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Happy Thursday everyone!!! Many of you have been taking classes at Amaretto and we would like to remind you all about the Amaretto Ranch University website where you can see what classes you have taken and what classes are available! We have placed terminals out at all the classrooms and at the landing point at Amaretto University and it’s very quick to sign up for the website.

To sign up go to any of the terminals at the University and touch the terminal; a blue drop down box comes down and asks for you to type in my email address. Once you type that in and hit send it asks you to wait in local chat then it sends another message with your user name and a temporary password.  You will then go to the website and put that information in and BOO-Yah! That easy! Now you can keep up with all your class studies!We are in the process of inputting all the classes that you have already taken at ARU and you will have that information at your fingertips each time you want to attend classes.  We also have started planning what we think will be one pretty amazing Graduation party for those that finish the classes. Of course no Graduation party would be complete without presents, so if you haven’t taken all the classes yet you better get moving!


Now I would also like to mention that there is a Class Suggestion box right beside the Terminal at the landing point.  We have added more new and exciting classes at the University but can always use suggestions for more! Let us know what classes you would like to see offered at ARU by dropping a notecard with your suggestions on into that suggestion box.  Don’t be surprised if one of us contacts you and asks for your input on the class you suggestion though!


With your help and your desire to breed amazing Amaretto breedables we can make Amaretto Ranch University the place to be!

Ava’s Amaretto Reminders!

Hey guys happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is enjoying there week and not working to hard!

I wanted to take a min to remind you of a few things one is keep trying for those Best in Show Yorkies and those Shetland Show Horses!

Also have you guys been attending the classes at Amaretto Ranch University? Well I hope you all have and that you have signed up on the ARU website to track your class progression! You know what they say it pays to have a degree!

Also I have updated the ARU Museum with some new k9s so stop by and check them out!

Another reminder we will be having club Amaretto this Saturday at 5 pm SLT so check those calendars for all the great events that Amaretto is hosting!

I do want to take a moment to ask you all for some help! We don’t think that the community is utilizing the social sim Amaretto Ranch Boomtown to the fullest. So I am asking all of you guys for some help if you have a suggestion or an idea that we can implement at boomtown please send a note card to Avalon Crystal!

Well until next time happy breeding everyone!

Albino Mystique!

Happy Monday everyone!! I have some really exciting news I wanted to share, which will be especially exciting to all you Mystique lovers out there. First we brought you the awesome Mystique coats from our Christmas LE’s, then to make things even more fun, if you breed two Mystiques of the same color you get a chance at the Mystique Rainbow Quartz. To make things even more interesting you now can get a Albino Mystique! Thats right, if you breed two Mystique siblings together you have the chance at an Albino Mystique with any of the Albino eyes we currently have, or maybe even a special eye 😉 These two Mystiques do not have to be the same color, just siblings (same mother and father). So get them Mystique siblings breeding and see what pretties you get! Happy Breeding!

Hello everyone its the webmaster here, as all of you know Second Life can have its moments and these moments can cause all sorts of things to happen the one I would like to mention today is duplication or in some cases lost animals. Some of you have had this happen to you and some of you haven’t but this is why it is super important to remember to name your horses/k-9’s/barnyard birds and their bundles/kennels/nests and here’s why.

Whenever one of your animals or their bundle/kennel/nest gets lost or is duplicated we need as much information about it as possible in order to replace it. One of the most important pieces of information needed is the name of the animal or the bundle/kennel/nest. Without this information and if no other information given it can be extremely hard to locate the exact animal/bundle/kennel/nest that was duplicated and/or lost. Now this is where naming the animal or bundle/kennel/nest comes in because if you say have 100 horses and you happen to lose one and they are all named “Amaretto Breedable Horse” it can also be very difficult to find the exact one that you lost. This applies to the bundles/kennels/nests that you don’t birth and take into your inventory ( cause we all know sl inventory can be odd at times too ) so just give it a name like putting both parents on it or something and if the unthinkable happens we can find it for you quicker than if it was named “Amaretto Breedable Bundle”. Naming also has a second purpose and that’s to help you track your breedables for various things like easy organizing of your inventory or prepping a animal/bundle/kennel/nest for an auction and so forth. So remember even giving it a simple name can help us help you and help you keep track so be creative and name those animals/bundles/kennels/nests today!

Untill next time this is tmzasz luminos

Fishing for Prizes

Our Staff at Amaretto loves to do events ! This week is another Fishing Tournament. I f you have never been to our monthly events, you have been missing a lot of fun, and if you have been to some of our monthly events, you know what I’m talking about.


Well lets get back to fishing. All you need is a pole. The contest is unbaited and lasts about 2 hours. Awesome Amaretto prizes are given to the top 5 winners in the contest. You will receive a certificate which you send in to us to receive your wonderful prize.

Here is a list of the awesome prizes for this contest.


1st place:

Starter pack of each Amaretto Breedable


2nd place:

1 Jumbo Pack of Breedable food and salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds(your choice)


3rd place:

1 Six pack Breedable food (your choice)


4th place:

1 Six pack Salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds (Your choice)


5th place:

1 5% pregnancy booster (your choice)


Even if you don’t win, it is soooo much fun just hanging out and talking to each other. Did you know that when you catch these fish, you can wear them and they swim around you? Some of them are quite funny looking. So come on pack a cooler, get those rods out and lets go fishing !


Oh I almost forgot, I think you might want to know when this is.


The event starts at 10:00 am slt Friday, September 21st.

Anubis bundles

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope that everyone had a great week and now will be able to enjoy a wonderful weekend.


I wanted to talk to you today about a conversation that keeps coming up in group chat again and again. As many of you have discovered when breeding the Anubis horse the bundle produced will show in the text as a 3.2 bundle.  We have stated many times that this is simply a text error.  The Anubis does have the ability to pass the newer traits, but just like everything else that’s not a guarantee.  We have heard from many of you that have received new traits from the Anubis even though the bundle’s text showed it was a 3.2 version.  I am never the one to explain the inner “geeky-ness” of the breedables but here is the way I came to understand it the best.  These versions 3.2 “text error” bundles only need to be updated once you birth them and then they will show as 3.5 versions, the reason they need to be updated so that the text shows as 3.5 is so that they can breed with the version 3.5 horses.  Without updating them the version 3.5 horses read them as version 3.2 due to the text error.  Rest assured this will be corrected in the next horse update.


I hope this puts an end to this debate in the main group and I hope that your Anubis gives you great things! Until next time, happy breeding everyone!

So we usually do not give out sneak peaks but these new pretties coming soon via the Barnyard Bird update are just to darn cute to not give you a lil peak. We have some fixes and some exciting new things all wrapped up in this Bird update which we are sure all you Bird lovers out there will fall in love with!! So keep an eye on the connections and notices for the Bird update coming VERY soon!!

Play Fetch with the K-9

Today I am going to talk to you about playing fetch with your K-9s.

Below is a list of instructions on how to do so….

Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
Now you can choose to play fetch with your K-9
Click the Get Ball button – This will send a ball to your objects
Wear the Ball – it will attach to your hand
Click Ball to set range for the distance at which the ball will be thrown. You can chose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 meters.
Click the Fetch button on your HUD
You will see the mouse look button at the bottom of your screen click that to go into mouse look
Aim where you want to throw the ball and left click your mouse to throw the ball
Your K-9 will run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to you as you will see it back in your hand and you can throw it again and again while your K-9 retrieves it for you.

Once you are done interacting with your K-9 via the HUD or you want to play with a different K-9 click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your K-9 from the HUD and reset Home position where the K-9 is located at the time it disconnects.


The Best In Show Yorkie Is Here!!

Starting September 5, 2012 Amaretto introduced its new Best In Show Yorkie, Which I will add is Josie’s Favorite!! Well guess what… one has hit the grid!!! I have enclosed a snapshot of the little cutie below!!

* Starting September 5, 2012 at 12:01 am SLT any Kennel dropped from the breeding of 2 Yorkies you have a chance at the Kennel being an “Amaretto Best In Show Yorkie”!

* That’s it! The only qualification is they both have to be Yorkies, they can be any color but Mother & Father MUST BOTH be Yorkies.

* We will announce what Best In Show K9 is next close to the end of the 30 days of Yorkies!

* This “Amaretto Best In Show Yorkie” has a chance of passing its special eye and collar!

* So Amaretto community… gather up your Yorkies and get them ready for an excitement filled month of breeding!

Amaretto’s Museum Updated!

Hey guys happy Monday! I hope that you all survived ! Well lots going on at Amaretto! We have had a lot of events going on so I hope all of you have been checking your calendars. Also have you seen those Shetland Show Horses? I mean how cute!!!!!

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the Amaretto Museum!

I have completed the Barnyard Birds portion of the museum! So please stop by !

Every animal that Amaretto has released can be seen in world at this location! Please remember that as new stuff comes out the museum is a work in progress!

If you do visit please notice that you can click on any of the information plaques and it will take you to the appropriate wiki page so you can find out more details about that breed or coat!

Also just a simple reminder while you are here at ARU there are new classes available so check out the schedule that is in the courtyard! There is also a suggestions mail box located there as well so you can make suggestions for classes!

Well until next time please stop by the ARU sim and visit the museum!

Happy breeding everyone !