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Happy May everyone! Each month we plan out some super fun events for you all to enjoy. It is a great way to meet other community members and have a good time. Check out the list of events we have for you for the month of May! It’s going to be a great month!

Thursday May 8th at 4pm slt- Springtime Fishing hosted by Jaymee Caproni

Saturday May 10th at 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

Thursday May 15th at 11am slt- Sock Hop hosted by Karrie Woyseck

Friday May 16th at 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General Meeting

Friday May 23rd at 3pm slt- Toga Party hosted by Maleficent Farshore

Wednesday May 28th at 4pm slt- Club Amaretto Saturday

May 31 at 3pm slt- AMOC Horse Race


Also don’t forget about ARU! We have a graduation coming up in June so if you need a few classes before then, be sure to check our class schedule!


Happy Breeding everyone and Happy springtime!

Until Next time…..

RFL Auction and Raffle!!!

First off I would like to take a few minutes to say thank you in advance for your kind and thoughtful support to this wonderful cause! I know many of you out there have been affected by cancer or have had a loved one or close friend that has had this awful disease. RFL has helped with research for the advancement of treatment and hopefully one day a cure. I am a cancer survivor and have seen and gone through a lot of treatments and seen the advancement first hand in the treatments. Hopefully one day we can find the cure as cancer can and is very scary disease. Again from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all!!!!!!




Its getting close to Auction and Raffle time!!!

Snapshot _ THE NEST EGG MARKETPLACE for ALL breedable pets!!, T

The Journey of Promise Auction is on May 2, 2014 at 11 AM SLT.


To be able to bid at the auction you MUST be a member of the ~Amaretto Auctions For A Cure~ group. To join this group go to any Amaretto location and click the join group on the Journey of Promise Auction sign.


If you will not be able to attend the auction and need a proxy to bid for you please contact Avalon Crystal ASAP so I can get a proxy assigned!

All proceeds raised will go to Relay For Life!! 100%!


The Raffle Drawing for the 3 Different OOAK Horses will be right after the Auction ends

Snapshot _ THE NEST EGG MARKETPLACE for ALL breedable pets!!, T 2

You do not have to be present to win!

You can donate for a chance to win as many times as you want!


Go here to purchase your Raffle Tickets


Ava has already begun setting up for the auction, but there still may be time to donate if you are interested please contact Avalon Crystal!

Also if you need a proxy bidder because you can not attend you will need to let a staff member know!



See you Friday at the Auction!!!!

Hey everyone! Have you heard? No?!
Well Amaretto is hosting another Auction to raise funds for Relay for Life!!!

We are very proud to announce the Journey of Promise Auction! Some of you may have noticed that the OOAK’s this year just sailed in to the main store!

Im so excited to tell you about them! The following horses will be raffled off at the end of the auction. Thats right I said RAFFLED! We have decided to change it up this year to give everyone a chance at one of these OOAK’s as well as donate to a wonderful cause! Entries for the raffle will be 400L$ for one entry or 1600 L$ for five entries!
The raffle will begin today on April 26 and run until the end of the Auction on May 2,2014.

Get your entries today at:

You do not have to be present to win!
You can donate for a chance to win as many times as you want!
Winners will be announced at the end of auction!
Look at these super cool horses!

Amaretto OOAK NidhoggRaffle2

Amaretto OOAK Nidhogg
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Nidhogg
Eye: The Great Eye
Mane: Serpentine
Tail: Serpentine

Amaretto OOAK HeiptirRaffle3

Amaretto OOAK Heiptir
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Heiptir
Eye: Underworld
Mane: Limar
Tail: Limar


Amaretto OOAK Greyfell
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Greyfell
Eye: Runic
Mane: Mjolnir
Tail: Gungnir


Not to disappoint our bidders we will still auction off a OOAK horse! This ones a super cutie and will be up for bid at the Journey of Promise auction!

Amaretto OOAK Rainbow Butterfly Shetland
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Rainbow Butterfly Shetland
Eye: Wings of Awareness
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

******The above horses can NOT pass their coat! The eyes do have the ability to pass! These horses also have some hidden surprises!***** 

Remember that to bid on horses at the auction you must be a member of the Auctions for a Cure group! Join the group by going to the main store and clicking the join group sign on the Journey of Promise Auction sign.

If you will not be able to attend the auction and need a proxy to bid for you please contact Avalon Crystal ASAP so I can get a proxy assigned!

All proceeds raised will go to Relay For Life!! 100%!
If you have questions about the Auction, Raffle, or Donating please contact Avalon Crystal!

Good luck everyone! Happy Bidding everyone, lets raise some money for RFL!!!!

Bull Riding Event Loads of Fun

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Wow!! If you were not at the Bull Riding Event you missed a lot of fun! Big Black Bart was being mean!
The event started off with the Amaretto Staff showing everyone just how to ride that bull!
Everyone had a blast hanging out, laughing and joking, and of course giving the birthday boy Jeff a hard time! Was fun watching everyone try and stay on as long as they could and the threats to Black Bart were pretty funny! Just glad Black Bart didn’t get barbequed after the event.

Amaretto really enjoys doing these events for the Amaretto community. So, if you missed this one be sure to be at the next one! There were 3 top riders and congratulations to them.


1st Place
Kizy Kayo

2nd Place
Jeff Melendez

3rd Place
TOBIAHS Resident

Check out the pictures below to see the fun everyone had!

Until next week Happy Breeding!winners2_001Bullriding1




Hello everyone its a Terrific Tuesday!

I wanted to give you guys a little more information about the Journey of Promise Auction!
To be able to bid at the auction you MUST be a member of the ~Amaretto Auctions For A Cure~ group. To join this group go to any Amaretto location and click the join group on the Journey of Promise Auction sign.


This Auction will be held on May 2, 2014 @ 11 AM SLT!

But don’t worry if you can not attend you will be able to bid by proxy. How does this work? Well if you are interested in getting a proxy because you can not be there. please contact Avalon Crystal either via message or notecard and I will make sure one is assigned to you.

There will be One of A Kind horses at this auction and we will be revealing them very soon. I know I am super excited about you guys getting to see them!

However I still in need of your help, I need more donations, if you would like to donate a Amaretto Breedable to be auctioned off for charity please contact Avalon Crystal.

In the past years you guys have been awesome, I know you will do again this year. I’ll be waiting to hear from you about those donations so please message or note card Avalon Crystal.

The auction will be set up a day prior so that you all may come down and take a look at which panel you might like to bid on. Then if you are proxy bidding you will need to let your proxy know which panel you plan on purchasing,

This auction will be streamed live in the event you will not be able to make it on to sim you will be able to listen through your land stream.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this auction please don’t be shy and let me know!

Remember all money will be placed in the Relay for Life Kiosk. I am looking forward to the amazing Amaretto community raising some money for Relay for Life.

Please spread the word to all breeders! I look forward to hearing from you! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Hey guys its a wonderful Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying your day, I am very excited to share some news with all of you!

In years past Amaretto has hosted, auctions for Relay For Life and this year will be no different.

I am very happy to announce our 4th Auction for Relay For Life!!!
The Journey of Promise Auction will be on May 2, 2014 at 11 AM SLT.


That’s right I have been sharpening my auctions skills and I am ready for round 4! But I need your help, Amaretto will be donating items as in years prior, however I will be accepting donations from the community. This auction will be held at Nest Egg.


If you would like to donate please contact Avalon Crystal for instructions.
I will be announcing more details in the future so keep your eyes open!

We will also be setting up a proxy system so that despite the time you will be able to participate and bid even if you are not able to attend.

Like last year I will stream the auction so if you are unable to make it on sim you can still listen. This is something that I have enjoyed doing in the past so with your help I know we can make this Journey of Promise Auction the best yet!!

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal.
This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding Everyone!

The Fishing Contest was Fun

The Fishing Contest was Fun


Yesterday we had the Fishing Contest. If you couldn’t come out to join us fishing at the Boomtown Fishing Pier, you really missed out on a fun event. We really look forward to spending time with all our fellow breeders and friends. It is always fun and relaxing hanging out on the pier listening to music, fishing , chatting, and lots of laughter. The top five winners received some awesome prizes.If you missed out this time, keep watching the Amaretto Calendar so you will not miss out on future events, as we love having fun!


Congrats to the winners!


#1 Lilevil Flux

#2 bellaswun Resident

#3 D3VlN Resident

#4 DottyDotty Resident

#5 Syndal Reanimator


Below are some pictures from the event!

fishing 1

fishing 2

fishing 3

fishing 4


See you at our next event!!!!

Ladies in Jail !!!

Today the Amaretto ladies were locked up at Boomtown in jail cells that were hanging in the trees. We were all innocent (hehe) but we still got locked up!This was to raise funds for Cancer Research (RFL) We had to depend on the Amaretto Community to bail us out Bail was set as follows


Josaphine Cooperstone – Bail 20k

Avalon Crystal -Bail 15k

Jaymee Caproni- Bail 15k

Dakota Delicioso-Bail 15k

Karrie Woyseck-Bail 15k

maleficent Farshore- Bail 15k


All of the proceeds went to RFL.


Josaphine Cooperstone and Avalon Crystal were the first to be bailed out! It took a little while longer for the rest of us to make our bail, but we did thanks to everyones generous donations!



This was soooo much fun! It started at 12:00 pm (slt) and we were all sprung by 1:47 pm (slt). It was really great to see so many of you come out and post our bail! We had a great time!


We made over 100,000.00 L for a great cause. Thank You!!

The Amaretto Community is the greatest!!!!


Here’s some pictures below.



jail 2


jail 3


jail 5


And thank you Spikie for these two pictures below!


Naughty Ms Karrie


My Poor Kota

Hello everyone and Terrific Tuesday! Is it really April already!?! Where has the time gone?! Well let me tell you… we have some awesome and fun filled events planned this month! Let me fill you in on all the happenings this month…

Wednesday April 2nd @ 12pm slt- The women of Amaretto will be locked up! All in the spirit of a good cause and fun we are locking up the women of Amaretto and we need you guys to post bail! All proceeds from this lock up will go to the RFL vendor! The lock up will take place at Boomtown on April 2nd @ 12 PM SLT!

Tuesday April 8 th @ 3pm slt- It’s fishing time again! Everyone loves our fishing events and this month Miss Mall will be hosting it! It’s going to be quite a catch! Don’t miss out!

Thursday April 17th @ 4pm slt- It’s a spring time breedable costume contest and Jaymee will be hosting this one! Get those breedables together and start planning out your spring themed displays for them! These costume contests are always a huge hit and lots of fun!

Friday April 18th @ 11am and 3pm slt- The monthly General AMOC meetings! If you have not yet heard about AMOC contact a member of the staff for more information! It is an amazing group and so much fun to be a part of.

Sunday April 20th– HAPPY EASTER!!

Thursday April 24th @ 11am slt- YeeeHawww! It’s bull riding again with Miss Karrie! Come on out and check out this event. Let’s see who can stay on that bull for the longest!

Saturday April 26th @ 3pm slt- And away they goooooo! It’s the monthly AMOC horse races! These races are so much fun! For more information contact Mami Deerhunter, Snookiegirl Resident, or Zev Luv.

Also be sure to check out April’s ARU calendar and get those classes in!

Happy breeding and event going!!!

Until next time…..



I accidentally…..

Hello everyone its a great Sunday here at Amaretto Ranch!
As always Ava here with some helpful hints about your Amaretto Breedables, I have seen a bit a chatter about things being sent to Horse Haven, Puppy Paradise, or Bird Sanctuary by mistake.

I wanted to remind everyone that when you send a horse to Horse Haven
it is a total of 3 clicks:

1. Settings
2. Horse Haven
3. Yes
Amaretto has put precautionary measures in place so that you do not accidentally send any Horse to Horse Haven. You MUST confirm before anything is sent to Haven, Paradise, or Sanctuary.

Here is what the pop up looks like:


You must click yes to send your Horse to Horse Haven. Remember
***** WARNING******

This means that no horse will be returned to you from Horse Haven accident or not. So please when havening your horses be careful!!!

Oppsies, accidents, or I didn’t mean to’s will NOT be returned! So be very careful!

This will be me last post until my trip to the pokey! Please remember to come out on Wednesday and support the Amaretto lock up! Until then I am a free bird! This is Ava over and out!