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Why TM is thankful and why are you thankful!

Hello everyone its Tmzasz your webmaster.

Today I want to step aside from the norm and post why I am thankful this year!

I am thankful this year because I have managed to stay in good health, also I am thankful for my family for being there when I have needed it.

I am also thankful for having the job I do and for the people that I know and have met on SecondLife.

I am also thankful that every day is a new day for me and that I can wake up and remember that I know not what my future holds but I know one thing, that today is here and for that I am always thankful!

Now with all the mushy stuff behind now I want to invite each and every one of you reading this to post something you are thankful for this year! Below this post comments have been opened up so that you may post why you are thankful! ( now I know mine is shorter than Jaymee’s but its hard to compete with that lol )

Happy (early) Thanksgivings everyone and I look forward to reading your posts!

Amaretto Race Coming Soon!

This event is just to have some fun, and everybody needs to have some. If you do not want to enter you can still come out and enjoy watching the races. This event will be at our track in Boomtown

*The Race will be on November 27,2012 at 4 Pm SLT

Go to that landmark and check it out. Its a nice track with stands to sit on if you just want to watch the races


The track is open if you would like to practice and train there anytime you like



If you would like to enter, I will need you to send a note card named Racing Entry-(CLASS) and your SL name to maleficent Farshore.. Please include the stats of your horse on the note card.


Time for entries is running out !!! Get your entry in soon.

All note cards must be received no later than midnight on November 20th to be entered.


TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week with many wonderful bundles, kennels and nests! I have seen many beautiful ones posted in the groups! I asked in the Main group what I should write about today, and the community suggested “Tips for Breeders/Sellers”! So with the help of a few long time breeders/sellers I have compiled what I think is a very handy list of tips that can hopefully assist breeders of all kinds!
Breeders/Sellers are responsible for their 3rd party sales and purchases. Amaretto does not get involved in that aspect of the market so one of the main rules to always abide by is this:
Seller/Buyer Beware! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
(These tips are in no particular order, they’re all important in their own way)
• As with anything whether it’s RL or SL always remember Customer Service is a key to a successful business. Be nice to those repeat customers!
• SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! Not that kind of Spam, the advertising kind. You can join the Amaretto Advertising Group at any store location, but you can also check profiles and find other advertising groups that way.
• Remember to double and triple check that you actually set the breedable for sale. I know I’ve priced them and forgot to click that button myself too.
• If your breedable is out for sale, I know many who say it is a sales deterrent if the breedable is set to pet food. For sales purposes most find it valuable to have the animals on breedable food.
• Do NOT put your breedables out for sale if it is in a red ban lines area. People can’t buy things if they can’t get to them.
• Asking for pricing help usually does not get much help, the best suggestion you can get from anyone about pricing would be to go look around at different markets and see what things are selling for.
• It’s very important to be realistic with your prices though. Remember the market changes according to the time of the month. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set your prices and stick to them it just means you should be willing to adjust. Never have a panic sale.
• Try to create a nice display at your store, one that will attract buyers, or at least make it easy for the buyers to see what you are selling.
Now if you’re selling your horse at auction here are the biggest things to remember:
• Do your notecard at home before you leave for the auction. Include the full UUID even if it’s a bundle get it from the description line while in edit mode.
• Set the price on the breedable at home before you leave and set it for a very high price so it can’t be swiped for 10L when you go to set it for sale.
• Ensure you are wearing the correct tag before you rez anything.
• Always check auction rules before you rent your panels as different auctions have different rules.
I hope these tips are helpful to all breeders and if you see someone in the groups asking for help, link this blog to them!
Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!


Why Am I Thankful….

Howdy everyone! Being that Thanksgiving is next week; I want to take a moment to share with all of you how thankful I am for Amaretto.  When Josaphine and Jaysin started Amaretto Ranch Breedables they had no idea how big it would be or how much it would touch so many individual lives as it has. I can tell you from personal experience that Amaretto Ranch Breedables has touched my life in so many ways.

First and foremost Amaretto has brought the BEST breedables to Second Life! I have heard so many people say that Amaretto has provided them an experience that they could not get outside of Second Life. For so many reasons, there are many of us who cannot enjoy horses, K9s, or Birds in real life. I myself am unable to be around horses, I am deathly allergic to them. So to be able to come on to Second Life and raise, breed, and ride horses is an experience I am so thankful for. I have talked to numerous people who are disabled and unable to enjoy horses in their “real lives” and have been able to wrap themselves in the joy of horses because of Amaretto. There are many reasons the real life experience of horses, K9s, and birds are unattainable to many of us; from illnesses, allergies, living situations that don’t allow us to have these animals, disabilities, and so much more. This is one of the many reasons I am thankful for Josaphine and Jaysin Cooperstone bringing these amazing products to Second Life for us all to enjoy.

Another reason I am so thankful for Amaretto and the owners of Amaretto is their generosity. Not only to the community in Second life, but to so many lives outside of Second Life. Amaretto has been very involved with charities since it hit the grid in 2010. From autism to breast cancer awareness, Amaretto has raised an immense amount of money toward various charities. However, their generosity doesn’t stop there. Josaphine and Jaysin have helped each and everyone one of us on the Amaretto staff in so many ways. Their enormous hearts have enriched each of our individual lives. I can personally say I would not be where I am today without the thoughtfulness and kindness of the Amaretto owners.

The biggest reason I am thankful for Amaretto…

The community!

I have met and become friends with so many wonderful people because of Amaretto. I will have to say, I have been involved in many breedables out there, but the Amaretto community is by far the most amazing there is. The way you all support each other, help each other, and have become a tight-knit bunch of friends is astounding! From sharing tips and tricks or helping out a new breeder or just being there personally for fellow community members who may be having a hard time outside of Second Life and needed an ear to listen; The Amaretto community never ceases to amaze me!

I could go on for hours about how Amaretto has changed my life, but that would make for a long Customer Connection! LOL! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Amaretto Ranch Breedables, from the owners to my co-workers, but most of all to our community! Without all of you, we would not be the best breedadable company in Second Life! I know that together, we can keep Amaretto alive for many years to come!! So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!


Until next time…..

Happy Wednesday Everyone !!

I just wanted to talk to you about the Barnyard Birds for a few. Lets start with the Amaretto Barnyard Bird Store. Take a look around the store you will see Barnyard Chickens walking around eating, nesting.

Amaretto sells in the stores Barnyard Bird Packs, Farmers Pack,Clutch Pack an Single Packs Male an Female .
As I stroll around i see the following which Amaretto sells :
Barley Bird Diet ah ! food for your breedable barnyard bird !

Orange Rinds oh this builds the vivacity for your barnyard bird !

Poultry Glow wow ! this one is powerful !! Gives 5%increase in the Stamina , 5% increase in Vivacity an 5% increase in Vigor Wow!

High Potency seeds this one sounds potency ! These seeds give a 10% increase in the Vigor !

Oh an here is the Vivacity Corn it increases the vivacity by 15% instantly ! WoW !

Ah! Pet Pellets This is the food for my Pet Barnyard Bird !

Flu Shot I can use this if my Barnyard Bird gets sick !

Barnyard Bird GPS ! Ah ! Great for setting all my Barnyard Birds setting at one time !!

Oh I need to birth my nests my Barnyard Birds had so Here is an Incubator think this will work it is a safe place to hatch them !

Also here is an Updater got to keep them Barnyard Birds Updated !!

Well think i got all i need to start my Barnyard Bird Farm

So Take a tour of Amaretto Main Barnyard Bird Store !

See You next Week until then Happy Breeding !



Amaretto wins Summary Judgment Dismissing Ozimal’s Copyright Claim California, November 5, 2012 – Judge Charles Breyer granted summary judgment against Ozimals ruling that Ozimals does not own the copyright to its bunny code and therefore does not have standing to file suit. Although the Court also dismissed Amaretto’s Declaratory Judgment and Copyright misuse claims, the case moves forward with Amaretto’s claim for attorney’s fees under the copyright statute as well as its unfair competition, Defamation, Trade Libel, Intentional interference with contract, interference with prospective business advantage and request for injunctive relief.

On December 1, 2010 Ozimals filed a DMCA against Amaretto with Linden Labs during the crucial Christmas holiday season to prevent Amaretto from competing and to bolster Ozimals sales alleging copyright infringement. Ozimals had previously been presented with the correct facts and legal principles demonstrating that Defendants did not and could not have any valid copyrights in what they claimed. Amaretto filed suit shortly thereafter to prevent the destruction of its companies and the death of all of its client’s horses.
Monday’s ruling vindicates Amaretto and permanently prevents Ozimals from asserting its previously claimed copyright on Amaretto or any other entity.
Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC a California Limited Liability company ( which creates breedable animals for virtual environments is represented by Ken Keller of Krieg, Keller, Sloan and Roman ( and Stevan Lieberman of the Law Offices of Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC (

Best In Show Wolf!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying a great start for your week! I wanted to take some time to send out warm wishes to all of the US Veterans that are out there! So I thought I would share this poem with all of you!

Without you this country wouldn’t be the same;
You fight and you battle
For our common name.
Your level of courage is oh so rare
You’re dedicated and faithful;
You’re always there.
You’re my hero.
There are over 1 million people that are currently serving in the United States Army and risk their lives and their loved ones to keep this nation safe! So if you know someone serving or a veteran please let them know how grateful you are today!
Well now that the mushy stuff is out of the way!
I also wanted to share with you something that I think is pretty cool!
Its the Best In Show Wolf!
Look at this beauty I think it is my favorite Best in Show yet!! Its not to late for you to get one! A few things to remember when breeding for a Best in Show K9:

*Beginning November 5, 2012 to December 4, 2012 any kennel dropped from the breeding of any 2 Wolf K-9s had the chance at being a Best in Show Wolf.

*The Best in Show Wolf can be randomly birthed by breeding together any two K-9s that have Wolf Coats of any color. No other qualifications necessary, they just have to be Wolves.

I have included a picture below so you guys can check it out!
Best in Show Wolf can NOT pass their coat.
The Warrior Eye DOES have the ability to pass.
The Warrior DOES have the ability to pass

You can check it out here as well:

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

The Webmasters Corner

Hello everyone its me your friendly neighborhood web master today I would like to go over the events section of the website. Now I know some of you already know about this section and some of you may be like events whaa? Well today I hope to clear up and show you how easy and awesome this little section is!

Now first thing is you have to go over and log into the website now from your home page you will see an events button under your profile pic like so:

Now when you click that link it will open a new window for you ( or tab depending on your browser ) and will take you to the events page as shown below ( dont worry I will explain what everything is in just a moment )

Now on the events page we see there are many things with the events being the highlight of the page. At the top you have your menu bar which allows you to see what events are coming up, what events have past, events you have posted, and finally the create new event button!

Now if you take a closer look at the events you can see at a glance many things: The name of the event, the logo for the event, the date/time that the event will be taking place, how many people on the website will be attending the event, who made the event and a short description about the event.

Pretty neat huh but we are not done yet!

Now click on one of the events and take a look at the events page:

Now on this page it will show you more details about the event like where the event will be taking place, promotional pictures that may be included with the event, any discussions and or comments about the event and the join event button ( unless you made the event you will not see Edit or Delete though! )

Now we are going to move on to that button back on the events page so lets talk about Create New Event!

Ok on this page you will see that when creating an event you just give it a catchy title a short description about the event and then you can tweak the specifics about the event. Like for start time and End time you can specify down to the minute ( we ask that events not be a ongoing thing like weeks at a time ) Then say you are posting an event for the market or whatever that you are working for you can specify who is hosting this event and enter a slurl to the location for the event. Also you can upload a photo ( can upload more after creating it ) to be the logo for the event on the website and even chose a category that it falls under. Lastly you can set it to invite only or public. I hope this has helped everyone understand the events section better and I hope to see more events soon you never know some of us might just drop by!

Also as a side note I spoke with the amaretto gods and asked them to allow me to increase the photo storage space on the website and they agreed so officially the storage space has doubled! which means you can upload even more pictures of those wonderful breedables you have been breeding to show off and get feedback for!

Until next week this is Tmzasz Non passenger of the Nostromo signing off!

P.S. Post more pics of them animals!

Trivia was a blast!!!

Tonight was Amaretto Trivia night at Club Amaretto

We had 63 Amaretto Trivia questions and lots of fun and laughs, and of course the sploder at the club saw lots of action.For those of you who have never played our Trivia, its really quite simple. You click the board and get a HUD to wear, when the question comes up in local you have 42 seconds to select the right answer from three choices, A, B, or C. After the 42 seconds is up your name shows on the board and lets you know if you were right or wrong. You also have 1 Joker to use in case you are not sure of the answer, but you can only use the Joker once.It really is easy to play and lots of fun. If you missed out on it this time, keep an eye on the monthly events section of the Web site as we will have more of them and other awesome events.


Here is a list of the top 12


1. Anaconda Carter

2. Jasmijn Jigsaw

3. Reygan Landar

4. Tasty Tiramisu

5. Draco Carpaccio

6. Trinityskye Zarco

7. KadifeMehtap Resident

8. CrossCreek Resident

9. Petr Vanbeeck

10. KittenJen Resident

11. Foled Faith

12. Etrange Braveheart


Below are a few pictures of tonight’s fun.




TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week!  We closed the week out here with an awesome Barnyard Bird Hoedown at the Boomtown sim.  It’s always so much fun to see everyone get out and come to these events and have a good time socializing with one another!  Plus any excuse to buy a new outfit is always a good thing!  It’s great to have Draco and many others from the East Coast back online and back with power safe and warm again!  In case you weren’t able to attend the event today check out the pictures below of all the fun we had dancing the morning away 