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Horse Haven and Puppy Paradise

Horse Haven

Quick instructions on how to gain Horse Cent and how to use Horse Haven.


How to Gain Points By Sending Horse to Horse Haven: Simply click your Horse, click settings, click Horse Haven, then click yes. The number of Horse Cents you received from the Horse is posted in local chat.

Bundles may be sent to Horse Haven without birthing.




The Horse Haven Horse Cents Reward system will Reward you for your horses and bundles in the following way:


* 0-10= 100 Horse Cents

* 11-20=200 Horse Cents

* 21-30=300 Horse Cents

* 31-40=400 Horse Cents

* 41-50=500 Horse Cents

* 51-60=600 Horse Cents

* 61-70=700 Horse Cents

* 71-80=800 Horse Cents

* 81-90=900 Horse Cents

* 91-100=1000 Horse Cents

* 101=110=1100 Horse Cents

* 111-119=1200 Horse Cents

* 120 and older(Retired Horses): 1400 Horse Cents


* In addition to the above Horse Cents you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each horse/bundle sent to Horse Haven:


* non-starter eyes: +100 Horse Cents

* gleam (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents

* luster (high or low, coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents

* gloom (coat or hair): +100 Horse Cents

* non-starter mane: +100 Horse Cents

* non-starter tail: +100 Horse Cents

* Opal(coat or Hair): +100 Horse Cents

* Branding: +100 Horse Cents


Here we have the costs in Horse Cent for the items Currently Available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability)


************ALL ITEMS ARE NO TRANSFER**************

Memorable Haven Horse 250,000

Haven Horse Eagle Spirit 250,000

Haven Horse Donkey 250,000

Amaretto Pet Food & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16000

Amaretto Cocktail Single (Box) 10000

Passion Pills Single (Box) 8000

Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit (Box) 6000

Amaretto Ranch Endurance Elixir Single (Box) 4000

Sugar Cube Single (Box) 4000

Horsie Snacks Five (Box) 4000


Puppy Paradise

Quick instructions on how to gain Kennel Cash and how to use Puppy Paradise.


How to Gain Points By Sending Your K-9 to Puppy Paradise: Simply click your K-9, click settings, click Puppy Paradise, then click yes. The number of Kennel Cash you received from the K-9 is posted in local chat.

Kennels may be sent to Puppy Paradise without birthing.




The Puppy Paradise Kennel Cash Reward system will Reward you for your K-9s and Kennels in the following way:

* Age:

* 0-10= 100 Kennel Cash

* 11-20=200 Kennel Cash

* 21-30=300 Kennel Cash

* 31-40=400 Kennel Cash

* 41-50=500 Kennel Cash

* 51-60=600 Kennel Cash

* 61-70=700 Kennel Cash

* 71-80=800 Kennel Cash

* 81-90=900 Kennel Cash

* 91-100=1000 Kennel Cash

* 101-110=1100 Kennel Cash

* 111-119=1200 Kennel Cash

* 120-125=1300 Kennel Cash

* 126 and older(Retired K-9s): 1400 Kennel Cash


* In addition to the above Kennel Cash you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each K-9 sent to Puppy Paradise :


* non-starter eyes: +100 Kennel Cash

* Sheen (high or low): +100 Kennel Cash

* Radiance (high or low): +100 Kennel Cash

* non-starter ear: +100 Kennel Cash

* non-starter size: +100 Kennel Cash

* non-starter collar: +100 Kennel Cash

* Sunrise or SunSet: +100 Kennel Cash


Here we have the costs in Kennel Cash for the items Currently Available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability)


************ALL ITEMS ARE NO TRANSFER**************

* Puppy Paradise Dalmatain 250,000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Pet Kibble & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Single (Box) 10000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Puppy Love Pill Single (Box) 8000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Single (Box) 6000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Zing (K-9 Cola) Single (Box) 4000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Rawhide Lollipop Single (Box) 4000

* Amaretto Brand K-9 Treats Five (Box) 4000

Well its another Friday and has been a busy week at Amaretto as we continue to get ready for the Barnyard Birds Beta testing… I just have to say that its pretty amazing to watch the staff here work on these cute little guys and being apart of this is AWESOME! I’m super excited to see these little guys hit the grid!

In case you were not able to make it… Yesterday was the FIRST ever A.R.B.C K9 Kennel show. It was held in the Amaretto K9 sim… 25 people entered and a few people were unable to make it last minute… While in my books EVERYONE is a winner only 3 could get the top awards… Here is the break down

We had a TIE *woot woot* for Best in Traits

Congrats to Lord Ansar and Vixzenia Orellana who tied with their AWESOME K9s

And a OMG Win done by Draelle Chandler who took

Best in Show & Breeders Choice Award

Amazing stuff! Congrats Draelle

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter J and the Number 8

Hello again all…. I am going to go over all information about the Forever Foal certificate that is available for retired Amaretto Breedable horses….. Below is a list of important need to know information….

**ONE Forever Foal Gift Certificate per ONE Horse**

The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that it will not require food/water any more.

All other normal functions for a RETIRED horse will still operate normally.

Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired.

This ONLY works for Retired horses

(Retired Horse= a horse that is greater than 120 days old)

This can be used for both male and female Retired horses.

**The Forever Foal Certificate will be sold in all Amaretto Store locations**

Although the Forever Foal is transferable, the Forever Foal certificate MUST be turned in by the purchaser ONLY. The reason this is a requirement is because every Forever Foal certificate is checked against our transaction data base. Once a Forever Foal certificate is redeemed by the purchaser it is marked as Redeemed and becomes void. The reason we have the certificate as transferable is so the purchaser may pass the certificate to Jaymee Caproni for redemption. Again, please remember, the certificates cannot be purchased and transferred to another avatar for redemption. I will not be able to redeem the certificate, and it will be returned.


After purchase of the Forever Foal

Please place the Certificate AND the Retired horse you wish to be your Forever Foal in a folder named “Forever Foal <your sl name>”

Send the folder to Jaymee Caproni. (MEEEEE )

I will work my magic and return the horse to you in a folder named “Forever Foal from Jaymee Caproni”

PLEASE follow these instructions so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Also, please remember….

The Forever Foal is an OPTION….

If you do not want to purchase it, don’t. You can continue to feed your retired horses’ pet food

That option has not changed.

The Text showing on top of horses & K-9 what each means
1. Amaretto Breedable Horse or K-9 is where
it shows the horses or K-9 name
2. Version this is what version your horse or K-9 is .
3 Age this shows the Age of your horse or K-9 .
4. This shows the Gender of the horse or K-9 .
5. Hunger this shows the percent of hunger
your horse or K-9 has
6. Thirst this shows what percent of thirsty your horse or K-9 has
7. Energy this shows percent of energy your horse or K-9 has,
when horse or K-9 is Resting this will show percent of resting .
8. Happiness this shows the percent of happiness your horse
or K-9 has ( how happy your horse or K-9 is )
9. Fervor or Heat shows percent of fervor or heat which
if 100% means your horse or K-9 is ready to breed
*After female has bundle or kennel this line will show
how many more days minutes seconds your horse or K -9
has before its fervor or heat begins rising again
Horses retire at age 120 and it will show retired in hover text
The k9s will become spayed or neutered at age 126 and
will show in the hover text
also if you decide to forever foal your retired horse,
the hover text will show pet

It has come to our attention that there has been a little confusion in the group between K9 and Horse questions. So……….we have decided to start a separate K9 group! This group will be for K9 issues, talk and questions. So what does this mean? The main Amaretto group will be for all Amaretto Products not just the horses. K9 questions can be directed to the K9 group and Barnyard Bird questions directed to the Barnyard Birds Group


The K9 group can be joined at any of the K9 store locations please also remember this group is not for advertising of your K9’s it is for K9 questions and chat. We look forward to hearing from you in all the Amaretto Groups!!


Are you in the right Amaretto Group ?

Hey guys its Monday and a holiday for some of you! I hope that you all got to enjoy the three day holiday if you got one.

Well today I wanted to talk to you guys about which group is right for you! Amaretto does have many groups and they all serve a purpose maybe your in the right one for you or maybe your still looking.

The following groups are Amaretto Owned with a simple explanation about the group:

  • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables – Main group all things Amaretto No selling or spamming
  • ~Amaretto Advertising Network~ Advertise your Amaretto Breedable, Related product, or Market
  • ~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ Group of people dedicated to keeping the integrity of the after market
  • ~Amaretto Ranch Boomtown~ Amaretto owned sim where you can  sell your breedable related product
  • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Barnyard Birds- All things about the upcoming Amaretto Barnyard Birds
  • ~Amaretto Ranch~ Beta Testers- For beta testers of Amaretto Breedables (invite only)
  • Amaretto Ranch Multi Language Group- A group for our none English speaking members to speak in and help one another
  • Amaretto Hippo Group – No chat only notices sent by staff and doesn’t take up any group space!
  • ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~ Q&A group only no chatter! (invite only)

Each group receives the same important notices. All of the groups except the Beta tester group and the Ava’s Amaretto Answers group all have group joiners at the main store! If you would like to join my ~Ava’s Amaretto Answers Group~ please send me a nc with your name on it! If you have any questions about any of these groups please contact a CSR or you may file a ticket.

Well until next time Happy Breeding everyone!! ♥Ava ♥

Webmasters Corner

Hello everyone today I want to go over various things and locations on the website.

The first thing I want to cover is the manuals and video help section. When you go to the main website at the top on the red menu bar is a button called help. When you click this button it takes you to a page containing various links. Currently there are 3 links: Horse Manual, K-9 Manual and Video Tutorials. Clicking on one of these will take you to the appropriate page. Inside the manuals you will find various things like basic instructions on how your Horse/K-9 works as well as a list of coats and other aspects of each. The video tutorials link will take you to a page full of helpful how-to videos created by our very own Avalon.

The next thing I want to talk about is the events calendar. On any page on the website if you look under your profile picture at the links below you will see an Amaretto Calendar link, clicking on this will take you to the calendar which lists our monthly events for the current month.

Next i want to touch on the connection blog a tiny bit. As some of you have noticed at the top of we have started creating permalinks to some of the most popular connections to help you find the info you need more quickly! These can change from time to time depending on what is being looked at the most or asked about the most in the group.

Finally we have past group notices. Sometimes for whatever reason you may miss or not get a group notice as its sent out. Well for those that don’t know there is a way to look at past notices. Open your communicate window and go to the groups tab. Then click on the group you wish to see the past notices for and over on the right click info. Once the group info tab pops open click on the Notices tab in the group window to see the last 200 notices over the last 14 days archived in there.

I hope this information helps everyone be able to find the info they need easier and quicker!

Things to help You, and Us


Here are some things that help us help you when you have to file a ticket:


First and most important is your In World SL name. Without this we can’t send your horses or bundles back to you.

Second is the Horse’s UUID number. Here are the steps to finding that number.

1. Right click on the horse, and edit.

2. Click on General tab.

In the area called Description is a lot of numbers and letters.

3. Left click and highlight all of those numbers.

When you finish highlighting

4. Click Ctrl and C on your keyboard

Then you can paste onto a note card , or straight to your ticket. by clicking Ctrl and V on your keyboard

This number is very important and is needed for us to help you. The same can be repeated for bundles.

Third is Including your notecard with info in your folder. Do Not send us just a note card without it being in a folder.

How to make a Folder

1 Left click on Create at the top of your inventory page

2 Left click on New Folder, a New Folder will appear in your inventory

3 Rename the folder with your Full SL name and ticket number on the folder


A few things you need to do after filing a ticket:


1. You do NOT need to send a note card or an instant message to the CSR.

2. You DO need to reply to your ticket.

3. You DO need to reply in the original ticket.

4. DO NOT open a new ticket to respond to your ticket

5. If you do instant message a CSR have your ticket ID on hand, we talk to so many people when you randomly message we have no idea who you are.


How to reply in the original ticket:


After you have logged in find the button on the top menu bar that says View Tickets.Once you are in this view you will see your ticket list. To view your ticket and make a reply click on the title of the ticket above the status bar for it. Once in the ticket you can post a reply in the upper right hand corner with the post reply button. Be sure to reopen the ticket or your response will not be seen



Here are some things to do about bad bundles/kennels:



If for any reason a mother horse already had a bundle in the past 3 days, this prevents it from occuring. If the mother horse had a good bundle, you can delete the MOTHER HAD SECOND without filing a ticket. Only file a ticket if mother did not have a viable. If the mother horse/k-9 did not have a viable one, PLEASE include the mothers UUID number


Missing Horses/K-9’s:


When you file a ticket for these, Please include the correct name or UUID of the breedable that is missing.


Transaction History:


Everytime you buy or sell items, or even give items to someone, or get items from some one, even if it is for 0L a transaction history is made.

When you send a ticket about duplicated or lost items that you have recently purchased, we may be asking for a transaction history to verify your purchase or exchange, if it becomes necessary. To speed up the answer to your ticket, please include this when you file.

You ask, Where do I find my transaction history? The answer is simple, at the top of your screen you will see the word WORLD, left click, then left click on account history, and find your transaction. Then copy that and paste onto your ticket.


Name you Horses/K-9s, Bundles and Kennels:


Second Life has many lag issues, that can cause duplication of breedables, disappearance of breedables, or incomplete transfer of breedables. Having your breedable named can be very helpful especially when SL eats you Horse or K-9. We need information to remake your breedable. What we need is the Name of breedable and/or UUID number. If you leave you horse or K-9 as Amaretto Breedable Horse or Amaretto Breedable K-9 it can make it harder to find and sometimes impossible. The same goes for kennels and bundles.

We can only replace, remake your item if we have the information, so please take the time to name all your breedables.

Names can be as simple as using a number. It will also help you keep track and know when you are missing a horse or K-9.

When you get a bundle or kennel and you decide not to birth it, name it before you take it into your inventory. Lets say a few weeks down the road you decide to birth that bundle, and the horse stays white and doesn’t birth. or you go to rez it out and it dissapears.You probably dont remember who the parents of the bundle were, but if you have named the bundle and paid attention to the bundle name before you clicked birth, you now have some information to give us that can help in finding out about that bundle.


Stolen Horses and k-9s:


We have had a rash of horses being stolen over the past several days. Amaretto has always wanted to protect the community however we can no longer keep replacing stolen horses.

You are responsible for the sales of your horse. You are responsible for setting your horse for sale in a safe manner so that it can not be stolen.


Following these steps will help cut down on the current rash of stolen horses:


If someone contacts you and is interested in purchasing a horse that is not already marked for sale please use the following steps to protect your horse and yourself.


If you wish to sell the horse…Please take the horse to a private area and NEVER set the horse for sale in front of the interested party that wishes to purchase the horse. ALWAYS either set the horse with your sale price in a private area or take the horse into your inventory and mark it for sale via right clicking the horse and choosing the properties, set the price your desire to sell the horse for, click the For Sale box and than rezz the horse.

Again we must stress NEVER mark a horse for sale in front of the interested buyer.


Hope you find this helpful


Until next time

Today I realized that its my day to do a connection for you fine people. So I thought it would be fun to show you how these connections come to be…. While I was thinking what to write for a connection… I realized the office was a mess and the trash needed to go out…

While looking into the garbage bin … I remembered the good old days when dumpster diving would earn you some linden… Those days are past now *sniffles*

I realized there was an order of Barnyard Birds that needed to be delivered to the office… Poor guys been sitting in the truck for days now… I realize how bad I am with breedables *insert self induced guilt trip here* alas I get this done today!

But now its time to take a break and chill out under some hot sun and catch some zzzzzz’s *insert rem sleep here and now in la la land dreaming of chinese food* I wake up and have to wipe the drool from my mouth… *hopes nobody saw that*

I catch from the corner of my eye some chickens inside the Barnyard Bird store… WOOT WOOT… You have to stop and play with them don’t you !! They just that cute!!!

I notice the building isn’t totally complete and someone really should paint the walls in this place and clean up the garbage laying around. I mean really! Nobody like a messy store… *makes mental note to Nash to clean that up and get painting*

AHHHH POOP !!! I’m going to be late to grab the ship over to the K9s sim and I run after the ship… “WAIT WAIT WAIT I’m coming … WAIT FOR ME!!!!!” I make it to the ship just in time and in the distance I can see the Amaretto K9 sim in the distance! Woot Woot

I make it to the K9 Sim and see the sandbox with toys so … I mean well… hey… You just have to stop and play for a bit don’t you? Oh crap… these toys aren’t for people they is for the K9s *insert sad face*

I take a short walk and I’ve finally made it to the Amaretto K9 Store

I lay down and play with these awesome cute buddies for a while and it occurs to me what I can write about for my connection today *insert light bulb – half dim – here*

Have you heard about the NEW traits these awesome K9s have the chance to get and pass to their offspring? Its a little bit of awesome… Amaretto is calling these two new traits



If you have starters then you have a chance at one of these NEW traits… Yups! if you don’t feel free to drop by the Amaretto Store and pick up a pack of starters.

Lets add a little morning glory or a beautiful sunset to our already AWESOME K9s

And now you can see how I come up with a connection 😛

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter I and the Number 7

Amaretto would like to invite you to participate in our first A.R.B.C. K-9 Kennel Show. There will be 3 categories:


1st Best in Show

2nd place Breeders Choice

3rd place Highest Traits

The K-9’s will have to be over 7 days old and there will be no Enchanted K-9’s in this show. Also only one entry per breeder please.

Date of this event will be:

January 19, 2012 @ 3pm Sl time.

If you would like to enter your k9 in our first ever A.R.B.C. K-9 Kennel Show, please send a note card with all stats to Karrie Woyseck by January 18th 2012.

Thank you and see you all at the show!