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Pictionary Fun!!!

Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Wednesday! Today we hosted a Pictionary event and man was it fun! It was a lot of fun to spend some time with our breeders! It was packed full of drawing, guessing, laughing, and just have a great time with great people! It was Ava’s team against Jaymee’s team and after a awesome drawing battle the winner’s were Ava’s team! Congrats everyone! I will list the winners below! Be sure to check out our event calendars to see what other fun activities we have planned for you!

Bᴀᴢᴢᴀʙʀᴀᴛ (bastian.hax)
Markus Margulis
jane Warilard
Tasty Tiramisu
օʍɢ ɮɛƈӄʏ  (cyndeelight)
XxmandyxX Nansen (xxmandyxx.magic)
αℓℓιє oρнιţє Șτɏℓɛŝ (princessalexandrianichole)
ノςє oρнιţє Șτɏℓɛŝ (icelusophite)
CheshireCat Darkrose

What a fun time! I hope to see you all soon!

Happy breeding! Until next time…

Amaretto Fairytales can come true!

Hello everyone hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday! I was racking my brain on what I could possibly talk to you guys about today then it hit me!

Did you know that in the 5.5 Update flew in two new charmed horses??
Well take a look at these Fairytales come true!

Charmed Fairytale Shetland Chocolate
Eye: Fairytale Daisy Blue

Charmed Fairytale Shetland Cloudy
Eye: Fairytale Daisy Purple

These are pretty awesome looking and would be a nice add to any breeding or collection!

Charmed Horses are very special horses that can be born at random from ANY horse breeding combination.

Charmed Horses are NOT able to pass their coats. However, you could get extremely lucky and birth another Charmed Horse.

When you breed a Charmed Horse (whether it is with another Charmed Horse or any other horse) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Charmed Horse.

The non-Charmed offspring of Charmed Horses do NOT have an increased chance of producing Charmed Horses.

Be sure to check out all our charmed horses on our wiki:

So good luck from me to you and I hope all your Fairytales come true! This is Ava happy breeding everyone!

A Look At The Amaretto Museums!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment to remind you all about the wonderful Amaretto Horse, K-9, and Barnyard Bird museums.  The museums are an awesome way to have an up close look at every horse, K-9, and bird Amaretto has made to date. If you are ever curious as to what a certain coat or breed may look like or if you’re looking to start a new breeding project and want ideas… come on down to the museums and check them out.

The Horse and K-9 museums have a teleport board that can take you directly to the specific horse or k-9 you want to see. They also have a group joiner board and it also has a button for each of our social media sites!

You can use the links below to visit each of the museums

Barnyard Bird Museum

K-9 Museum

Horse Museum

Horse TP_001

Horse TP_005

At the museums you can see anything from Starter Barnyard Birds to Charmed Horses to Paradise Puppies! You can see hem all here!

Horse TP_002

Horse TP_003

Horse TP_006

Horse TP_007

Horse TP_009

Horse TP_010

So what are you waiting for… get on down to the Amaretto museums and have a look!

Until next time………

Revisiting the New Forever Foal Consumable!

If you don’t know about the Forever Foal, let me fill you in… the Forever Foal is a great consumable that takes any retired horse and turns them into a pet forever! Meaning you will never have to worry about feeding your horse as after becoming a “Forever Foal” it no longer requires any food. A “Forever Foal” horse will look and function just like any other Amaretto Ranch Breedable horse. This only works for horses over 120 days old (retired) and the current version. You can pick this consumable up at any Amaretto Ranch Horse store! Let me take a moment to go over how to use the Forever Foal consumable!

(If you have older version Forever Foal certificates you can still redeem them by following the instructions and sending them to Jaymee Caproni)


1. Open boxed Forever Foal and rez next to the horse you wish to become a pet.

2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Forever Foal from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horse’s stats have been updated the Forever Foal consumable will disappear.


*Only works for Retired Horses (Retired= 120 plus days old) and can be used for both male and female Retired Horses*

*Makes a Retired Horse so that it will not require food any more. All other normal functions for a Retired Horse will still operate normally*

*Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired *

What A Fabulous Fishing Event Today!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you make it out to the fishing event today?! If not, you missed out on a great time! We had fishing, dancing, chit chatting, and lots of fun! I love the Amaretto events because it is a great time to relax and visit with members of the community and staff! You can also win some great prizes! I want to congratulate the winners from today’s event! Great job fishermen!

Take a look at the winners and be sure to check the calendars for coming events!

#1 Markus Margulis

#2 xJennifer29x Resident

#3 Eliza Stoneshield

#4 BeastieLuvr Resident

#5 XxMandyxX Magic




Thank you again to those who made it out to this super fun event! For those who missed it, be sure to check out our event calendar at the link below for all upcoming events for this month!

Until next time…



Who’s Who At Amaretto Ranch Breedables Revisited!!

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I hope everyone is ready for a new week! I wanted to cover who is who at Amaretto Ranch Breedables! We have had a few team members retire recently but they will always be Amaretto Family and still willing to help out whenever they can! You never know when you may have a question or concern about Amaretto Ranch Breedables and will need someone to talk to… so I have listed below everyone involved with Amaretto and what they do here at Amaretto Ranch Breedables:

Owners of Amaretto
Josaphine Cooperstone (AMOC Contact)
Jaysin Cooperstone

JJ Cerna *Amaretto Horses*
Ancient Biscuit *Amaretto K9s*
Mazelina Menna *Amaretto Barnyard Birds*
PlayfulPonie Resident *Amaretto Ponie Pals*

General Manager/Customer Service Rep
Avalon Crystal

Assistant Manager/Moderators/Customer Service Rep
Jaymee Caproni

Tmzasz Luminos

Jaysin Cooperstone
Tmzasz Luminos
RigelNoir Resident

Design Team
Nashville Cortes
Chronic Stoneage

Amaretto Moderators
Anaconda Carter
snookiegirl Resident
Bastian Hax
Markus Margulis
Lamia Starspear

Amaretto Family
Dakota Delicioso (Out to Pasture)
Karrie Woyseck (Out to Pasture)
Maleficent Farshore (Out to Pasture)



I wish you a great week and hope the New Year is starting out awesome!!

Dazzle, Diamond and Melody, oh my!

Happy Friday Amaretto!! Today I wanted to share some pics of this months Looney Legs and Batty Bosoms. Now, I know it hasn’t been 7 days and you bird breeders are dying to know what the Batty Bosom Melody looks like so I decided to share a pic of that too.

Remember for the horses: January 1st until January 31, 2017 by breeding any TWO horses with Dazzle Saddles together you will have a chance at getting a Looney Leg Dazzle!

For the K-9s: January 1st until January 31, 2017 by breeding any TWO K-9s with a diamond collar together you will have a chance at getting a Looney Leg Diamond!

And for our Birds: January 1st until January 31, 2017 by breeding any TWO Barnyard Birds with Melody Eyes together you will have a chance at getting a Batty Bosom Melody!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!!




Hello Amaretto community! Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Let’s start this year off with some fun! Take a look at January’s event calendar below to see all of our fun events we have planned for you! Also, the ARU graduation is coming up on the 27th of this month so be sure to check out the ARU calendar below for classes you may need!

January 6-8: AMOC BunKenNest Hunt

January 11 @ 11am slt: Amaretto Trivia

January 18 @ 3pm slt: Pictionary

January 20 @ 11am and 3pm slt: AMOC General Meeting

January 25 @ 1pm slt: Amaretto Community Meeting

January 27 @ 3pm slt: ARU Graduation

January 28 @ 3pm slt: AMOC Race 4 Fun

January 30 @ 3pm slt: Club Amaretto




Happy New Year and Happy Breeding!!

Until next time….

New eyes for 2017!!!

Hey guys its terrific Tuesday here at the ranch and I wanted to tell you that there are always eyes watching you! Just like these new eyes for the New Year!

On January 1, 2017 only for 24 hours any breeding from any animal you had to possibility to get this awesome Happy New Year 2017! Eye.




This eye does have the ability to pass!!!

That’s not the only new eye we got to see in 2017 tho!
Take a look at this months Flags of the World Eye Belgium!

The Flags Of the World Eyes are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter eyes that can come from breeding any coat.
You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter eyes as they are randomly dropped into bundles, Kennels, and Nest at the time they drop.



This eye does have the ability to pass!!!

Well I can’t wait until you guys can see what else we have planed for 2017! This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding!!

New Mystery Sale for the New Year!

It’s a whole new year and we wanted to start it off with a sale…another mystery sale that is! So all month long we will be celebrating the new year with 20% off 5% Pregnancy Boosters for horses and K-9s and Poultry Glow for the birds!! That’s right 20% off!!



Poultry Glow
We at Amaretto wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!! Happy Breeding!!