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Love is in the Air

With Valentine’s Day just 7 days away, Amaretto was visited by Cupid. Hurry to an Amaretto Horse or K9 store today for special Limited Edition Horses or Special Edition K-9s (LE Horse can be born with any mane/tail and K-9s can be pick or runt). We also have a special Love Pack to get your breedables in the mood for love. The LE’s, SE’s & Love Pack will be on sale until Feb 15 midnight SLT. Happy Valentine’s from your Amaretto Team

Hey everyone Monday has approached us once again! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, I wanted to take a few moments to remind everyone of the Amaretto calendar and all the great events going on this month!

Did you know every week a different CSR hosts a event for the community? You would if you checked your Amaretto calendar!! This week I hosted the horse show and we all had a lot of fun! Big shout out to my winners.

I still had people contacting me when it was over inquiring when it was! We host these events to bring the community together and to have a little fun! There is always a lot of fun and exciting things going on at Amaretto so I hope your plugged in and attend a few of them!!

Another thing I wanted to point out cause I am not sure that everyone knows yet but……… the horses now have a 5% pregnancy booster! Thats right cut down the pregnancy time by about 4 and half hours!!!

It is located in all the stores, I know that those starters are getting close so why not speed it up go pick up yours today! I have included a picture for you guys as usual.

Well the next couple of days should be exciting with the new starters reaching breeding age! GL and happy breeding all!

A Few New Features For The Horses

Hello Everyone!


Today I want to talk about a few things that went out with the horse update. As you know the menu has changed some, I want to explain them to you and let you know which one does what.

First I would like to talk about the custom Name Feature… You get to this by first clicking on the horse, then Settings, and then Name, and then you see where you can Rename, Custom, and Clear Custom.    You can set your Custom name which will appear under the name of the horse. The custom name field is limited to the same amount of characters as the Name field, 32 characters.   If you decide you want to take the Custom Name off just click the Clear Custom this will make the field clear and go away from the set text.

Second I would like to talk about the Last Bundle button. To get to this button click on the horse, then Breeding, and then Last Bundle.  This will only work after your horse has been updated and then has a bundle.

The text will look similar to the following-

The last bundle dropped by this horse was Amaretto Breedable Bundle with the ID of 523c4792-cbd8-e7a9-4715-dfc182fe0d1f. If the bundle has been named if will show the Name of the bundle and UUID. This button will ONLY work if you own the horse when the bundle drops it will not tell you the last bundle if someone else owned the horse at time of birth.

Last but not least… Something that you all have wanted for a while the Last Bred button… to get to this button you click the horse, then breeding, and then Last Bred. Once you press the Last Bred button you will see something like the following:

The latest horse partner was Amaretto Breedable Horse with the ID of cf47e555-9ffc-7600-292e-57161c336848. This too will only work if you owned the horses at the time of the breeding not if you bought them from someone else.

I hope this clears up any confusion!

Until next time….

Amaretto Horse Show

Wow , if you did not get to attend, you missed seeing alot of awesome horses. Everyone who entered had awesome horses.Congratulations to all the winners. There was 11 categories and the judges even had a tie for Favorite Combo. We hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did. If you haven’t joined the A.R.B. Horse Show group on the web, here’s the link.


Below is a list of the winners in each category, with there name //horses name//Coat of Horse//Age of Horse


Tiny Cutie

1. Laya Felisimo // Pretty Gorgeous<//Coat: Apricot Classic Shetland//Age 47



1. Marv Sideshow//Magnificent Nightmare//Coat: Charmed Nightmare Clydesdale//Age 172



1. Trask Arabello//SpiceHunter//Coat: Brown Walker//Age 429


Perfect Pony

1. Trinityskye Zarco // karmic ocean//Coat: Solid Midnight Tan Fell Pony//Age 65


Favorite Combo (TIE)

1. Starr Heron//ONE OF A KIND Hallow Vamp//Coat: Black Walker//Age 32


1. Rocky Belavidorico//Majestic Queen Anastasia~//Coat: White Arabian//Age 20


Creative Clydes

1. Madelyn Majestic//Crown Prince Bluestone//Coat: Grey Classic Clydesdale//Age 21


Breeders Choice

1. EluanDarkrose // Royal Angel Princess Alanna~//Coat: White Walker// Age 13


Best Starter

1. bellalove Gloom// Lovely Meck //Coat: Silver Mecklenburger// Age 34


Best in show

1. Recka Diabolito // 10T ~ PURE DBL OPAL ~ TRIPLE THREAT // Coat: Black Walker// Age 14


I Breed This

1. Travesty Ryder//Perfect Christmas Spice//Coat: Gold/Black Mustang//Age 55


Out to Pasture

1. Murphy Logan//Starglow//Coat: Grey Appaloosa//Age 59

Bouncing Horses

Hello everyone! So I’ve noticed in the group that people have been talking about sleeping horses that bounce.. This is how to fix this step by step…

Step One

Push your keyboard back, your mouse and anything that you don’t want to knock over. It really bites when you’ve got your bounce on and you knock over your coffee, tea, coke, pepsi or whatever your prefered drink is.

Step Two

Stand up and push your chair out of the way. This is another hazard when getting your bounce on. Nothing worse than tripping over you chair. If you do… …Just hope nobody is watching and if someone does see you trip over your chair, give them that look as to ask “How did that get there”

Step Three

Just start bouncing up and down. You will find after moments of doing this your will start to smile! Before you know it your jumping up and down full of joy… Now depending on your fitness level… You will start to get tired after seconds or minutes… All depends… Which brings us to

Step Four

Now hopefully your horses were watching you jump up and down with glee and that your exhaustion has somewhat tired them out. Its hoped that this will tucker out your awesome bouncing horses and they will just stop bouncing…


Use your GPS to turn off movements, animations and reset home. Alternatively, you can perform this on each individual horse through its menu.

This will fix your bouncing horses.

P.S. if you actually got up from your chair to jump up and down… PLEASE PLEASE send me a photo of you doing this.

P.S.S Amaretto assumes no liablity in any injuries that may result in bouncing up and down.

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter L and the Number 10

Hello everyone today i would like to take a moment and let everyone know about something exciting we have been working on for the wiki manual ( first the K-9’s and then the horses ) its not quite finished yet but its getting there! We have begun to rewrite and change the layout of the traits page to make it more wiki like and easier to navigate with different sections and my favorite pretty pictures to boot! Its starting to look good! here is the link to the new and improved traits section on the wiki


As you can see it is totaly different and hopefuly easier to use 🙂

Untill next week this is tmzasz signing off!

Updater Version 3.2

I have been listening to all you guys in Group and wanted to talk
about some of the things you are concerned about with the new update
When you get your new updater if you are using the single updater
you will have to click on the updater before you begin updating your horses.
When using the bulk updater be sure to click updater and set the settings
as you wish in the drop down menu before you click the update button
on the drop down. Now you are ready to use the updaters.
If you have any problems at all please file a ticket and explain
what has happen.
After you have updated your horses and you have a 3.2 horse you
will notice on the menu under breeding the buttons Last Breed and Last Bundle.
This is a new feature that lets you know the last horse your horse has breed with.
This feature will work after you have had your 1st 3.2 bundle.
Also we have a feature now where you can enter a custom name
for your horse! This is Dakota’s favorite new feature. I hope this helps
all of you when you begin to update your horses. Happy Updating !!

Have a Great Day 🙂