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Tips for Rollbacks

The worst thing about Monday’s is knowing tomorrow is Tuesday and it full of sl restarts and rollbacks!


We all know what SL Rollbacks do….lol…


When SL does a sim Rollback, it takes the sim back to a previous state. If you have purchased a horse from someone, and the sim where you purchased the breedable from has a rollback, it can create a duplicate issue., maybe even someone else has come along and also purchased the same breedable. This is why we ask for transaction history. If this happens you can contact the seller for refund. Please don’t just assume they are selling duplicates on purpose. Talk to the seller. Things can be worked through.


I have noticed a lot of problems have been happening with breedables disappearing at auctions, some by SL roll backs, some even by lag when trying to rez them, and others when taking them after purchase. When you go to an auction you have to fill out a notecard about your breedable. It only takes a little extra time to record the UUID number on the notecard.


How do I find the UUID Number?


Go to edit on the breedable, in the description line that is the uuid number. That number is very important and can help a lot if you need to file a ticket for a missing breedable, highlight the number and copy , paste to notecard. Doing this is like taking each one of your breedables’ fingerprints!! It can be a big time help if anything ever does happen to your breedable.


Name that Breedable…


Give all breedables a name, so if you don’t know the UUID when it goes missing , but you do know its name, we have something to go by when we try to find it.


So lets get ready, prepare yourselves,Tuesday’s are always full of bumpy rides. Here’s hoping your Tuesday will be rollback free!


Helloooooo Breeders!  I’m back from vacation refreshed and ready for the summer months.  We’ve had some exciting things in the Breedable Community this week!  The Black Mules, the Chevron eye, the Poncho eye and the Pinata eye!  Omg how pretty are all those!  I love them all!

I heard the Barrel Race was a blast and everyone had a great time!  Coming up tomorrow we have Club Amaretto at 3pm with Avalon as your beautiful DJ so I hope to see you all out there having a great time!  We really get that sploder rocking at Club Amaretto!

Be sure you are watching these connections as we have some exciting events coming up later in the month also.  I am so looking forward to the RFL Breedable Expo that starts on the 24th of May.  The AMOC Race on the 25th is sure to be a lot of fun, hope you’ve all been training your horses!  Watching them race is always a great time!  We will finish off the month with a fabulous Fishing event at Boomtown at 11am on May 30th.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and until next time Happy Breeding to all!

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday!! Today I wanted to remind you guys that class are still being held at ARU! This is a great way to learn about any of our breedables if you are new to Amaretto. Even if you are a breeder that has been breeding for a long time this is also a great resource to learn something that you didn’t know!

The classes are held on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday every week at 9 AM SLT and 5 PM SLT. You do not have to register or sign up to attend. Classes do not generally take a lot of time most last no more than 10 minutes. Every month we post the ARU schedule on the website as well as several of our locations in world. Here is the link to the ARU calendar

There is also a ARU website that you can join to keep up with what classes you have taken and which classes you haven’t!
Link to ARU website:

If you have a suggestion for a class at ARU please drop a suggestion notecard in the mail box in the courtyard!

If you have taken a class that has not posted to the ARU website please file a ticket and let us know the class and the date you took it.
File your tickets at:
To receive credit for a class that you are taking you must turn in a notecard made by your avatar at the end of each class to the instructor!

All of the things are pretty simple and you may learn a thing or two about Amaretto Breedables that you did not already know. I would suggest for old and new breeders to attend!
Here is the inworld slurl for the ARU sim:

So, set some time aside to attend the ARU classes, they are not only fun but very informative!

Until Next Time….

New Eyes!

Happy Wednesday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !
I wanted to tell you what has hit the grid three new amazing eyes!
Have a look!

The new Poncho eye!



The new Pinata eye!


The new Chevron eye!


The amazing eyes can come from the Cinco de Mayo Donkeys!

You can get a chance at these new eye anytime you breed a Cinco de Mayo Donkey!

These eyes do have the ability to pass!

So good luck an keep breeding them for the eyes !

Until next week Happy Breeding Everyone


Introducing the Black Mule!

Hey all my breeding friends! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday, sometimes when I think about whats great about Tuesdays is the only thing I can come up with is………..
At least its not Monday!

I do hope that all the mothers out there enjoyed their day with their families and got to take a little break from the kids!

Now down to business, whats new at Amaretto? Well……….
I wanted to show all of you one of the great surprises that has been coming from the Cinco de Mayo Donkeys!

Introducing….. (insert drum roll here)
The Black Mule!



We here at Amaretto know how much you guys love the black and white horses, we hope you will enjoy this Black Mule as well! Remember this mule gets it eye from the parents and does NOT pass its coat!

So how do you get one of these? I will tell you anytime you breed a Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo Donkey with a reg horse you have a chance!!
Does that include Shetlands?
Does that include Clydesdale’s?
Does that include Fell Ponies?

I think you get the picture breed your Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo Donkey with anything besides a Donkey or a Mule to have a chance at this brand new Black Mule!

Amaretto has 3 other mules that you can get as well you can check them all out here

If you haven’t already came out to visit me at a questions and answers please do so, I enjoy talking to all the breeders in the Amaretto community. Its a great time to just ask questions, talk about whats going on with your horses, or voice a concern. I hope that you will come visit me soon!!

Well until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding Friends!!!!

Do you ever wonder what is happening this week? Maybe you want to do something fun, go to an Auction, or just take a class or two?


Well you can find out whats happening on our website


Once you sign on, look at the area right underneath your profile picture. Here you will see the Amaretto Calendar, A.R.U Calendar and the Events section


The Amaretto Calendar:

Here is where you can find out the dates and times for all of our special events and the A.M.O.C. meetings and events


The A.R.U. Calendar:

Here you can find the dates and times for the upcoming classes


The Events Section:

Here you can find all kinds of events. You can post your Breedable related events here, Auctions,Races, Hunts,Market Party’s , any event that is breedable related.


The Event Section is a good area to publicize your upcoming events. Be sure to post your events in here so that people will know when and where to go to them.

Howdy yall! If you didn’t make it out to the barrel racing event today, you definitely missed out! It was a super fun event filled with laughter, cheering, and good times with friends and fellow breeders. Everyone did an amazing job racing their horses around the barrels and across the finish line! This was a new Amaretto event and I think it was a huge success! Thank you Avalon and maleficent for hosting this event!

Now… the moment you have all been waiting for….


First place goes to Marco Denimore with his class DD horse and an overall time of 19.05!

Second place goes to Zev Luv with his class CC horse and an overall time of 19.06!

Third place goes to Mami Deerhunter with her class CC horse and an overall time of 19.43!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated and came to watch the barrel racing! Keep an eye out because this event was so much fun, I’m sure that we will be having it again in the future!!

Also… don’t forget about our other exciting events coming up…

May 18th @ 3pm – Club Amaretto

May 20th @ 11am and 3pm – AMOC Meeting

May 24th – The RFL Breedables Expo Starts

May 25th @ 3pm – AMOC Horse Race

May 30th @ 11am – Spring Fishing at Boomtown

So make sure you join us for all of our events because they are lots of fun!

Until next time…..

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Just sitting here thinking what to blog on today! Well I thought I would tell you about some of the other things that will be happening in May at Amaretto.


Well the barrel races are tomorrow May 9 at 3:00 pm sl time. This is a first time ever barrel race with Avalon an Mal being the hosts! This will be a fun event for all.

Then on May 18, at 3:pm sl time we have Club Amaretto with Avalon being your DJ and host! So let your hair down an come party with Amaretto and have some fun!

Well the next week we will be having the AMOC meeting which will be at Boomtown May 20 at 11 am an 3 pm. All breeders are welcome to attend this meeting.

OH! I almost forgot the exciting Relay for Life Breedables Expo starts on the 24th! What an exciting event this will be an also for a great cause.
Well let’s not forget racing will be on May 25th at 3 pm sl time when AMOC will be having their Horse race this event is always fun !
Then to end the month Amaretto will be having the Spring Fishing Event with Jaymee an Karrie being your hosts which will be held at Boomtown pier on May 30 at 11 am sl time !
So folks get ready for the exciting events that are happening for the rest of May !
Until next week Happy Breeding !


Under the Big Top!

Hello my breeding friends! It’s another busy Tuesday at the Amaretto Ranch today! I wanted to take some time to share with you all the newness for this month!

What am I talking about? Well the Amaretto Showcase Perlino and Best in Show Dane!!

Heres a up close look at both of these cute animals!

Remember that the coats on these animals don’t pass but the eyes and the collar on the Best in Show Dane do have the ability to pass!

Wondering how you can get your hands on one of these ?
Well its pretty simple!

Beginning May 5, 2013 to June 4th, 2013 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Perlino horses had the chance at being an Amaretto Showcase Perlino Horse.

For Best In Show Dane, beginning May 5, 2012 to June 4, 2013 any kennel dropped from the breeding of any 2 Great Dane K-9s have the chance at being a Best In Show Dane.

Take a look at these cuties!!

Amaretto Showcase Perlino1

Big Top

Best In Show Dane1

Clowning Around


Well until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding guys!!

Let’s Go To The Races !!!

This is a reminder about the upcoming event……


Amaretto is having it’s first Barrel Race May 9th, 3:00 pm (slt)

These races will be 1 lap, in each division (class).and will be loads of fun to participate in or just watch.


We are still excepting entries until midnight May 7th


Please send your note card to Avalon Crystal or maleficent Farshore. Make shore to title your notecard Barrel Race

Include your name and class on the note card..


We hope to see a lot of racers and folks just coming out to join the fun.


Below is a picture of the race track..


Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (150,

Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (150,.png 2


Here is a diagram of how the race is done..



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (150,.png 1


See you all at the Race Thursday!!!!!