New Product out today!

  • So for several weeks our trusted beta testers have been testing away at our newest product and we are proud to release it to everyone today. Amaretto Bundle Updater 4.0 has been placed at all horse locations! This updater is a bit different from the horse updater so PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before you update your bundles. I have included the instructions in this blog for easy access as well. We continue to work hard on many other issues/projects so keep your eyes on the notices and website for much more to come!

    Bundle updater v4.0 Fixes/Changes:


    1. Fixed text off and on


    1. Added "clear custom" to bundle menu


    Something’s you need to know about the updater:

    1. You can update up to 15 bundles at one time

    2. The bundles have to be in range of the updater (5m radius)

    3. Bundles must have "SUCCESSFULL_BUNDLE" in the UUID to be updated

    4. There is an option to turn on/off range indicator on the updater (must have particles enabled on your sl viewer)

    5. Can only update a bundle once and will only update 2.0 and higher bundles

    Updater instructions:

    Rez the updater out and select "range on" from the updater menu. Place up to 15 bundles within the range area of the updater and select "update" from the menu. ***DO NOT PICK UP BUNDLES OR THE UPDATER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETED THE UPDATE PROCESS***. When the updater reads "Done" you may then pick up your updated bundles and repeat to update more bundles.