Amaretto Gender Reveal!

  • Hey everyone how are you enjoying your day?! I wanted to tell you guys about a SUPER SURPRISE. The other day I asked everyone to take the time to write me and send some ideas that you guys wanted to see Amaretto do!!

    After reading over the notecards and making a list of some of the things that you guys would like to see I got with super scripter Tmzasz and wonderfull leader Josaphine.

    We have decided to let you guys know the gender of a bundle before you birth it!!! Thats right you will know if you have a male or a female before you every birth it!

    This is something that we wanted to do because we appreciate all of our community and we are listening to you!
    We have several other cool things in the works so keep your eye out!


    I will be adding everyones 5k Horse Cents to your account today if you sent me your call to action note card! I appreciate all of you guys taking the time to write me and who knows your idea may be used next!!!

    Happy Birthing Everyone this is Ava over and OUT!!