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Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all have had a good breeding week!

This week I would like to talk to you about your breedables getting hungry and sick!

1. Do you have food out? Well if not put some food out for your breedables! Ha!

Make sure the breedable and foods are set in the same group as the land if land is group owned.

Make sure your breedables are with in range of the food.

Here is a chart for each Amaretto Breedable so you can remember as to how many breedable foods you can go through with x amount of  horses


1 horse ~ 1 food/4 weeks
2 horses ~ 1 food/2 weeks
4 horses ~ 1 food/7 days
7 horses ~ 1 food/4 days
8 horses ~ 2 food/7 days
14 horses ~ 1 food/2 days
28 horses ~ 1 food/day
56 horses ~ 2 food/day
84 horses ~ 3 food/day
112 horses ~ 4 food/day


1 K-9 ~ 1 food/4 weeks
2 K-9s ~ 1 food/2 weeks
4 K-9s ~ 1 food/7 days
7 K-9s ~ 1 food/4 days
8 K-9s ~ 2 food/7 days
14 K-9s ~ 1 food/2 days
28 K-9s ~ 1 food/day
56 K-9s ~ 2 food/day
84 K-9s ~ 3 food/day
112 K-9s ~ 4 food/day
Barnyard Birds

1 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/4 weeks
2 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/2 weeks
4 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/7 days
7 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/4 days
8 Barnyard Bird ~ 2 food/7 days
14 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/2 days
28 Barnyard Bird ~ 1 food/day
56 Barnyard Bird ~ 2 food/day
84 Barnyard Bird ~ 3 food/day
112 Barnyard Bird ~ 4 food/day
So I hope this information helps you understand the feeding of Amaretto Breedables and helps you keep your breedables healthy.

So until next week Happy Breeding!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I asked for your help this week in sending me recipes that you enjoy making for the Fall months or for Halloween treats and you all did not disappoint!  I have received some very yummy sounding recipes and can’t wait to try some of them for myself.  I thought since I received so many wonderful recipes that instead of trying to fit them all in this one blog I would start a forum thread and put them all there that way you can all try them and then come back to the forums and let us all know how you enjoyed them!  So you can find all the recipes that were turned in to me this week at this forum link:

Before you run off to try out the new recipes I want to take a minute to remind you that Avalon is having another episode of Answers with Ava on Thursday October 18th at 3pm slt.  I hope to see many of you attend the show as it should be very informative!

Be sure to keep up on all the Amaretto events by regularly checking the Amaretto events calendar at this link:


Until next time … Happy Breeding everyone!

Breedable Costume Contest Recap

Wow if you missed out on the contest today, you missed seeing all the awesome displays.


Everyone there cast their votes on notecards and sent them to Dakota, It was really hard to choose just one as they were all so awesome.

The top three winners all received a starter pack



The winners were:









Here are a few more pictures of other entries!!!

cos 5



cos 6









Dakota and Karrie did an awesome job setting up this event, and you can look forward to seeing more of these events in the future

ARU Graduation is coming up soon, so get those classes done.We know with everybody’s schedule that you may have had to miss a few classes.


Jaymee and Maleficent are going to be holding some extra makeup classes, so that you can have a chance to Graduate in November.


If you still need a few classes to Graduate, and they are not on the calendar for this month, please send a note card to Jaymee Caproni or maleficent Farshore and let them know what you need


We are now accepting applications for the ARU Graduation! To submit applications for graduation please complete the following steps:

1.Be sure you have registered for the ARU Website (instructions on how to sign up is below)

2. Be sure you have attended all ARU classes and turned in notecards for attendance

3. Create a Notecard

4. Name the Notecard –Application For Graduation (Your Full SL name)

Happy Monday everyone!! Have you seen the Best In Show K9 for this month?! It is absolutely adorable! Beginning October 5th to November 4th any kennel dropped from the breeding of any 2 Standard Schnauzers of any color has the chance at being a Best in Show Standard Schnauzer. The Best In Show Standard Schnauzer cannot pass their coat however, they can pass the Jack-o-lantern Eyes and the Gone Batty Collar!! These are so festive and cute! Check out these pictures!Best_in_Show_Standard_Schnauzer2Gone_BattyJack-o-lantern

I would also like to mention… don’t forget to get those festive fall recipes in to Dakota Delicioso for her blog!


Happy Haunting… ermm I mean breeding! 😉


Until next time…




Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday with your friends and family in SL and RL. I know I have enjoyed mine with my breeding family and best friend!
Today I wanted to let all of you guys know about some changes that we have made to the Amaretto Ranch University sim!

Nothing about the classes has changed they will still be given at 9 and at 5, there is now only one classroom so there will be no more confusion if you are in the correct classroom or not.

You will also notice the new courtyard, this is a great place to check the calendars or just a nice relaxing place to hang out.

The museums have not moved and are always open for you guys to explore, and I do hope you take advantage of them.

Why should you visit the ARU sim or attend a class?
Because there is a wealth of information in the classes even the breeder who has been breeding for years!

Remember that we did announce that we will have another graduation on Nov 13! So get into those classes they don’t take long and you might learn a little something!

If you have any questions about graduation or classes at the ARU please contact Avalon Crystal.

I have included a pic of the new courtyard at the Amaretto Ranch University sim.


So take a moment to head over to ARU and look around!

I do hope that you will take the 15 mins to attend a class and learn a little something! I look forward to seeing you in my next class. Happy Breeding everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Today I would like to talk to you about the Amaretto Halloween Breedables Costume Contest Dakota and I are having on Wednesday October 16, at 11:00 am at Boomtown.

Bring your favorite Amaretto Ranch Breedable all dressed up in their best costume! All Amaretto Breedables are included: horses, K-9’s, and Barnyard birds.

To enter just send your entries on a notecard to Dakota Delicioso or Karrie Woyseck. The notecard should have your SL name and what type of breedable will be in the contest. Please send in your notecard no later than October 15!

Until next week Happy Breeding!

Costume Contest

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying all the new exciting things coming from the 4.0 update! The new bundle updater coming out this week was pretty EPIC so I hope you all picked one up at the Amaretto stores.

The fall season is upon us here in the states and with Halloween right around the corner the new Show horse this month has caused quite a stir in the Amaretto group! Everyone loves the Spooky Web eye and I can’t wait to see it on some of those nice winged vamps out there. I have included a picture of the new Showhorse Falabella and the eye below so you can see what all the fuss is about.


We were discussing the Showhorse Falabella in the group this morning when a group of us thought it would be so much fun to have a Halloween Recipes blog! So I want you all to send me in your best most yummy recipes that would be fitting for Halloween treats or just a dish that makes you think of Fall/Autumn. Put your best recipe on a notecard and send them to Dakota Delicioso in world with your name and what region of the world you’re in and I will be back next Thursday with what could be the scariest yet most delicious blog ever!
Until then … Happy Breeding everyone!

Seraphyna Viper Halloween Falabella Showhorse 1

Seraphyna Viper Halloween Falabella Showhorse EYE

Halloween… Amaretto Style !!!


All of the Amaretto Staff just love Halloween time, and we have several events scheduled with that theme for October. Let’s get started and check these out now!


Do you like spooky things and haunted houses??? Well there is an awesome haunted house and Forrest over at Mypets market sim., and it is some scary fun in there…You can come check it out anytime you like, it is always open to visitors…muaahhh… Josaphine and Ava did a great job on setting this up! Go check it out!!!! Below is a picture and a slurl…..





On October 16th at 11:00 am (slt), Dakota and Karrie have a Breedable Costume Contest. I can’ t wait to see all the different breedables in costumes and spooky settings. Wow this is going to be fun. Get your entries in now, on a note card and send them to Dakota Delicioso or Karrie Woyseck.



On October 18th at 3:00 pm (slt) is the Answers with Ava Show, and we all know you can never guess what Ava can come up with…..



From October 24th through October 27th A.M.O.C. has the event called Halloweenies Contest. What is this “Hallow Weenies”???.. you’ll ask..


What you are suppose to bring is the horse you’re breeding for Halloween and show it off. On the last day, Sunday at 4 pm they are going to do something scary…….. A show with the best ugly fugly costume.. this time avatar one.. we’ll try to match our most horrifying horse creations! Please send applications to Bundy Xue or Mami Deerhunter.

 images (10)


And finally on October 30th at 3:00 pm (slt) Jaymee and Maleficent are having a Costume Ball with lots of spooky music, so get those costumes ready, lots of skeletons, witches, ghosts, goblins, and Vampires too, so watch you necks…muaahhh.


images (6)

Spread the Word!!

Hey everyone hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I know your thinking it’s Sunday what the heck is ava doing blogging?! I will be blogging on Sundays now!

So what great interesting news do I have to bring to you today?

I wanted to mention just a few things, and I would like for all of  you my breeder friends to spread the word.

*We did announce another Graduation ceremony for breeders who take all the ARU classes, so I hope to see you all there!

*My picture of the week contest has been running for over a month now! We have seen some awesome pictures but I want to see more! Anyone can submit an entry all you do is take a photo of your  favorite Amaretto Animal! Editing is allowed. Take that photo (full perms) and put it in a note card and drop it in the camera at any of the main stores or Boomtown. Each Wednesday I pick a winner and JJ sends them a great prize. I do hope to see your entry this week!

*We have been seeing lots of new things come out with lots of new surprises stil to come.  I have been working hard on keeping the Wiki up to date. Here is a couple of updated links for you guys,  so check them out!


Everyone knows by now I can be very forgetful and lose pictures all the time among other things like my mind! With that being said I know all of you guys use Facebook so please be sure to like and follow the Amaretto Ranch Breedables page! You never know what you might find there! Be sure to add Avalon as a friend too while your there!!

That’s all the important info I have for you guys today and remember to share it with your fellow breeders, family, and friends! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding All!!!