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Incubator 3.0!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all looking forward to your weekends! Today I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about the new and improved incubator that came out with the Bardyard Bird Update 3.0! The incubator is used for hatching your nonstarter Barnyard Bird & Duck Nests. The nests will now only take 5 minutes to birth after being sent to the incubator!! No more waiting a whole 60 mins! The incubator can birth up to 12 Barnyard Nests at one time so it is recommended if you are going to be offline to have food sitting near the incubator.

To use the Incubator:

1. Rez the incubator
2. Rez your Barnyard Bird Nest within 10m of your incubator
3. Left click your Barnyard Nest and click incubate
4. Click yes to send to incubator
5. Wait 5 minutes for your new Barnyard Bird or Duck to be hatched

Also I would like to add that while the eggs are in the incubator you can click the button called list UUIDS this will list all UUIDS of the Barnyard Birds or Ducks that are birthing. If you have a Barnyard Bird or Duck that cannot rez due to lack of prims please give the incubator time as it will also re-rez the Barnyard bird/duck when the prims are open.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Bardbird update and the all new Barnyard Ducks!!

Happy breeding!

Until next time…

Elemental Water K-9

Hello everyone its a wonderful day here at Amaretto and I thought it was about time that i showed off this months brand new Elemental Water K-9! This is the 3rd elemental k9 to be released!

I really like this dog! Introducing to you for the first time the Elemental Water K-9!

Don’t forget that the Water Elemental eyes and collar DO have the ability to pass!

How do you get one?? Well From October 1 to November 30th if you breed any color Husky with any Poseidon collar you will have a chance to get an Elemental Water K-9!

So you still have plenty of time if you haven’t gotten yours yet but keep your eyes out!
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Design your own LE contest!

Hey guys I know a couple of you have been asking about the next step of the Design your own LE contest!

I have taken all submissions that were acceptable and only 1 submission from each person.

All submissions have been put out in world for you guys to vote on. This is the first vote so be sure that you vote for your favorite so it will make it in the top 5!!

Please go to the main store

Look over all submissions each entry has a number on the right hand corner of the picture. Create a note card and in the subject put the number of your favorite design. Then take that notecard and drop it in the pink mail box.

There are a few rules to follow when voting:
Only put one number of your favorite on the notecard, if you put more than one your vote will not be counted.

Only vote once!!! If there are more than one notecard created by the same person all notecards submitted by that person will be deleted.

Voting is open to breeders only so if you invite all your friends who dont breed their votes will not be counted.

Voting is open in world until Oct 19, 2018!

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal! Happy voting everyone!

World Mental Health Day

Greetings Fellow Breeders:

World Mental Health Day, observed annually on October 10th, is an event designed to promote worldwide mental health education, awareness and advocacy, particularly against the social stigma that many people with mental health issues face.

First organized by the World Federation for Mental Health in 1992, the event is now held globally and sees thousands of advocates and volunteers engage the public about mental health awareness and the impact of mental illnesses in people’s daily lives. Mental health awareness is represented by a green ribbon.

This year, particular importance is being paid to the mental health of young people around the world. We want to bring attention to the issues our youth and young adults are facing in our world today and begin the conversation around what they need in order to grow up healthy, happy and resilient.

What is mental health?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Amaretto has always been supportive of awareness for different causes. As part of the Awareness Eye collection, the Mental Health Awareness eye dropped randomly from July 1 – July 31, 2013.

This eye does have the ability to pass and would make a great trait to add to any project created for dedication to someone you know with a mental health issue. 💚

Till next time….Be Aware & Happy Breeding!


Piebald Showhorse!

Hey everyone its time to reveal to all of you guys the Piebald Showhorse!
If you haven’t seen one yet here it is!

Isn’t this this horse beautiful!

As an added twist on this round of show horses not only does the Hazel eye have the ability to pass but so does the amazing Hazel saddle!

You can check it out anytime on the wiki:

There is still time to get a show horse if you haven’t gotten one yet! How do you get one?
Well from October 1, 2018 to October 31st, 2018 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Piebald horses had the chance at being a Piebald Showhorse!

Remember once the month of October is gone so is your ability to get a Piebald Showhorse. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day ! This is Ava over and out!

A Lil’ Looney Leg!

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know why but I am feeling a little looney today and in honor of my looney mood I want to share the amazing Looney Legs with you all! The Looney Legs were introduced to breeders on June 1, 2016 and ended on March 31, 2016! The Looney Leg replaced the Crazed Horses. On the 1st of each month Amaretto announced what you must breed together to get that months Looney Legs! In order to have a chance a getting a Looney Leg you had to breed two horses that had the trait that was announced for that particular month! Take a look at the Looney Legs below!

Looney Leg Ladybug – Breeding two Ladybug Brandings- June 1- 30th

Looney Leg Americana – Breeding a Heart Horn to a Spirit Horn July 1- July 31

Looney Leg Lightning Bolt – Breeding two Lightning Bolt Brandings August 1- August 31

Looney Leg Safari – Breeding 2 Safari Wings September 1 – September 30

Looney Leg Bloody- Breeding 2 Bloody Traits October 1 – October 31

Looney Leg Glitter Silver- Breeding 2 Glitter Silver Horns November 1 – November 30

Looney Leg Lollipop- Breeding 2 Lollipop Eyes December 1 -December 31

Looney Leg Dazzle – Breeding 2 Dazzle Saddles together January 1 – January 31

Looney Leg Heart – Breeding two horses with Heart Branding February 1 – February 28

Looney Leg Flower Power – breeding any TWO horses with Birthstone Flower Eyes March 1- March 31

Happy breeding! Get your hands on some of these Looney Legs today and add them to your amazing breeding projects!

Until next time….

Dazzle Horses

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to take a look at the amazing Dazzle Horses. These horses are absolutely gorgeous and very special.

On September 1, 2015 Amaretto released the Dazzle horses!

On October 7,2016 Amaretto released new starters in version 5.5 there were new hidden Dazzle Horses Ruby, Peridot, Opal, Turquoise, and Pearl Dazzle Horses.

Dazzle Horses can only come by breeding a male and female with Dazzle eyes together.

The Dazzle eyes can be viewed on the wiki at the following links:

They do NOT have to be the same Dazzle Eyes to have a chance at getting one of these randomly dropped coats.
The Saddles that come with each amazing Dazzle coat are specific to their coat and they do have the ability to pass. That’s right you heard it correct these beautiful new Saddles DO have the ability to pass!! Dazzle Horses can NOT pass their coat. However breeding a Dazzle Horse with another Dazzle Horse or with any other horse with Dazzle Eyes you will slightly increase your chance for another Dazzle Horse.

So good luck getting one of these awesome horses!

Happy breeding everyone!

Hugs Marku <3

National German American Day

In the United States, National German-American Day is observed on October 6.

This German-American heritage holiday commemorates the 13 German Mennonite families from Krefeld who landed in Philadelphia. These families founded Germantown, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1683. The settlement was the first German establishment in the original thirteen American colonies.

How to observe
Use #GermanAmericanDay to post on social media.

National German-American Day was originally celebrated in the nineteenth century. However, it fell out of favor during World War I.

Then in the 1980s things began to change. As is tradition, President Ronald Reagan made his world tour in 1982, which included West Germany. In the midst of a cold war and a divided Germany, the newly elected U.S. President opened his speech to the people of Bonn by relating the history of the 13 German families who founded a colony on American soil. He spoke of contributions, advancement, science and art and the honor to celebrate the German heritage that more than 7 million Americans claim.

The noblest objective of our diplomacy is the patient and difficult task of reconciling our adversaries to peace. And I know we all look forward to the day when the only industry of war will be the research of historians. ~ Ronald Reagan ~ June 9, 1982 ~ Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.

To honor the 300th anniversary of German-American immigration and culture into the United States, in 1983 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October 6 as German-American Day. It was on August 6, 1987, that Congress approved S.I. Resolution 108, designating October 6, 1987, as German-American Day, and it became Public Law 100-104 when President Reagan signed it on August 18. Proclamation #5719 was issued on October 2, 1987, at this time the President called on Americans to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. It has been commemorated each year since with Presidential Proclamations.

German-American Day Facts & Quotes   

  • The current population of Germantown, PA is 26,563 inhabitants.
  • Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa are now home to the largest number of German descendants in the US.
  • After the Second World War, around 375,000 Germans immigrated to the US. In the 50s and 60s alone, around 786,000 Germans immigrated to the US.
  • Albert Einstein was a German immigrant, a Jew who opted to remain in the US when the Nazi party came to power in 1933.
  • The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. – Albert Einstein

Check out these Flags of the World Germany eyes!



Until next time this is Snookie saying have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Breeding!!


Hey everyone hope you are having a great Friyay! Well I have some exciting news to share with everyone!

BETA IS OVER!!! I repeat beta testing is OVER! What does that mean? It means we are putting the final touches on the Ducks and the 3.0 Update!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the beta testing! We are over the moon about this update and all the newness that you guys will see soon!

No I can not give you a definite date on the release of the update but I can say that I would hope that you would have ducks in your hands sometime next week!! We are shooting for Tuesday!

I hope you will enjoy these as much as we have!

This is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!!!

More Sweet Treats!

Hello everyone its a great day here at Amaretto! We are just rounding out our week and happy that tomorrow is FRIYAY!

Last week i got to show you some sweet treats from your Autumn Harvest Edition horses and ponies but I didnt get to brag on the K9s and Birds!

So here is the first time on stage for you! The Dipped Ear Candy Corn!!!

I do like this Dipped Ear and if you was wondering you can now get 4x Candy Corn on your pups!

Remember that you can get the Dipped Ear Candy Corn from any breeding of the Autumn Harvest Edition K9s and it has the ability to pass as well!!

I know all you Barnyard Bird Breeders are anticipating the Bird Update that we are vigorously working on, but here is a little treat to hold you over Leg Color Candy Corn!!!

That means we now have a Candy Corn Beak Color, Candy Corn Leg Color, and Candy Corn Eyes!

Remember that you can get the Leg Color Candy Corn from any breeding of the Autumn Harvest Edition Barnyard Birds and it has the ability to pass as well!!

This is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!!!