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Summer Time Breedable Display Contest Coming!

Hey hey everyone! I hope your weekend is going well!! Guess what is coming up next Friday?? It’s a Summer Time breedable display contest!! That’s right… it is time to gather up all your favorite Amaretto breedables, create an awesome summer display, and enter the contest for a chance to win some awesome prizes!! The contest will be held Friday July 24th at 4pm slt!! The space size is 14×14 and you will have 200 prims to play with!! Voting will be held for 45 mins on July 24th at 4pm, at 4:45pm slt we will tally up the votes and the top 3 displays will win prizes!! Spaces are very limited so contact Jaymee Caproni as soon as possible for more information!



Happy Breeding and display creating!!!

Until next time…….



Interview with an Amaretto Breeder

Happy Friday Everyone !! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing undertaker Donardson he is in the group helping out or showing off his special Amaretto Horses so if you see him give him a big hello.

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?
My name is undertaker donardson (taker) I am from Scotland and I came on sl a number of years ago as there was a tv programme on about it and thought i’ll check it out for 10 mins and been on here ever since.

Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?
Just horses.

How did you get started in breedables?
Geeze that was when they first came out I think it was the short circuit horse the 1 with the data burst eyes

*Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?

*What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?
The last few years i’ve only dealt with the trend horse Pegasus atm I have them 24x24x24
What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable ?
Horses all the way.

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables ?
I like to build and dj.

There you go an Thank You undertaker Donardson for letting me interview you for this week !

Including some pictures of undertaker special horses

Until next week Happy Breeding !!!



Spotlight on a Golden Gift!

Hey, Hey, Hey! Happy Thursday everyone!  This week with the weather being so terribly hot for many of our friend in Europe I got lucky and have a very hot project a member of the community is going to share with us all!

FairyKiss Delicioso and I spoke today and she told me about her project horse which I absolutely adored.  However, my favorite part of our conversation was when she told me that she reads my blog and has actually been inspired by it!  That’s awesome for me to hear as I hope each week that I write my blogs that the Community uses them as inspiration for their own projects.

So here is what FairyKiss had to say about her project the Hephaestus’ Gift in her own words.

Everything began with “Flame in my eye”. What  a name…!!! One of Benny Springflower’s Elemental Fire Coats. But I needed to find her a proper stud… Fire in my Blood. More Elemental Coats moved over from Benny’s …. at least 4 and one I won at Ducky’s Auction from a fishbowl…


Hephaestus’ Gift: The Molten Roans with the Anniversary Hair and the bright shining elemental eyes seem to come directly from a volcano. Only the Elemental Fire Coats themselves shine brighter.

Lava from a volcano and the beauty of an elegant horse reminded me of the ancient legend of Hephaestus – the master of fire and gold and the beauty of his wife Aphrodite.


my perfect Hephaestus’ gift has the following traits:


Coat: Molten Roan Gold

Eye: Fire Element

Mane: Long

Tail: Long

Wings Branding

Wild Hair: Amaretto 2nd Anniversary Horse


The brandings wing or lightning are optional… wing a little gift from Hermes and the lightning from Zeus himself….


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful project with all of us FairyKiss!  Check out the pictures of the beautiful Hephaestus’ Gift horses below!  Remember if you have a project you would like to share with everyone please contact me and you could see your project blogged on here!


Until next week Happy Breeding.


hephaestus gift1 hephaestus gift4 familypicture1

The Amaretto Shoot Out!!

Today was the Amaretto Shoot Out Event at 3:00 pm (slt). If you have never been to this event you are really missing out on a lot of fun. It is a racing type game with a start and finish line. You ride your horse around and shoot the bad guys in town that pop up. The object is to be the first person to shoot 20 bad guys and cross the finish line. We supply the gun for you to use. Today we did races and today’s winners were:

1st Race
Lankarion Lock

2nd Race
OOGoldBlueOO Resident

3rd Race
Adelle Folland

4th Race
Adelle Folland

5th Race
Lankarion Lock
6th Race
Adelle Folland

7th Race
Adelle Folland
Below is some pictures of this event!




shoot 2

shoot 3

shoot 4




I want to say Congrats to all the winners and thank everyone who came out and I hope everyone had a great time! See you all at the next event! Happy Breeding!

The Weekly Focus… A look at July’s Crazed Coats!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Today I wanted to share with you July’s ridiculously awesome Crazed Roans and Crazed Schnauzers. I am crazy for these crazed!!

Beginning on July 5, 2015 until August 5, 2015 you can breed any color Roan horses together for the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Roan.  The Crazed Coats all come with the Love Wins! eye which is so gorgeous! Here are the names of the Roan Crazed Coats:

Chili Mango Crazed Coat Roan

Peach Crazed Coat Roan

Margarita Crazed Coat Roan

Berry Blue Crazed Coat Roan

Island Punch Crazed Coat Roan

Cotton Candy Crazed Coat Roan



Also on this same time frame, July 5, 2015 until August 5, 2015 you can breed any color Schnauzers together for the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Schnauzers.  The Crazed Coat Schnauzers all come with the Love Wins! eye and the Love Wins! collar. Here are the names of the Schnauzer Crazed Coats:

Radical Red Crazed Coat Schnauzer

Mango Tango Crazed Coat Schnauzer

Screamin Green Crazed Coat Schnauzer

Caribbean Blue Crazed Coat Schnauzer

Purple Pizzazz Crazed Coat Schnauzer

Jazzberry Jam Crazed Coat Schnauzer




The wonderful part about the Crazed is that with the horses the coat and eye DOES have the ability to pass and with the Crazed in the K9s the coat, eye and collar DOES have the ability to pass!

If you haven’t got a Crazed yet don’t give up keep trying! Also, watch notices in the following days for the announcement of the next Crazed!  Until next time, Happy breeding!


Amaretto Etiquette!

Happy Sunday everyone hope everyone is getting to enjoy their weekend. I wanted to climb up on my soap box today and talk to the community about something I take very seriously.

Amaretto Etiquette!

What do I mean ? Well let me explain I have been getting complaints from many different market owners, auctioneers, and even breeders about being bashed by other markets or auctioneers.

This is childish and definitely not needed! Everyone in the community has their favorite auctioneer or auction house. Not one is better than any other! Market owners, Auctioneers, and Breeders should work together to promote a unity in our community!

Many times people have came to me and said “Ava this person is doing this……. or doing that.” As the General Manager of Amaretto I should not involve myself with such issues, but because i care about every breeder I try to diffuse, work out, and help people talk through the problem.

A basic rule of thumb is if that if you wouldn’t want someone to do it to you then you should not do it to them. Just like our mommas taught us treat people the way you would like to be treated. Oh and what about if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything?!
We are all part of this community and if we worked to support each other vs bashings, or causing drama imagine how much better the community and market would be.

Just like if you go to a auction and your horse sells everyone knows you tip the auctioneer 10%, you do this because that auctioneer spent their time selling and talking up your horse, spamming tons of potential buyers to showcase your horse too.

It makes me sad to hear of people talking baldly about this market or that market or auctioneer. Its very important to know the rules at any market you rent at or any auction you attend. There are enough breeders for every auction and every market.

So remember to be kind to one another no matter what your role in the community is from Amaretto Staff to Amaretto breeder with only 2 horses. We are a family and should treat each other accordingly!


I love all our breeders! This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding everyone!

Interview With an Amaretto Breeder

Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Emmie Highwater , she is in the group always helping out or posting some of her special Amaretto Breedables, Be sure to say hello when you see her in group.

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?

I came to Second Life because of a Raven32 Rang, I met her in yahoo chat many years ago.

I am from the state of Pennsylvania, a small town in Northwest quadrant

I made emmie for Role playing a child. it was over four years ago, I started with breeding the horses.
Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?

Horses but I had a few of the canines as well in the past
How did you get started in breedables?

My second life mom, Selket Moonwall was breeding the horses, she taught me everything she knew about them.
*Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?

Not breedables per say, I do enjoy playing with my Krafties

*What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?

I have several in progress at any time.

Right now I have zodiac eyes breeding hoping to get the Zodiac coats. My very first one that dropped was a Zodiac Scorpio Opal, I gifted this to a very good friend to help her during a very difficult time going on in her real life. I told her, I got one, I will get another one, and I did on my real life birthday last May! I also have A Zodiac Aries Diamond and three days later , a Zodiac Taurus Diamond.

My favorite eye is the Runes Prismatic Eyes. I have 12 breeding age right now and get this stunning trait to drop on a regular basis.

My rainbow program is running as well, adding any new traits that appear into my babies. The Shining Star eye has been a wonderful new addition to my ongoing work
What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable ?

My horses hands down. I collect many rare special one of a kinds such as Showhorses, Charmed, Limited Editions, Elementals, Galaxy, and Zodiac Coats. Many of what I have in my collection was given to me because they knew the present would not be resold but cherished dearly

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables?

Hanging out with my Nightshades family and friends. Many of us breed the horses. Freebie Zyngo machines! Kid friendly clubs.

Thank You Emmie for letting me interview you this week. I have included some pictures of Emmies special Amaretto Horses.

Until next week Happy Breeding !!

Emmie Pipsqueak Moonwall


sapphire showhorse Finished emmie highwater


Skew Show Horses Kendra and Kamali-emmie Highwater


Emmie's Precious Babies

Spotlight on Set ups

Hey, Hey, Hey! It’s Thursday and time for another fabulous Spotlight from yours truly!  In the Spotlight today we are going to talk about breeding set ups.  People ask me all the time how I have my animals set up and what ratio of boys to girls work best so today we are going to explore that in this Spotlight.


First off I want to let you all know that I don’t believe any set up is “wrong” or “right” it only matters what works for You.  I have experimented over the years with different ways I set up my animals and have for over a year been using my current set up which consists of skyboxes that have 9 individual pens built into them.  Inside each of these skyboxes I have the ability to set up 9 different breeding groups with whatever ratio of boys to girls that I have to go in particular pens.

I’m going to start with the Horses and show you some of the pens I have with different ratio’s going.  Be sure to pay close attention to the stats of each of these groups.  Why you ask? Well if you look at each of the stats below you will see what the differences are in using 1 male and 3 females as opposed to using 1 male and 4 females or 5 females.


Horses 3


Now you see looking at the picture above only 1 of the females is pregnant and the other 2 are in recovery while the male is already back at 100% fervor and waiting on a girl.


Horses 4



The next picture above shows 1 male and 4 females.  You will notice immediately that you have 1 pregnant girl, 2 girls in recovery and 1 girl already building fervor.  So the 1 male who is at 60% fervor already is keeping up nicely with 4 females and not having to wait on a date!


Horses 5



Finally in the horse groups this last picture shows 5 females and 1 male.  Here you’ll notice that 2 girls are pregnant, 2 are in recovery and there is 1 already building fervor.  Now this 1 male is maybe a little tired but he’s still keeping up with these females very well also.


So these same set ups work for the K-9’s and again you just need to play with what works best for you.  Right now this is the only breeding group of K-9’s I have but I still wanted you to see the stats and that you can group them just like I have the horses above.




See there is 1 male and 3 females so 2 of the girls are in recovery and 1 is building heat.  The male is standing back there waiting for a girl to build heat, so in my opinion I should have 1 more female so that I can keep this male busy at all times!


The Barnyard Birds are a different ratio than the horses and K-9’s.  The Birds are 1 to 1 ratio meaning that 1 male will breed with 1 female and then they will both be in recovery so this is how I have my birds set up.


birds 1



You see I have a pair of birds in each corner of the pen.  This keeps them in range of their food but out of the range from breeding with another bird in the pen.


birds 2



You see this couple above is nesting after having a nest and they will be ready to have another one in 2 days.


Keep in mind with any set up that you chose you must make sure that the range on the breedables needs to be set so that they can reach the food you put out for them.  Each and everyone of my animals are set with a range of 5 and I have no problems whatsoever with them eating or breeding.  Again, experiment and find what works best for You!


Until next time Happy Breeding!!!



Learning Can be Fun!!!

Today I decided that since I am one of the instructors at the Amaretto Ranch University (A.R.U.), I would talk to you about the classes here at A.R.U. It’s never too late to start taking these awesome classes!!! Even if you have been breeding for a long time, these classes are very informative. Also the rewards for Graduating are awesome!!! There are no tests or end of the course exams. The classes are in voice and typed in local chat

Currently there are 11 Horse Classes, 11 K-9s Classes, 9 Barnyard Bird Classes, and 8 Combo Classes. In order to graduate you weill need to take ALL 39 classes. Each class is an average of 15 minutes in length.

Amaretto has 3 classes a week one in the morning hours, 9:00 am (slt), taught by Karrie Woyseck, and one in the evening, 5:00 pm (slt), taught by Maleficent Farshore.. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, except every other Monday the instructors have Monday as a day off.

aru classroom


aru letter jackets

In the entrance way into the classroom you will see the A.R.U. website, sign up terminal, mentor/mentee boards, a camera on a tripod, (for you to drop picture of the week entries in) and a group joiner board. As you walk into the classroom area you will see desks for you to set in and the stage/ podium area for the instructor.. If you look around the room you will see pictures on the walls of students that have already graduated and there is two large framed pictures of Letter Jackets. You can click on the picture and you can get a A.R.U. Letter Jacket

Here is the landmark to the ARU Classroom

aru terminal
Amaretto also has the Amaretto Ranch University website that you can use to check and see what classes are being given each month, and what classes you have taken. You must register for this website at the terminal located inside the classroom near the entrance.

After each class we ask you to make a note card and copy the class that you just took from your local chat and paste it to the notecard. We ask yo to label this notecard with your name , the current date and the name of the class.Once you do this you turn that notecard in to your instructor and thats how you get credit for taking the class.

Check out the ARU website here:
Each month we post a Calendar on the website that shows you what classes are available for the month

Below is a link to the ARU Calendar:

After you complete all 39 classes you can Graduate!! When you have completed all 39 class you will need to make a notecard that tells us you are ready to graduate and put that notecard in the Orange Mail Box, located next to the stage. The Graduation Ceremonies are awesome!! You get a Diploma and some really special Gifts! The party right after the Ceremony is always fun, with dancing and prize give aways!

aru class1

Check this connection Blog for a look at the last Graduation Class.

May 20th 2015 Graduation

So now I expect everyone to work on their diplomas!!!
See you in class tonight!!!

Red, White, and Blue Newness!!

Hey guys how is everyone today?! I hope everyone is having a great day or night depending on where you are!

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about all the new stuff that came from the 2015 Independence Day – Uncle Sam Horses and K-9s!

Introducing the 25th trait!!!
Ear tips!!!
Red Ear Tips and White Ear Tips!


These ear tips DO have the ability to pass!

I cant wait to see those Red horses with Red Ear Tips! Or those Black Walkers with White Ear Tips!

For my K-9 lovers for your breeding pleasure we have the Patriot Nose!!!


This nose is very patriotic isnt it! It does have the ability to pass on as well. I can’t wait to see this on some trend setter K-9s!

Last but not least the Barnyard Birds got to be a little patriotic as well with the new Patriot Leg!

This Leg DOES have the ability to pass on!

Well thats all the big news I have for today hope everyone has a great day! Happy breeding all this is Ava over and out!