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About This Club

**Official Amaretto Education Staff Group** Faculty and Staff for the Amaretto Ranch University
  1. What's new in this club
  2. At the meeting we agreed we would all take a section of classes to rewrite, dont worry about the opening or the closing I am working on a new one for both. Here is the list the way it worked out: ****************Horse Clases**************** Syn Amaretto breedable Wiki & horse Haven Amaretto GPS Breeding and Pairing Chasing Special Horses Consumables Getting to know the Breedable Menu Sick Breedables Unpacking and Basic Settings Your horses as pets HUD/Racing/Training History Of Amaretto - Horses ****************K-9 Classes**************** PAM Amaretto Breedable Wiki & Puppy Paradise K-9 Amaretto GPS K-9 Breeding & Pairing K-9 Chasing Special K-9 Consumables K-9 Getting to know the Breedable Menu K-9 K-9 HUD Sick Breedables K-9 Unpacking and Basic Settings K-9 Your K-9's as Pets History Of Amaretto - K9 ****************Bird Classes **************** Skye Getting to know the breedable menu - Birds Wiki and Bird Sanctuary Amaretto G.P.S. - Birds Consumables - Birds Breeding, Companion and Incubating Chasing Special Birds Unpacking and Basic Settings - Birds Your Birds as Pets Sick Breedables - Birds History Of Amaretto - Birds ****************Ponie Classes**************** Grey Global Ponie Synchronizer (GPS) Ponie Pals Consumables Breeding Your Ponies Unpacking and Basic Settings Ponies Getting to Know the Breedable Menu Ponie Pals Sick Ponie Pals Amaretto Ranch Breedables Wiki & Ponie Oasis ****************Combo Classes**************** Mona Myth Busters Beyond Secondlife Protecting your investment Updating your Breedables The ticket system Amaretto advertising and groups How and where to buy Amaretto Products Reasons To File A Ticket We will meet on June 30th @ 3 PM to turn in these classes I will review edit and then send all classes out to everyone.
  3. On 6/8/2022 at 10:27 AM, pam nikitin said: June 22 Unpacking & Basic Settings Birds 9 AM -Pam I have a Dr appt at 10am Est, so am looking to switch with someone - Please let me know
  4. Hey ladies if you need to switch days or have something come up lets post here!
  5. OK how does Tuesdays at 5 work? I want to get this going!
  6. I'll make time just let me know.
  7. I'm NOT available at these times: Tues. 7-11am slt Wed 3-8 pm slt Thur 2-8 pm slt Sat 3-10am slt Sun 3-7 am slt
  8. Open like Tuesday afternoon or a Thursday around like 1pm - 2pm???
  9. Sometime before I leave and move!
  10. Whats a good meeting time for everyone? To rewrite the ncs?
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