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My breedable isnt Eating?!#%#$

Hey guys its Ava! I hope everyone is enjoying this Terrific Tuesday! I went on a house call today and thought it might be a good idea to share this information with all of you again!

So with all the craziness that has been in sl the past couple of days I wanted to talk to you about sick Horses, K-9s, Barnyard Birds, and Ponies!

Ive seen a few people saying that their horses aren’t eating, I know there are several breedable market sims that have had known issues. I wanted to go over a few simple checks to make sure that all your settings are correct. I know some of you have been breeding Amaretto for years and know everything there is to know, but sometimes its only a setting that will keep your breedable from eating,

So here is Ava’s check list for a breedable that is not eating:

1. Are scripts turned on?
2. Is the food set to All, Owner Only, or Group?
3. Is the breedable set to to correct food breedable or pet?
4 Is the food within range?
5. Is my breedable frozen or duplicated?
6. Is my food duplicated? (check for a uuid in the description field of the food)
7. Did i rerezz the breedable?
8. Is my breedable up to date?

If you go thru all these questions and still can not figure out why your breedable is not eating you should go ahead and file a ticket to have a csr come out. I cant tell you how many times ive went to a breeders and its a simple setting that is keeping their breedable from eating! It can happen even to the seasoned breeder!

If your breedable is sick currently it will take 3 days for them to eat thier way out of sickness, unless you are talking about ponies, ponies must have ponie noodle soup once they have this poine is sick above their head!

So happy breeding and eating everyone!
This is Ava over and out!

Whats Your Breedable Named?

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day! I wanted to take some time out today to talk to you guys about something that may effect the way you name bundles and horses.

Currently you have 36 characters to name your bundle or horse, and over 9 years that I have been with Amaretto let me just say you guys can get creative!

Im not gonna say any names but I have had people not file a ticket because they were to embarrassed as what they named the horse to.

There are a few changes that have happened concerning naming bundles and horses. I know alot of you guys like to include special characters in the your breeding names such as:


Well sadly because of the way our code operates, doing this could start cause issues in the way your horse or bundle is working in world. Amaretto has taken steps to prevent you from using such characters when naming a horse or bundle. If you have a bundle with a special character in the name upon birthing the bundle the horses name will be the same but without the characters.

If you try to rename a horse with characters that are not allowed your horses name will then be changed to Rename without Invalid Character.

If your horses are named this all you have to do is click your horse and name and then rename.

As a good practice i would not include any special characters in the names of any of my Amaretto breedables.

Well as always guys Happy Breeding this is Ava over and out!

Shades, Glaze & Brilliance

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start and you are staying safe.

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Barnyard Bird Chicken Shade, Glaze & Brilliance traits.


The Shade trait comes from breeding Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds “Starter Breeds” together or 1 starter with any other bird. Please note that this trait CAN be passed on.

On October 28th, 2013 Amaretto released the 2013 Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds! Any breeding of these 2013 Collectors Edition Halloween Barnyard Birds gave a chance at getting a hidden surprises! These surprises were the Shades Slime, Panic, and Pumpkin!

On Monday December 18, 2013 Amaretto released the 2013 Holiday Barnyard Birds! Any breeding of these 2013 Holiday Barnyard Birds gave a chance at getting a hidden surprises! These surprises were the Shades Fire and Frost!

On February 9, 2015 Amaretto released the Valentines Day Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds. by breeding any of this year’s 2015 Amaretto released the Valentines Day Collectors Edition together you may find the hidden surprise they hold! These surprises were shades Love and Sunshine!

All Shade colors shown on a Rhode Island White Hen


  • Subtle
  • Moderate
  • Intense

The Glaze trait was introduced in the 2.0 Barnyard Bird Update, You must have purchased new starter birds or new 2.0 Sanctuary Birds to get your chance at this trait.


  • Subtle
  • Moderate
  • Intense

The Brilliance trait was introduced in the 2.0 Barnyard Bird Update, You must have purchased new starter birds or new 2.0 Sanctuary Birds to get your chance at this trait.

Glaze and Brilliance Traits are shown on a Partridge Leghorn Rooster

For a closer look visit the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend!

Happy Breeding!!

In Memoriam

Just a short connection today, but one close to my heart. Everyone knows there are many many Haven Horses available from Amaretto, in all the colors of the rainbow, but the very first one was the Memorable Haven Horse.
In November of 2010 Amaretto introduced the Horse Haven board, with products available that breeders could get with the points they received from havening horses and bundles, such as Pet Food, Healing Kits and Snacks. The following March of 2011, they gave us the Memorable Haven Horse, a ghostly winged angel of a horse complete with halo, in memory of lost loved ones. For 250,000 points you can get one for yourself, that comes in random gender with random starter eyes. The Memorable Haven Horses are NOT able to pass their coats, but when you breed a Horse Haven Horse (whether it is with another Horse Haven Horse or any other horse) you DO have an increased chance at receiving a random Charmed Horse.

On October 12, 2012 they announced the twist that was added to the Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horses. If you bred a Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horse with a Memorable Haven Horse you would have the ability to get a brand new trait, wings! The wing from the Memorable Haven Horse was called Blizzard. Many breeders have gotten these unusual Haven Horses as a tribute to their loved ones over the years

Breeding Terms!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I wanted to talk with you guys about a few breeding terms that you may or may not be familiar with.

DOS- DIrect Off Spring – this means that mom or dad had the trait desired but the animal itself does not! (DOS animals can pass the desired trait even if not showing if mom or dad had the trait)

OSOS- Off Spring of Off Spring- this means mom and dad did not have desired traits but grandma or grandfather did. (OSOS animals can pass the desired trait even if not showing if grandma or grandfather had the trait)

Recovery – Waiting period between pregnancies
Descendants – A breeding cycle
Vintage – When a ponie has used all of its descendants
Pairing – Having two specific horses or K-9s breed with each other only
Companion – Having two specific Birds breed with each other only
Cycles – Each bird starts with 12 cycles which means that they can drop 12 nests.
Nesting – Waiting period between nests

Now lets talk about DOS and OS of LE, SE, CE, or DEs.
A DOS of any of the following LE, SE, CE, or DEs must be showing their hidden surprise to pass it into the DOS and OSOS.

Example: I breed 2 DE Sharks together I CAN NOT get the Great White eye from a DOS of the DE unless it is SHOWING the Great White Eye.

This isnt a new concept to Amaretto all LE, SE, CE, and DEs have always worked this way.

Concerning Posh Ponies, the non posh offspring of Amaretto Posh Ponies do NOT have an increased chance of producing Amaretto Posh Ponies.

Its always a good idea to educate yourself on the truth and learn the ins and outs of Amaretto that is why we have a whole 

Have Fun With Your Barnyard Birds!

Happy Hump Fellow Breeders!

Today, I want to share with you an interactive way to have fun with your Barnyard Birds. Did you know you can hold them or have them walk beside you? Yep, you can! Let me show you how!

First, click on your rezzed Bird to get its menu.

Select “Attach” and a sub-menu will pop up asking if you want to hold the Bird or have it walk beside you.

With either choice you make, an experience box will pop up in the top right corner of your screen asking you for your permission.

Click “Yes” and the bird will attach to your avatar. I selected “Walk beside” and when the Bird attached, its legs were slightly in the ground. To fix this you, simply, right-click on the bird and using the edit move arrows, adjust it.

Your bird is now walking beside you and ready for adventure! When you are through walking with your Birds, right-click the Bird for the pie menu and click “Detach”. The Bird will go to the Objects folder in your inventory and will be ready for you to rez back in-world.

Back at the sub-menu, if you select “Hold” for a Chicken, a sub-menu will appear asking whether it is a Chick, Hen or Rooster. Click the appropriate button.

For a Duck, it will ask if it is an Adult or Duckling. Click the appropriate button.

Your Chicken or Duck is now in your arms for you to cuddle! When you are through holding, right-click the Bird for the pie menu and click “Detach”. The Bird will go to the Objects folder in your inventory and will be ready for you to rez back in-world.

The best part about holding or walking with your Barnyard Bird is that it increases their Vivacity. As you know, Vivacity has to be 85% or higher in order for Vigor to rise. So, this is a great way to save on your Orange Rinds or Lettuce Leaves.

Just a note: All this fun can be tiring for your Barnyard Birds. Should they go into resting while attached, they will automatically detach and go to the objects folder of your inventory.

Now, get out there and enjoy some interaction with your favorite Birds!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Max Horse Traits!

Hey everyone hows it going today? I hope everyone is having a terrific taco Tuesday! Well if your not having tacos I hope at least it is Terrific!

So a few people have asked recently so I thought I would do an official connection on the max traits that you can have on any 1 horse!

So here they are:

1 Coat (Non-Starter)
2 Eye (Non-Starter)
3 Mane (Non-Starter)
4 Tail (Non-Starter)
5 Coat Gleam
6 Coat Luster
7 Coat Gloom/Chill/Warmth/Blush/Haze/Hue
8 Coat Opal
9 Hair Gleam
10 Hair Luster
11 Hair Gloom/Chill/Warmth/Blush/Haze/Hue
12 Hair Opal
13 Branding
14 Hoof Paint/socks/leg null
15 Ear Size (scanty,lanky)
16 Ear Style (droop,droop left,droop right)
17 Class Stamina
18 Class Speed
19 Wild Hair
20 Wings/wing null
21 Bridle
22 Wing Opal
23 Horn
24 Saddle
25 Ear Tips
26 Head Piece
27 Reins

Can you believe we are up to 27 traits? When Amaretto first started i think we only had up to 4 Traits and we have sure grown from there!

I love all the different combinations that you guys have came up with and how great you have made some Amaretto Horses look! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Amaretto K-9 Hud!

Hello Amaretto Community! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! A big shot out to all the moms out there Happy Late Mothers Day!

Today I wanted to take a moment to share with you a feature for the K-9 that is often an over-looked feature that is so much fun! I am talking about the K-9 HUD! Take a look below where I tell you about this nifty little HUD. While the K-9 is attached to the HUD they receive a boost in Happiness. This is an incremental increase that will rise as long as the K-9 stays attached to the HUD.

To get a K-9 HUD you can click on any of your Amaretto K-9s and that will bring up the main menu. On the menu you will see Help.

When you click help that you will get another menu that has a button on it labeled hud.

By clicking the hud button you will receive a K-9 hud sent directly to the objects folder in your inventory.

Go to objects folder and find the hud, right click it and go to wear. It will attach to the upper left hand side of your screen. You can adjust this if you wish.

To connect your K-9 to the hud, click the K-9 and then click the hud button on the menu then click the connect button on your HUD.

Make sure your K-9s movement is set to physical before connecting to the hud.

Operation of the HUD

While the K-9 is attached to the HUD they receive a boost in Happiness. This is an incremental increase that will rise as long as the K-9 stays attached to the HUD. The buttons on the HUD are as follows:

  • Connect – This button lets you chose what K-9 you want to interact with
  • Disconnect – This button disconnects the current K-9 from the HUD
  • Follow – the K-9 will follow your avatar
  • Come – The K-9 will walk to your avatar and then sit near you
  • Stay – This will cause the K-9 to sit and stay in its current location
  • Get Ball – This button will send a ball to your objects folder for use with the Fetch button
  • Fetch – This button needs to be activated before you can throw the ball and have your K-9 go get it for you.
  • GPS  – This button can be used to set your K-9s settings

The HUD also displays valuable information such as:

  • Which K-9 is connected to the HUD
  • Which feature of the HUD is currently in use, Fetch, Come, Stay, and Follow.

Using the K-9 HUD:

  • Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
  • Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
  • Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
  • Now you can choose to have your K-9 do one of the activities listed on the HUD

Come, Stay, Follow

To play Fetch with the K-9 using the HUD

  • Click the Get Ball button – This will send a ball to your objects
  • Wear the Ball – it will attach to your hand
  • Click Ball to set range for the distance at which the ball will be thrown. You can chose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 meters.
  • Click the Fetch button on your HUD
  • You will see the mouse look button at the bottom of your screen click that to go into mouse look
  • Aim where you want to throw the ball and left click your mouse to throw the ball
  • Your K-9 will run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to you as you will see it back in your hand and you can throw it again and again while your K-9 retrieves it for you.

Once you are done interacting with your K-9 via the HUD or you want to play with a different K-9 click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your K-9 from the HUD and reset Home position where the K-9 is located at the time it disconnects. Remember to move your K-9 back within range of it’s kibble and water and reset it’s home position.

So, give the K-9 HUD a try and see how much fun it can be to interact with your K-9!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Happy breeding! This is Ava over and out!

Until next time…

Dipped Tails!

Hey everyone hope you are enjoying your Saturday and your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

Today let’s shine the spotlight on the Amaretto K-9s and the Dipped Tail Trait!!

The Dipped Tail was the 14th trait added to the K-9s!

Amaretto celebrated Valentines Day on Feb 2nd 2019 and released Valentines Edition animals that you could purchase until Feb 15th 2019. There was the a chance that you could get a brand new trait Dipped Tail from any breeding of these 2019 Valentines Day Edition K-9s.

On July 4th, 2019 Amaretto released a random drop the Dipped Tail Liberty!

On October 16th, 2019 our scary Halloween Editions were unleashed! Hiding in these 2019 Halloween Edition was the Dipped Tail Toxic!

Dipped Tails DO have the ability to pass!

For a closer look at any of these awesome dipped tails check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Stay Safe & Happy Breeding!!

What’s Up With Those Ears?

The Marwari is a rare horse breed from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colours, although piebald and skewbald patterns tend to be the most popular with buyers and breeders. It is known for its hardiness, and is quite similar to the Kathiawari, another Indian breed from the Kathiawar region southwest of Marwar. Many breed members exhibit a natural ambling gait. The Marwari horses are descended from native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, possibly with some Mongolian influence.

The Marwari is used for light draught and agricultural work, as well as riding and packing. In 1995, a breed society was formed for the Marwari horse in India. The exportation of Marwari horses was banned for decades, but between 2000 and 2006, a small number of exports were allowed. Since 2008, visas allowing temporary travel of Marwari horses outside India have been available in small numbers. Though they are rare they are becoming more popular outside of India due to their unique looks.

When the version 6.01 Horse update came out on Apr.27, 2019 these exciting new coats were hidden in new starters. The Marwari are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter coats that can come from breeding “Starter Horses”.
You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter coated Marwari by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses.
These coats CAN be passed on.

Which one is YOUR favorite color?