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Enchanted K-9!!

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great Friday! I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend!
I wanted to talk all about Enchanted K9s!

There are some really cool enchanted K-9s that you can get!
Enchanted Anubis
Enchanted Pixie Yorkie
Enchanted Blood Thirsty Beagle
Enchanted Hell Hound

How do you get an Enchanted K-9 you ask?
Enchanted K-9s are very special K-9s that can be born at random from ANY K-9 breeding combination.

Do Enchanted K-9s pass their coat?
NO! Enchanted K-9s are NOT able to pass their coats, eyes or collars.

How can I increase my chances at getting an Enchanted K-9??
When you breed an Enchanted K-9 (whether it is with another Enchanted K-9 or any other K-9) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Enchanted K-9.

But remember! The non-Enchanted offspring of Enchanted K-9s do NOT have an increased chance of producing Enchanted K-9s.

So happy breeding everyone! I hope you all have an Enchanted Evening!

My food isn’t working!?

Hello Breeders! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. The week is almost over and its been a busy one for Amaretto!

I wanted to take some time to talk about duplicated and out of food errors that some of you might have encountered lately with all the issues we have been having in world.

There are a few different reasons why a food may not work properly, one is that it is duplicated.

If you have a duplicated food it will tell you in red hover text when you rez it out.
Here is an example of a duplicate salt lick.

What do you do if you have a duplicated food or consumable?

File a ticket!
Here is the link to file a ticket with Amaretto:

Please include a slurl to the duplicated item in world along with your transaction history of the purchase of the product.

Doing this ensures that we can verify your purchase as well as the duplicated item in world which means you get your replacement faster!

Another error you may encounter is the error that says Out of Food, this error occurs when you have a food in world that you are not showing on our server. Don’t worry all you need to do is file a ticket. Just like with the duplicated food include a slurl to the food or item in world along with your transaction history of the purchase of the product.

Amaretto keeps records of all our sales so we are able to track down you purchase and see what is the right amount of food or consumables that you should have.

I know that this can get very frustrating but Amaretto will always be here to make it right and help you through it. Just keep a cool head and file your ticket and we will get it resolved as soon as possible!

I hope that i have helped you guys understand what you should do if any of your Amaretto Food or Consumables have an error. Happy breeding everyone. This is Ava over and out!

Sharing Some Sunshine! 🌞


Who’s ready for Spring? I know I am! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems like Winter is lingering far too long.

So today, I just want to share a little Amaretto sunshine with you all.

Mr. Sun is beaming his warming rays down throughout Amarettoville…

…and, its the perfect kind of day to fall in love with Amaretto breedables!

Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING! 😊

Be sure to check out what’s new at Amaretto!

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Horse Wiki >

K-9 Wiki >

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Ponie Pal Wiki >


2018 Astronomy Day Editions!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I am out of this world excited to be announcing something special today! To celebrate Astronomy Day 2018 Amaretto is releasing The 2018 Astronomy Day Editions and consumable packs! From today April 17, 2018 to May 1, 2018 you will be able to get pick up the cosmic beauties! These editions hold some stellar surprises and you have a chance at getting these surprises from any breeding with the 2018 Astronomy Day Editions. The eyes and the K-9 collar have the possibility of passing but the coats do not. Take a look at these beauties below!!

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Stellar Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Coat, Random Gender 1550L

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Coat & Gender, 795L

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Andromeda
Eye: Andromeda

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Nebula
Eye: Nebula

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Coat & Gender, 595L

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Andromeda
Eye: Andromeda
Collar: Nebula

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Coat & Gender, 595L


2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Andromeda
Eye: Andromeda

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Stellar Pack (Boxed)
One of Each Style, Random Gender 1550L

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Single Pack (Boxed)
Random Style & Gender, 795L


2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Andromeda
Eye: Andromeda

2018 Astronomy Day Edition – Nebula
Eye: Nebula

Consumable Pack Names:

2018 Amaretto Limited Edition – Astronomy Pack (Boxed) 1595L
6 food /6 salt

2018 Amaretto Special Edition – Astronomy Pack (Boxed) 1295L
6 food /6 chew toy

2018 Amaretto Collectors Edition – Astronomy Pack (Boxed) 1195L
6 food /6 orange rinds

2018 Amaretto Deluxe Edition – Astronomy Pack (Boxed) 1995L
6 food /6 bliss gummy bear

Perfect Posh Ponies!

Hello and Happy Monday to you all!! Today I wanted to take a moment to share with you The Posh Ponies for the Ponie Pals! Did you know that you can get a Posh Ponie basket from any Ponie Pal breeding? Yes I said ANY breeding! And did you know that the Style and horn can not pass BUT… the long mane, tail, and the eye can pass!! These are by far the cuddliest little ponies I have ever seen! Take a look below at the cuteness overload!!

Style: Amaretto Posh Ponie – So Cuddly
Eye: Posh Power – Glittery
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

Style: Amaretto Posh Ponie – So Fluffy
Eye: Posh Power – Glittery
Mane: Long
Tail: Long


So be sure to check each and every basket because you never know if one is a Posh Ponie!!!

Until next time…………

Beautiful Overo Coats

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on the awesome Overo coats. They are some of my favorites and looks amazing.

These have all dropped from various Limited Editions over the past 3 years and are absolutely stunning!

Overo Amber –
Overo Clover –
Overo Azure –
Overo Berry –
Overo Prism –
Overo Gold –

All of these coats are passable and are out there on the grid so keep an eye out for them and they also match up superbly with different trait sets that are out there.

Happy Breeding!

Hugs Marku <3




My Ponie has Wings!!

Happy Saturday everyone I hope you all are having a great day!

Today in my Customer Connection I want to talk about the Ponie Pal wings. Did you know there are now 11 different wings that we can get on our ponies? Yep 11 of them — so many possibilities!!


  • Pickle Wings
  • Punch Wings
  • Milky Wings
  • Murky Wings
  • Celebrate Wings
  • Golden Wings
  • Amber Wings
  • Autumn Wings
  • XOXO Wings
  • Prism Wings
  • A.R.U. Wings

And there are also two different Ponie Wing sizes


On June 26, 2017 until July 19, 2017 Amaretto celebrated 4th of July with Celebrate Independence 2017 Ponies! You could get a new Wing Celebrate from any breeding of these Celebrate Independence 2017 Ponies!

Amaretto released the first Ponie Oasis Ponie on September 19,2017 As an added surprise if you breed your Amaretto Oasis Ponie – Mardi Gras with a Masquerade in Lemon, Gold Bandit, or Yellowie Fabulous you have a chance at getting a Golden Wing!

On February 14, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Valentines day with random drop Valentines traits! One of these traits was the XOXO Wings! You only had 24 hours on Valentines Day for your ponies to drop the XOXO Wings!

The Prism Wing was a user created wing that 0000TROUBLEMAKER0000 created along side Amaretto Artist.

The A.R.U. wing was hiding in the 2018 Deluxe Edition A.R.U. Commencement!

The Wings trait comes from breeding “Starter Style” together or one starter with any other Ponie.

Please note that these Wings CAN be passed on.



Until next time this is Snookie saying have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!!

Spring Costume Contest!

The Spring Costume Contest is Thursday April 18th at 1:00 pm slt.

If you would like to participate in the The Spring Costume Contest all you need to do is turn in your note card!



Title your note card Spring costume contest. On your note card put your sl name and type of breedable that you will enter. Remember this is a Spring Theme. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.Send the note cards to Jaymee Caproni.


Each entry will be allowed a 12×12 square and 300 prims to dress up and decorate your Amaretto breedable up for Spring!


If you have any questions please contact Jaymee Caproni. I cant wait to see what you guys come up with! Happy breeding everyone!

The Wiki is Your Friend!

In group chat, we see breeders ask over and over if a they’ve received a new trait, when, in fact, it is a trait that has been around awhile. That’s why Amaretto takes great care and constant diligence to provide a source were you can see every trait, old and new, for the horses, k9s, birds and ponies. That source is the Wiki! And, there is a different wiki for every breedable.

You can find the links to all four wiki pages here:

On the first page of each wiki is the manual for the corresponding breedable. The manual covers all the basics you need to know for successful breeding. From that page, you can link to facts, a glossary of terms, the product price list, the point system and other vital information about your breedables.  (*For the examples, the horse pages have been used.)

Most importantly, you can link to a list of traits. Traits are arranged in chronological order (oldest to newest), broken down by category and includes a photo of each. Furthermore, these extremely informative wiki pages are searchable! The search engine provides, both, page title and page text matches.

Just enter any word from the trait you wish to find and press the search button. For instance, if you were to search by the word “spring,” here is an abbreviated list of the results:

Super simple and easy to use!

We believe part of the fun of Amaretto Breedables is staying informed and educated about our products. That is why we provide you with these amazing tools that are, always, just a mouse click away! So, use those wiki pages today!

Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Flags of the World – Indonesia

Hey guys its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto! I know our week has started off in the fast lane! So much going on this month! I wanted to take a moment to make sure that all of you guys got a chance to see this months FOTW Eye!


What is a FOTW Eye?

Well its a Flags of the World Eye! Each month Amaretto releases a new FOTW Eye! This eye DOES have the ability to pass


So this month starting on April 1, 2018 you can get the Flags of the World – Indonesia eye!







You will only have the month of February to get the Flags of the World – Indonesia eye to randomly surprise your breeding!


I hope everyone has a wonderful week breeding! This is Ava over and out!