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Tonight I am going to take a few moments to talk to you about staying connected with Amaretto. There are many ways to stay up to date with news, announcements, and update information. Below you’ll find a list of ways to keep up to date….

  • The best and easiest way is to join an official Amaretto group.
  • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables
  • Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group
  • You can join the ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables and Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group by touching any of the group joiner boards at any Amaretto Store location.
  • ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~
  • ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~
  • You can join ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ and ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~ by sending a message to one of the owners or managers in the groups.
  • Once you are a member of the group, go to group info and make sure the box is checked to allow you to receive Group Notices.  If you get capped on notices a lot you can always go to the notices tab at the top of the info box and look at past notices. As this group has grown larger and larger it can often times be very difficult to keep up with the chat in the chat tab, and asking questions can be hindered by chat lag, so when in doubt be sure to check those past notices.  **Remember** This group is for general this group is for info about the horses & K-9′s NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies or giveaways)  and CONSTANT ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, that is not what this group is for.
  • Also located at all the Amaretto Store locations is a Hippo Group Joiner.  You can join the Hippo group and be informed of all major announcements without taking up a group slot.
  • The Social Connection which is located at This where we put all the big announcements (which are also sent out in notices).

I hope this helps you all. You want to make sure you stay connected with Amaretto to stay up to date and receive Amaretto information and news. Thank you to each and every one of you for being a wonderful part of the Amaretto community!!  Take care and tata for now 😛


The Amaretto G.P.S. (Global Pony Settings) is a new tool that will change the settings on all your Horses on one sim all at one time!!

1. Click the G.P.S.  Updater.

2.  Pick your Settings one at a time.
3.  Hit Activate
After hitting activate your Horses on the sim will all change to the same settings as you chose on the G.P.S. 
The G.P.S. is available in  all Amaretto Stores

Have a Great Day  & Happy Breeding

Charmed fell pony ?!

New charmed what?! Thats right this beauty hit the grid just last nite! Shes so pretty I wanted to share her with everyone! Big thanks to Allen who let me photograph his horse 🙂

Here are the stats:
Coat: Charmed Molten Fell Pony
Eye: Red Lava
Mane: Upright Long
Tail: Long
Hair Gleam High
Hair Chill

****Not all charmed fell with have the same hair, tail, and or mane traits******

Now remember any two horses can give you a charmed horse as this one, the coat does not pass nor does the eyes! I have included a picture below so you guys will recognize her if you see in world!

Well until next time happy breeding!!

Information for tickets

Today I would like to remind everyone what is needed when filing tickets with Amaretto.
For missing or lost horses/K-9s we can find these and replace them for you if you have information regarding the missing or lost horses/K-9s. At the very least we need the horse/K-9 to be named something other than Amaretto Breedable Horse/Amaretto Breedable K9. It is possible to locate them with the name but it’s much better if you have the UUID numbers that can be found in the description line of the horses, bundles, K-9s and kennels.
Right click and edit on the horse, bundle, K-9 or kennel and copy the UUID number from the description line.

Without a name, or UUID number we can attempt to locate items with parental information but this is not always as successful as finding items with UUID numbers and names.

Please remember our ability to help you depends a lot on your ability to give us as much information as possible. Until next week, Happy Breeding!


3 more traits ??!!?!

The Amaretto Ranch Breedables Main Group has been all a buzz

with the New Starters dropping their first bundles this week!

It is so great to see all the beautiful horses being posted in the group.

One of the main questions that we are seeing asked over and over

is about the 3 new traits that have been discovered.

Brandings are the 11th trait and there are thus far 8 of them:










Opal (or Opalescence) is available in Coat Opal and Hair Opal.

Since they do not over-ride any of the other traits they make up the 12th and 13th traits.

The Opal adds a beautiful shimmer to horses reminiscent of Mother of Pearl.


Are there more surprises that have yet to be discovered …….well this IS Amaretto after all!!


Let’s Talk About Filing Tickets

When you file a ticket. 

1.  CSR’s responds to the ticket .

2. You check your  E-Mail  for the responds that the CSR’s sends to you .

3. You are ask to send a Folder  with your  horse or K-9 in it with Name ,Ticket Number  as name of the folder.

4. The CSR may ask you for more information you go to the  tickets website and click on reply .

Please do not send Notecards to CSR’s or  Do not  im the  CSR  wanting to know if they got your folder
The CSR’s get your folders even if they are offline .

Thank You so much  an Have a Great Day 🙂

Hey guys its Monday again and as we are all on the edge of our seats because our new starter horses are pregnant I thought I would take some time to post a new how to video tutorial.

So check it out!

Well as always if you have a suggestion for a how to video you can send a nc in world to Avalon Crystal with your idea! Happy breeding everyone until next time!!

Forever Foal and you!

As you know we recently released the forever foal program. One thing that i would like to clear up about it tonight is although the certificates are transferable you can not give the certificate to another avatar, now let me explain. When you buy a Forever Foal certificate the purchase is actually being logged externally in a database. When you send in the certificate and the V 3.1+ horse that you would like turned into a Forever Foal we cross check against the database. If the certificate purchase does not show up in the database as bought by you we can not redeem the certificate. The only way that a purchase can be recorded is by the vendors so we can not transfer a purchase between accounts and only the account that purchased the Forever Foal certificate can actually redeem it for this reason.

Hungry Horses and K-9’s

Your Horses and/or K-9’s will eat once every hour. If food is not present their hunger and thirst will rise until it reaches 100% at which time they will get sick, this will take 3 days. A Vaccination can be used to Heal your Horses and K-9’s or they will eat their way out of sickness in approximately 3 days.


Breeder Food is for Horses or K-9’s you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.

Pet Food is to be used when you do not wish to breed your Horse or K-9’s. If you decide to breed your Horse or K-9 after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off. If changing from pet to breedable or breedable to pet, remember to set your Horses or K-9’s to that type of food.


1.Rez the food/water within your Horse or K-9’s set range. (a Horse or K-9′s default range is 5 meters)

2.Click the food/water to change options and see remaining %. Options include Owner only, Group only, and All.

Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners Horses or K-9’s.

Group only: Will only be consumed by Horses or K-9’s in the same group as the food/water is set to.

All: Any Horse or K-9 within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.

Once the food/water has been completely consumed it will disappear.

If you are having issues with your Horse or K-9 not eating please try the following tricks before filing a ticket.

1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.

2. If the land is set to a group, are the K-9’s and food set to that group?

3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the Horse or K-9 and food set to the same group as each other?

4. Check to see if the Horse or K-9 is set to the type of food out (more stats)

5. Re-set home position.

6. Sometimes giving them a Horsey Snack or K-9 Treat will help them start to eat so you may also want to try this. Remember your Horses and K-9’s only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient it takes 3 days for a K-9 to reach 100% hunger.




Haven Points Visited Once More

We all got amazing news couple days go now about the Haven Donkey… The tickets are flooding in about haven points and how that all works… so we will go over the haven business of horses in this connection…

***All sales from the Haven Vendor are FINAL. There will be no refunds or exchanges.***

How to Gain Points:

For Horses: click your horse, click settings, click Horse Haven, then click yes. The number of Horse Cents you received from the horse are posted in local chat.
For Bundles: click your bundle, click Horse Haven, then click yes. The number of Horse Cents you received from the bundle are posted in local chat.

How to Use your Horse Cents:

Simply go to the Horse Haven sim or any of the Amaretto satellite stores.
To check your Horse Cents available just right click on the Horse Haven Bank Teller (the horse head totem) it will show something like this in local chat… Horse Haven Bank Teller: You have XXXX Horse Cents available
To use the Horse Cents simply Touch or right click the item you wish to purchase.
Once you purchase your item with Horse Cents, it will tell you in local chat what your remaining Horse Cent balance is.
The Horse Haven Horse Cents Reward system will Reward you for your horses in the following way:
Bundles= 100 Horse Cents
For horses age determines the amount of Horse Cents you will receive.
0-10= 100 Horse Cents
11-20=200 Horse Cents
21-30=300 Horse Cents
31-40=400 Horse Cents
41-50=500 Horse Cents
51-60=600 Horse Cents
61-70=700 Horse Cents
71-80=800 Horse Cents
81-90=900 Horse Cents
91-100=1000 Horse Cents
101=110=1100 Horse Cents
111-119=1200 Horse Cents
120 and older(Retired Horses): 1400 Horse Cents
In addition to the above Horse Cents you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each horse/bundle sent to Horse Haven:
non-starter eyes: +100 Horse Cents
gleam (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
luster (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
gloom (coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents
non-starter mane: +100 Horse Cents
non-starter tail: +100 Horse Cents

Please note that if you have say “Hair Gloom” & “Coat Glooml” that will count ONLY as 100 points and NOT 200. Also the same idea for “Coat Luster” & “Hair Luster” count ONLY as 100 points not 200 and so on….

Here we have the costs in Horse Cents the items Currently Available from the vendor:
************ALL ITEMS ARE NO TRANSFER**************
Donkey 250,000
Haven Horse – Eagle Spirit 250,000
Memorable Haven Horse 250,000
Amaretto Pet Food & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16000
Amaretto Cocktail Single (Box) 10000
Passion Pills Single (Box) 8000
Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit (Box) 6000
Amaretto Ranch Endurance Elixir Single (Box) 4000
Sugar Cube Single (Box) 4000
Horsie Snacks Five (Box) 4000
Just a few things to remember:
When buying bundles please remember to check the object name and description field and make sure there is an UUID and no error messages.
Also please remember as of March 5, 2011 Amaretto does not provide support for any issues related to horses/bundles that are not the current version.

******* WARNING*********