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K-9 Hud

To play Fetch with the K-9 using the HUD

Today I am going to talk to you about playing fetch with your K-9s. Below is a list of instructions on how to do so….

Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
Now you can choose to play fetch with your K-9
Click the Get Ball button – This will send a ball to your objects
Wear the Ball – it will attach to your hand
Click Ball to set range for the distance at which the ball will be thrown. You can chose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 meters.
Click the Fetch button on your HUD
You will see the mouse look button at the bottom of your screen click that to go into mouse look
Aim where you want to throw the ball and left click your mouse to throw the ball
Your K-9 will run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to you as you will see it back in your hand and you can throw it again and again while your K-9 retrieves it for you.

Once you are done interacting with your K-9 via the HUD or you want to play with a different K-9 click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your K-9 from the HUD and reset Home position where the K-9 is located at the time it disconnects.


Hello Amaretto Community!!

Amaretto Breedables started out in Sept of 2010 with the release of the Amaretto Horses, since then we have had many requests for a certain trait so here it is. Amaretto is proud to announce that in the next horse update we will be introducing….. Horse Racing….Thats right the famous Amaretto Horses will now have the ability to train and race. As most of you all know Amaretto works very hard to give our community an exceptional product and we love to improve on the products as well. Now I will go into a little detail of things to come but will not give it all away.

Racing stats can be trained. However only one at a time and only one training session per 24 hour period. Amount of time a horse can be trained is determined by the horses Stamina Class (will be explained in more detail at a later date). Experience (XP) gained from training must reach 100% before moving on to the next class.

As we get closer to the update which will include the new racing feature to begin we will let you all know all info needed to be successful in training your horses. I do hope this will be something that all of our community can enjoy and we look forward to seeing what all the Amaretto community comes up with when using this wonderful addition to the Amaretto Horses.

Until Next Time Happy Breeding

More information on the Auction For a Cure!

Hello my Amaretto family! Hope everyone is well today! As we start out another week I wanted to take some time, to talk about the Auction for a Cure!

The auction will begin on 3/23 we will be setting out all the animals that will be auctioned out that day. This is so you can come by and look at all the animals, and decide if you want to bid on any of them.

You do have to register to bid, but registering dose not mean you are required to bid.

All proceeds will be paid to the RFL! Meaning all finals bids will be paid to the RFL kiosk.

Available for auction will be k-9s as well as horses.

Auction will be held over a live stream, this is in case we fill the sim up. We do want to give everyone the same chance to bid.

Everyone registered will be assigned a proxy auctioneer (will be sent in notices) This is so everyone can participate, even if you are unable to attend.

We will begin taking bids on the first animal at 3 PM SLT on 3/24.

Location of this auction is



To register for the auction please send a note card to Avalon Crystal in world!

If you have any questions about the auction please contact Avalon Crystal in world.

I really hope to see our community come out in the masses for this auction it is for a really great cause and it will kick off a few things that Amaretto will be doing for RFL this year. Remember you never know what you may see at this auction so please be sure to register because if you are not registered by 3/22 you will not be able to bid on the 24th.
Happy Breeding everyone!!!

Hello everyone ive noticed that there seems to be some confusion on the purpose of the event system on the website. I have noticed several events that have been posted over the past week that are for long periods of time ( events spanning multiple weeks ). The event system is for single hit events spanning no more than a few hours. If you have a recurring event or plan on posting an ongoing event please use the advertising system as the event system is not meant for this. The advertising packages are below:

Single Week Rotation 10$

2 Week Rotation 19$

3 Week Rotation 27$

4 Week Rotation 34$

these can also be paid in world using the in world ad payment system.

keep in mind this is for all recurring events as they fall under a constant advertisement and they belong in the advertising section not the event section. An example of a proper event would be something like a 1 time hunt or a special auction that’s not a daily/weekly occurrence. Events that are recurring like this will be deleted and you will be notified why.The reason for this is that genuine one time events get washed out by repeated events that are identical to the previous event posted by the same user.

Tmzasz Luminos

Amaretto webmaster.

Oh no, my Bundle/Kennel has problems!

If there is any interference (with Second Life, the Amaretto Server, lag etc.) when the mother goes to drop her bundle/kennel she will go into recovery but the bundle/kennel will not automatically drop. The mother will try to contact the server again and if all the conditions are favorable the bundle/kennel will then drop. Depending on the issues stated this may take some time so just be patient. As stated in the notecard horses/k-9s will not birth more than one viable bundle/kennel within a 3 day period. Please give a few hours if she doesn’t drop before filing a ticket.


There will be no twins


Here is a breakdown of what your Bundles/kennels can say, and what it means



Didn’t receive the message from the mother. The mother will have a second bundle/kennel if this occurs; the current bundle/kennel is a dud. Wait a few hours before filing a ticket with these, it might not be necessary.



Typically unseen, this is what happens when the horse/k-9 receives a message from the mother in its description.”ATTEMPTING_RECONNECTION”



Means that somehow two copies of the same bundle/kennel existed in world. File a ticket and we can fix it.




If for any reason a mother horse already had a bundle/kennel in the past 3 days, this prevents it from occurring. We log these issues server side with the parental information, if you can’t find the mother’s bundle/kennel, file a ticket and we can try to find it.



Rare, horse already birthed from bundle/kennel


Rare, horse/k-9 already birthed from bundle/kennel



Ready to be named or birthed

Be Your K-9s Best Friend

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  It has come to my attention that some people have a misconception about when and how often K-9s can be given the Puppy Love Pill and Mega Woof Vitamins in order to get the K-9s ready for breeding.  I was speaking with a breeder yesterday who did not realize the benefits of giving Puppy Love Pills and Mega Woof Vitamins to your K-9s from birth and they suggested I write my blog this week on this topic.

Lets say that your K-9 reaches age 7 without having any Puppy Love Pills or Mega Woof Vitamins, it then has to still reach 100 heat before it can breed which means it will be that much longer before your new kennel will be dropped.  If your newborn K-9 is given a Puppy Love Pill and a Mega Woof Vitamin each day from birth, that is 15% of heat added each day.  So by the time the K-9 reaches age 7 it will already be at 100 heat and will be able to get pregnant right away.  Another little known fact is even pregnant K-9s can be given the Puppy Love Pills and Mega Woof Vitamins in order to keep them primed and ready for breeding at all times.

So if you have a really nice K-9 that throws really nice offspring that would be a good candidate for you to keep ready to go at all times!  I hope this tip helps some of you with your breeding schedules and if you have any other tips you’d like us to share with everyone please be sure to let me know!

Perpetual Puppy For Spayed/Neutered K-9s

Hello all…. I am going to go over all information about the Perpetual Puppy certificates that are now available for spayed or neutered Amaretto Breedable K-9s ….. Below is a list of important need to knows….

**ONE Perpetual Puppy Gift Certificate per ONE K-9**

The Perpetual Puppy makes the Spayed or Neutered K-9 so that it will not require food any more.

All other normal functions for a SPAYED OR NEUTERED K-9 will still operate normally.

Hover text will say Pet instead of Spayed or Neutered.

This ONLY works for Spayed or Neutered K-9s

(Spay or Neutered K-9 = a K-9 that is 126 days old or greater)

Can be used for both male and female Retired K-9s.

**The Perpetual Puppy Certificates will be sold in all Amaretto Store locations**

Although the certificates are transferable, they MUST be turned in by the PURCHASER ONLY. The reason this is a requirement is because every certificate is checked against our transaction data base. Once a certificate is redeemed by the PURCHASER it is marked as Redeemed and becomes void. The reason we have the certificate as transferable is so the purchaser may pass the certificate to Jaymee Caproni for redemption. Again, please remember, the certificates CAN NOT be purchased and transferred to another avatar for redemption. I will not be able to redeem the certificate, and it will be returned.


After purchase of the Perpetual Puppy

Please place the Certificate AND the Spayed or Neutered K-9 you wish to be your Pet in a folder named “Perpetual Puppy <your sl name>”

Send the folder to Jaymee Caproni (MEEEEE )

I will work my magic and return the K-9 to you in a folder named “Perpetual Puppy from Jaymee Caproni”

PLEASE follow these instructions so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Also, please remember….

The Perpetual Puppy is an OPTION…. You can continue to feed your spayed or neutered K-9s pet food. That option has not changed.

I hope this has cleared up some questions… until next time

Until Next time …………

Puppy Paradise

Happy Hump Day Everyone ! I decided today I would talk to you about Puppy Paradise

Puppy Paradise is a great place to pick up some of those much needed consumables for your K-9s or a gorgeous Dalmation to add to your pack! You can always go to the Haven sim and check your Kennel Cash balance so you know what you have to spend!!

How to Gain Points By Sending Your K-9 to Puppy Paradise: Simply click your K-9, click settings, click Puppy Paradise, then click yes. The number of Kennel Cash you received from the K-9 is posted in local chat. Kennels may be sent to Puppy Paradise without birthing.


How to Use your Kennel Cash: Simply go to the any of our store locations and find the Puppy Paradise Vendor, Click the start button on the bottom right of the vendor. Your current amount of Kennel Cash will be displayed in local chat. After clicking the Start button and reviewing your Kennel Cash balance you have 60 seconds of reserved time to make a selection from the vendor. Once you have made your selection you will need to agree to spending that many points on that item. If you agree you will then receive your item from the vendor and the Kennel Cash will be deducted from your Puppy Paradise account. To make another purchase simply do it again. The Puppy Paradise Kennel Cash Reward system will Reward you for your K-9s in the following way:
0-10= 100 Kennel Cash
11-20=200 Kennel Cash
21-30=300 Kennel Cash
31-40=400 Kennel Cash
41-50=500 Kennel Cash
51-60=600 Kennel Cash
61-70=700 Kennel Cash
71-80=800 Kennel Cash
81-90=900 Kennel Cash
91-100=1000 Kennel Cash
101-110=1100 Kennel Cash
111-119=1200 Kennel Cash
120-125=1300 Kennel Cash
126 and older(Retired K-9s): 1400 Kennel Cash

Here we have the costs in Kennel Cash for the items Currently Available from the vendor (all items are subject to change without notice including prices and availability)
Amaretto Brand K-9 Pet Kibble & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Single (Box) 10000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Puppy Love Pill Single (Box) 8000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Single (Box) 6000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Zing (K-9 Cola) Single (Box) 4000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Rawhide Lollipop Single (Box) 4000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Treats Five (Box) 4000


Today I would like to talk about the Amaretto K-9s. We have some new and exciting things coming this year for our K-9s. Yes Yes I know I tell you new things are coming but I will not tell you what….That is how we work at Amaretto, we like surprises!

We have many different K-9s from coats to collars to eyes and you can make lots of different combinations with them. You can play fetch or just have them chase you around the yard. They are the perfect addition to your breedable family. I would like to say that most people that have not tried the K-9s really do not know what they are missing. The wolves are a favorite of many people as well as are the Enchanted. I challenge you all to just give it a try go out and get even just one K-9 and see how much fun they can really be!

Amaretto Horses started out in Sept of 2010 less then a year later the Amaretto K-9s were released and now coming soon we have the Amaretto Barnyard Birds. One question I have heard some ask is “are they going to stop updating the horses” Answer to that is a simple No. All of our creations here at Amaretto are done out of Love and we want our community to enjoy the items that we create.

So in closing of my connection for the day I would like to say if you have any suggestions on things you the community would like to see in our products feel free to file a support ticket and put the subject line as Attention Richie, I would love to hear your suggestions or even comments about your experience with the CSR team.

Until Next Week Happy Breeding 🙂

Amaretto Auctions for a Cure!

Hey guys its Monday again……. as we all endure our work weeks and the time change I have some exciting news to bring to everyone! If you been living or hiding under a rock maybe you don’t know it but, RFL has kicked off their season. In the past we have donated horses and bundles to other teams auctions with proceeds going to RFL. But this year we have our very own team!!! So we will be kicking off our team relay with an Auction for a Cure. In this auction all proceeds will go to our RFL team total. You never know what you might see at this auction we will have horses and K-9s! Some will be donated by others in your community (if you are interested in donating please contact Avalon Crystal in world) others will be animals that the staff and owners have breed!!

So on March 24th we will have our first Auction for a Cure at the Nest Egg! If you want to bid on these animals you will have to register. To register to bid you will need to send a note card to any CSR with your full SL name titled, I want to bid!!!
Once you are registered you will get a group invite and be assigned a proxy auctioneer. Animals will be set out the day before the auction so everyone can come down and take a look and see if you would like to bid! Auction will be over a live stream so if you can’t make it to the sim you can still listen in!!!

You never know what you will see, remember this is for a great cause so I hope that you all will jump in and register!!!

If you have any questions at all about this Auction for a Cure please contact Avalon Crystal in world.