or food & chew toy that is in the pack.
    This was requested by some breeders so we thought this would be fun, in the spirit of celebrating Amaretto's 3rd Birthday pick up your Limited Edition food pack available at the Horse and K-9 Main Stores only today!

    Please remember that voting for the breeders choice ends on Friday. Also if you didn't see the notices about prizes being given out at our 3rd Birthday Celebration you must be a member of the Amaretto Main Group or the Multi Language Group!

    Happy Breeding everyone!
    Hope to see you all Sunday!!