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Hello to the best Breedable community ever! I hope your Saturday is going great! Speaking of Hope…  On June 22nd at 3pm Amaretto will be hosting ‘The 100 Years of Hope’ One of a Kind Auction! This is going to be a wonderful auction with all proceeds going to Relay for Life! All final bids will be paid directly to the RFL kiosk. This auction is going to be broadcast over a live stream so that everyone interested in participating will be able to, even when the sim fills up! If you are interested in registering to bid at this amazing auction, please send a notecard to Avalon Crystal or Jaymee Caproni in world. Once we have received your notecard you will be added to the ~Amaretto Auction for A Cure~ group owned by Avalon Crystal. I need to stress; you must be in this group to be registered and to bid! Everyone registered will be assigned a proxy bidder. Proxy bidders will be announced closer to the auction and will be sent in notices. This is so everyone can participate, even if you are unable to attend.

The auction will be held at the myslhorses Sale Yard auction area. This is where all the wonderful Horses, K9s, and Barnyard Birds that have been generously donated by the community will be auctioned off. These are not you’re your average Horses, K9s, and Barnyard Birds; these are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the…. Well you get the point! Lol! I would like to add, if anyone is interested in donating to this great auction, please contact Avalon Crystal!

But wait…. guess what else is currently being displayed at the auction area… The four AMAZING One of a Kind Apocalypse horses Amaretto will be auctioning off! Below is a list of these four truly fascinating horses!

Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse- Conquest

Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse- War

Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse- Famine

Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse-Death

Another really cool thing that Amaretto will be auctioning off at this auction that we have never done before is a custom K9 collar! This collar will pass on and you will be the only one with it in second life if you don’t share!!!

There are a few rules for the collar and they are the following:

*No ads on the collar

*Must be approved by Amaretto before production

*Amaretto will put this collar on a male starter/nonstarter coat of your choice, age 7 for the winner.

(No SE’s or other special coats)

So, as you can see this is going to an auction you do not want to miss! Head on down now to check out the four OOAK horses on display! All of the awesome donated items will be on display for you to see next week!

Happy Bidding Yall!!!


Home Home set your range!

Today I wanted to talk to everyone about setting the range on your horses.  I cannot stress how important your horses range is when it comes to pretty much everything.  The range is set in meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The radius of a circle is measured from the center to its edge). When a horse is first birthed its default range is set to 5 meters.  This means that you must also have food within 5 meters of the horses in order for them to eat.  When they are old enough to breed the horse you want them to breed with must also be within 5 meters of them.  So you see the range you set is important for a few reasons.  If you have a lot of horses or even just a few I suggest using the Global Pony System or the GPS on your sim.  With this wonderful device you can set the stats on all of your horses at once, range, animation, movement, and sounds, all of it! It’s really handy and saves tons of time.  Plus I find it’s nice to know that all of my horses are set to the same range so I don’t have to keep checking them. Just remember if you have special projects going and need ranges set to a different amount on certain horses you will have to manually do this as the GPS will change the range on the whole sim.



One of the main topics of the tickets we receive is about horses not eating. If you are having issues with your horse not eating please try the following tricks before filing a ticket.

  • 1. Re-rez fixes 99% of the issues.
  • 2. If the land is set to a group, are the horses and food set to that group?
  • 3. If the land isn’t set to a group, are the horse and food set to the same group as each other?
  • 4. Check to see if the horse is set to the type of food out (more stats)
  • 5. Re-set home position.
  • 6. Sometimes giving them a Horsey Snack will help them start to eat so you may also want to try this. Remember your horses only eat once every 43 minutes so you may not notice a change immediately, be patient it takes 3 days for a horse to reach 100% hunger.



Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!

Hey everyone! It’s a wonderful Wednesday! I hope that you had a great day I know I did!

I wanted to spread the word and let everyone know about the 1st AMOC Equestrian Extravaganza!!!

You are cordially invited to participate in the
1st AMOC Equestrian Extravaganza.

Equestrian Extravaganza texture

What is this extravaganza???

Well it’s simply a horse Fair/Expo, where you have the chance to show off what you have been breeding.
Can be a design horse, or a 20 traiter… it’s up to decide what you want to show us.

Doesn’t that sound like a ton of fun!! The 1st AMOC Equestrian Extravaganza will run from June 23rd – June 29th on the boomtown sim!

This is a totally free event for you! you will be not charged for the use of the prims. but you will have to bring your own food and salt!

There will be no selling products at the Equestrian Extravaganza!!!

I can’t wait to see what everyone brings! So if you are interested in participating in the Equestrian Extravaganza please contact Mami Deerhunter or Bundy Xue for an application!

I hope to see you all there! Don’t forget to send those applications in!
Until next time Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!!

Calling all Breeders!!!!

Hey guys its Tuesday! I am not sure about you guys but by Tuesday im just getting back into the swing of things.

So today I am sending a call out to all my breeding friends I need your help! I will be hosting a 100 Years of Hope Auction to kick off fund raising for Relay for Life this year.

I’m sending out a call to everyone in the community, I do hope you will attend the Auctions for Relay for Life have been very exciting in the past, we have raised over 2 million lindens in one auction.

Ive been watching you guys in the group, and have seen some say my horses aren’t good enough or i don’t have the lindens to bid. I want everyone who wants to participate in Relay for Life to have a chance to do so.

So look over your bundles, horses, kennels that you have and consider donating to the auction. Without donations and bidders this auction will not be a success.

More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year. Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, this is a very serious illness claiming lives around the globe. This is a great opportunity to help others and make a difference!

If you are interested in donating or bidding please contact Avalon Crystal. I know everyone in our community is compassionate so lets come together and raise some funds for a wonderful cause.


The auction will be at

On June 22, 2013 at 3 PM SLT

Amaretto will have One of a Kind Breedables for sale! That im sure everyone will love! I hope to be hearing from you guys!

This is Ava over and out, Happy Breeding Everyone!


Whats New!!!

Thats right, the Roan Showhorse and the Best in Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier have been born on the grid


Let’s start with the Roan Showhorse


The coat on the Showhorse does not pass, but that beautiful Paradise eye does.

You can have a chance to get the Roan Showhorse by breeding two Roan’s of any type together. This started on June 5th and goes through July 4th


Below are some pictures of the Roan Showhorse , and the eye





Now lets check out the Best in Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Best in Show K-9s coat does not pass, but the awesome Tropical eye and the Rainbow Hibiscus collar will pass

You can have a chance to get the Best in Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier by breeding two Staffordshire Bull Terries together.


Below are some pictures of the Best in Show Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the eye, and the collar.







Coming up on the Dakota Show…

Happy Friday Everyone! We’re off to a great start in what is sure to be an exciting month for Amaretto and the Amaretto Community!

I wanted to remind everyone about the Dakota Show taking place tomorrow, Saturday June 8, 2013 at 11am SLT. After having last month off my show is back and I have lined up 3 amazing guests to talk too. Kini Barbosa and Leandra Kohnke the co-founders of the insanely popular Breedable Bartering group are going to sit down and talk with me as well as our very own Assistant Manager here at Amaretto Breedables, Ms. Jaymee Caproni. Anyone that knows Jaymee knows this is going to be one interview not to be missed!

While making plans to attend the Dakota Show tomorrow don’t forget that the AMOC group is having a Market Owner Stand up today where a market owner will come in and talk to everyone about a project they are working on. Today that happens to be Jay Alexis who will be talking to us all about the Nashorse project that she is working on. Hope to see many of you there listening and learning about something that should be a ton of fun!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!

Yeehaw Yall!

Hey yall and Happy Thursday! Today we had blast riding the bull and scootin our boots to the awesome tunes! This was our first bull riding event and we want to send a huge thank you to all those who came out and made it an extra special event. The bull was not very gentle to those who challenged him! I have included some pictures of the bull riding and dancing that went on!

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention something very important to us. The OOAK auction for Relay For Life. In the past One of a Kind auctions we have hosted we have asked for help and you guys showed up and supported the cause in a big way! By donating, bidding, and promoting the event! Well we would really like to make this auction even better than the last 2 so we have our work cut out for ourselves!

If you have a horse that you think would benefit the auction please contact Avalon Crystal! Miss Avalon is asking that all horses donated be at least 18ts or a special breed such as charmed, showhorse, albino, galaxy etc! Also she will be accepting donations for high traited and special K-9s as well as Barnyard Birds. If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal! Let’s give Avalon and RFL some help! This is for a wonderful cause!

Now… on to the pictures from today’s Hoe Down!

The event started out with some boot scootin Dancin…


Until we convinced Draco to take on the bull…


Then it was my turn…


Then the bull was angered and wasn’t too nice to Mal…


And he wasn’t too nice to Miss Ava either…


And after all the others challenged the bull we thought we would calm the event down and end it with some more line dancing!


Overall is was a super fun event! We hope to see yall at our next hoe down! Be sure to check out the calendar for upcoming events!

Until Next Time!



Happy Wednesday All! Hope everyone is doing well today!

Just want to tell you all about a new eye that has come out this month the World Hunger Awareness eye! This new eye has the ability to pass on! The Awareness Eyes are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter eyes that can come from breeding any coat.
You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter eyes as they are randomly dropped into bundles at the time the bundle drops. Your horse needs to be version 3.5 and higher for this eye to drop.





I also want to tell you about the new K-9 Eye, the Gemini Pearl Eye. This eye is the new eye of the Zodiac Series, it has the ability to pass on.  The Zodiac eyes are a non starter eye that can come from any breeding!




Also want to mention the event that is happening tomorrow June 6
At 3:00 pm SL time the Bull Riding Hoe Down Event!

Other events that are happening this week are on Friday, June 7 at 2:00 pm SLT Market Owner Stand Up

We will also be having the Dakota Show which will be on Saturday, June 8 at 11 am SL time.

So be sure to mark your calendar for these exciting events this week!

Until next week Happy Breeding!

Hey everyone! Its a terrific Tuesday! Why is terrific you ask? Well two reasons one no rolling restarts that I have seen!

Recently the June calendars were released and Im not sure if you noticed or not but on June 22 Amaretto will be hosting a One of a Kind Auction!!

This will be our 3rd One of a kind auction! All proceeds will go to Relay For Life! Sadly I can not tell you what exactly the One of a Kind is but I can tell you its going to be pretty awesome! When the date approaches closer I will  be revealing exactly what the One of a Kind animals are.

In the past One of a Kind auctions we have hosted I asked for help and you guys showed up and supported the cause in a big way! By donating, bidding, and promoting the event!

Well I’m going to ask for you help again! I would really like to make this auction even better than the last 2 so we have our work cut out for ourselves!

If you have a horse that you think would benefit the auction please contact Avalon Crystal! I am asking that all horses donated be at least 18ts or a special breed such as charmed, showhorse, albino, galaxy etc! Also I will be accepting donations for high traited and special K-9s as well as Barnyard Birds.

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal! I’m so excited to do this again this year! It’s for a great cause!

Well until next time, happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!

An Eventful Week Ahead

Well it’s Monday again, and I am going to start it off by telling you about the first week of Amaretto Event this month.


With Fathers Day being in June, Jaymee and I decided that a Country type Hoe Down would be fun, and we wanted to spice it up, so we added Bull Riding….. That’s right all you dads can come on out and ride the bull, or maybe watch that special lady show you how it’s done. This should be loads of fun for everyone. Of course our own Avalon Crystal will be spinning the awesome tunes for us.


YEE HAW!!!! So come on, get those western duds out and lets have a wonderful evening at the Hoe Down… Mark those calendars. June 6th 3:00 pm (slt)


On June 7th at 2:00 pm (slt) A.M.O.C. is having the Market Owner Stand-Up. Market Owner Stand-up is an interview with a market owner, and to talk about what projects they have or perhaps marketing advice../tips. This event will be at Cafe Boomtown. Jay Alexis will be the market owner speaking and the project he will talk about is Nashorse racing championship series



And to finish off the week on Saturday June 8th at 11:00 am (slt) is the Dakota Show, You really don’t want to miss this. Dakota always has some awesome guest on her show.