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Amaretto Sock Hop Event

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are having a good breeding day!

Just wanted to tell you all about the Amaretto Sock Hop Event that was yesterday, if you were not there you missed some good fun.

DJ wolf Destiny was spinning the tunes of the 50’s and 60’s. A lot of the ladies were in poodle skirts, the guys were dressed in jeans and slick hair lol. Everyone had a blast dancing to the tunes and playing the ‘sploder and winning lindens. It’s so much fun to get dressed up and go spend an hour with the community! The Amaretto Team has a great time putting these events together for the community and want as many of you as possible to join us for them.
Be sure to keep an eye on the Amaretto event calendar each month and if you missed yesterday’s sock hop maybe you can make it to the toga party on May 23rd!

I’m including pictures of all the fun from yesterday below!

Until next week Happy Breeding!





Thursday’s Breedable Spotlight

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s Spotlight time! This week I’m very excited to share a K-9 project I’ve been working on that has now evolved into a whole new “combo” project!  For some time now I have been working on what I call Blue belle’s , Black Great Danes with blue eyes (Metallic B’dazzled Blue), blue collars (Leaf Stripe Blue) and blue paw polish (First Frost).  Well with the addition of the Blueberry noses, I just have to add those to the Blue belle’s also!

Now I have been working on this Blue belle project for quite some time and while I am excited to add the blueberry nose to them I had been thinking of what else I can do with them.  So after I had a conversation about the new Schneagle’s with Eve Greymoon, an awesome Amaretto Breeder herself, I decided to intertwine a Schneagle and Blue belle project. Let me explain.

The Schneagle’s I was lucky enough to get were already out of this world! They have matching Milky Way eyes and collars so they will look super cute with Thick Fog Paw Polish.  However, I thought they would also look amazing with the blue traits from the Blue belle’s and vice versa.  So that’s where the projects intertwine, trying to get the Schneagle traits on the Blue belle’s and the Blue belle traits on the Schneagle’s.  In addition to the matching collars, eyes and paw polish I am also trying to add gloom and drool to them, which is just an added challenge!

That’s the great thing with the Amaretto breedables, OPTIONS!  So many options we can all choose what we like best and breed to add or remove traits.  It’s fun and challenging at the same time!  I sincerely hope that my spotlights each week are keeping you inspired to come up with your own special projects.  Feel free to drop me a message or a notecard and let me know about your favorite projects.

Be sure to spend lots of time looking around the Amaretto K-9 wiki searching for inspiration for that next amazing K-9 project!


Until next week, Happy Breeding!




all 3 Black Schneagle, Silver Pug w/ Blueberry Nose, Black Great Dane

TriBlueDane Schneagle long ears

Hidden Surprises- Spring Edition K-9s and Birds

You all know by now that Amaretto loves to toss in hidden surprises. Thats what makes breeding even more fun.



When the 2014 Collectors Edition Spring Bluebird were released they had the ability to pass their new eye Blooming. These birds also had hidden surprises. Those surprises were two new leg colors, Rhodonite and Malachite. Theses new leg colors do have the ability to pass. This makes 8 leg colors available now. Below are pictures of the new leg colors.







When the 2014 Special Edition Spring K-9 was released it had the ability to pass its eye Lil Daisy, and its collar Buzzzz, This K-9 also had hidden surprises. The hidden sueprises were three new paw polishes, Sun, Blossom, and Leaves. The new paw polish does have the ability to pass. This makes 9 Paw polish colors now available. Below are the pictures of the new Paw polish.

paw polish blossom,

paw polish leaves

paw polish sun
Lots more choices to mix and match with to make your own special breedable! Have fun!!!!

All twisted up!

Hey everyone its a great Tuesday here at Amaretto! Hope you are enjoying your week so far.
I wanted to take a few moments to introduce to everyone the new twist horse for the month of May!
Take a look at the icelino and the Glacier Eye!




The Icelino Coat DOES have the ability to pass.

The Glacier Eye DOES have the ability to pass.

From May 5, 2014 until June 5, 2014 you could breed any color Icelandic and any color Perlino together for the chance at one of these Icelino Coats. No other qualifications necessary, just has to be 1 Perlino and 1 Icelandic any color.
You can read all about them here:
Let’s not forget our K-9 breeders!
Take a look at these Cairnshires, Pink Lace Eye, and Pink Lace Collar!



Pink LaceEye


The Cairnshires Coat DOES have the ability to pass.

The Pink Lace Eye DOES have the ability to pass.

The Pink Lace Collar DOES have the ability to pass.

From May 5, 2014 until June 5, 2014 you could breed any color of Jack Russell and any color of Cairn Terrier together for the chance at one of these Staffordshire Bull Terrirer Coats. No other qualifications necessary, just has to be 1 Staffordshire Bull Terrier and 1 Cairn Terrier any color.
You can check them out in detail here:
Look at all these new coats and breeds! So keep your eyes out for these in the market! Remember that you have until June 5th, 2014 to breed one!

Don’t forget to submit your picture of the week I will be choosing a winner tomorrow! This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone!

Barnyard Birds have Class!

Did you know that the Barnyard Birds have a pretty cool trait that is super useful?! Yup, it’s called Class! There are three different Classes for the barnyard birds. They are the Farm Class, the Jester Class, and the Bird of the Line Class. I will cover each class for you and the benefits of the non-starter classes.

The Farm Class- This is the starter class and it has no added benefits. All starter birds have the Farm Class.

The Jester Class- This is a non-starter class trait. The benefits of the Jester class is that the vivacity will never go below 75%. This awesome class can pass!

The Bird of the Line class- This is a non-starter class trait and it does some amazing things to your Barnyard Bird. The benefits of a Bird of the line are:

  • will never sleep!
  • never go below 100% stamina.
  • never go below 75% vivacity (Jester Class)
  • Bird of the Line also gets any traits from future classes released.

Bird of the Line CAN pass.

Any future class traits will be added to your current Bird of the Line through an update.

So get to breeding the amazing Barnyard Birds and try to get one of these awesome class traits!


Happy Barnyard Bird breeding!

Until next time…..


Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all are having a good breeding day!

Today I would like to talk to you Amaretto Market Owners Coalition. Aka as AMOC !

Here is the group charter:
~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~ is to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market. Joining this group is by invitation only so if you know of a market owner or a breeder who supports Amaretto products that has not been invited to this group please contact a member of the Amaretto Team and let us know so we can invite them. Thank you for being a part of keeping Amaretto the great community it is!!

The Officers for AMOC are :

mami deerhunter
Zev Luv
eldioscronos amaterasu
maxcenker Resident

AMOC has General Meetings held every 3rd Friday of each month at 11am & 3pm Sl Time at Boomtown .

.~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (112, 99, 21)

AMOC also has a AMOC race held on the last Saturday of each month.

AMOC hosts lots of great events each month to bring the community together. They are responsible for the grid wide bunkennest hunt that everyone has had a blast with in the past! So attend a meeting, come to a race, or a training session. This is a great way to meet fellow breeders.

AMOC also maintains their very own website:

You can check out the calendar or all the great trend horses that the community has submitted to be published on the Designer Horse section of the website.
So until next week Happy Breeding !

“Orange” you glad it’s Spotlight time!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s that time of the week when I get to shine a spotlight on breeding projects that I either have myself or that I see the community working towards!  This week the spotlight is on a new project I’ve started and that I am really excited about.  Let’s sit back relax and have some OJ!


Yep this week’s project is all about oranges!  I decided to call this project the OJ’s this morning because they are visually yummy.  While I do have the Bittersweet wing on some of my white horses I also have it on Black Walkers and am working toward adding all the traits that I want onto the black.  What traits am I adding to be able to make some OJ?  Well the other traits I want to add are the orange bridle, orange socks and I am trying to add either Steampunk or Cyborg eyes.


Again this week I did have to borrow one of the horses with the trait I need for these OJ’s (thank you to JonSnow2012 Resident for being an awesome breeder and helping me out with the picture of the orange bridle).  As I was thinking more about this project I realize that some people like a little pulp in their orange juice so for those ones of you I suggest also adding the 2nd Anniversary Wild Hair coupled with Hair Warmth in order to give the horse a lovely matching orange mane and tail.


I certainly hope that this week’s Spotlight has inspired you to create your own breedable project and if it has be sure to drop me a notecard and let me know what you’re working on.  You never know it may be the next project I shine a spotlight on!


Remember to keep the Amaretto wiki handy and never stop dreaming of that next perfect horse!


orange wings

orange socks

orangebridle on chestmeck

3 orange


Until next week, Happy Breeding!




Training your horse!

First you need to get a HUD. you can get a HUD by clicking on an updated 4.0 horse or at any of the Amaretto Horse Stores

Important things to remember:

1 You can only connect to one horse at a time.
2. You can only wear one HUD at a time.

To use the HUD

1. Attach the HUD first,
2. Attach your horse. You connect the horse to the HUD by pressing connect button in the main menu of the HUD

Racing_main_menu (1)



To train your horse:

1 Click on the training mode on the racing menu.
2. Select speed or stamina from the drop down menu

You will need to click the training again in the racing menu to exit the training.
Training will stop automatic when the horse has reached its daily limit based on its stamina class.
You can only train your horse once in every 24 hours.


Speed : The Sprinting speed of a horse.

Speed is ranked using the following Class system:

S = 3x Avie Run Speed (ARS) {Highest Possible Class} 50 minutes of training time
A = 2.5x ARS 45 minutes of training time
B = 2x ARS 40 minutes of training time
C = 1.5x ARS 35 minutes of training time
D = ARS {Lowest Possible Class} 30 minutes of training time

Class D is where horses start


Stamina: The amount of time a horse can sprint without recharging.

Stamina is ranked using the following Class system:

S = 50s of sprinting and 50 minutes of training time
A = 45s of sprinting and 45 minutes of training time
B = 40s of sprinting and 40 minutes of training time
C = 35s of sprinting and 35 minutes of training time
D = 30s of sprinting and 30 minutes of training time

Class D is where horses start


XP is gained through training your horse in a given field (speed or stamina)
To move from one class to the next you must train from 0% to 100% in the current Class of that field.

XP Gains as follows:

Class D gains XP @ .5% per minute of training
Class C gains XP @ .4% per minute of training
Class B Gains XP @ .3% per minute of training
Class A Gains XP @ .1% per minute of training

More information about the hud an training.

Enjoy your training sessions, and Good Luck at the Races!!!!

Happy May everyone! Each month we plan out some super fun events for you all to enjoy. It is a great way to meet other community members and have a good time. Check out the list of events we have for you for the month of May! It’s going to be a great month!

Thursday May 8th at 4pm slt- Springtime Fishing hosted by Jaymee Caproni

Saturday May 10th at 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

Thursday May 15th at 11am slt- Sock Hop hosted by Karrie Woyseck

Friday May 16th at 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General Meeting

Friday May 23rd at 3pm slt- Toga Party hosted by Maleficent Farshore

Wednesday May 28th at 4pm slt- Club Amaretto Saturday

May 31 at 3pm slt- AMOC Horse Race


Also don’t forget about ARU! We have a graduation coming up in June so if you need a few classes before then, be sure to check our class schedule!


Happy Breeding everyone and Happy springtime!

Until Next time…..

Law Enforcement Appreciation Eye!

Hello everyone hope you are having a lazy Sunday with friends and family!!!

I wanted to take just a minute, to share with you guys the new eye for this month!

Introducing to you the Law Enforcement Appreciation Eye!

Law enforcementk9


Law enforcement

How do you get your hands on one? Well any breeding of two horses or K-9s have a random chance to get an Appreciation Eye.

This eye does have that ability to pass!

You can check out past Appreciation Eyes on the wiki:
I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU, to everyone who donated to the Journey of Promise Auction!! You guys were very generous and made the event such a great success!
Remember to check your Amaretto calendars for all the great events that Amaretto is hosting this month!!
This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!