Interview With an Amaretto Breeder

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!

This week I had the pleasure to interview Juliana Shelbyville, Juliana is in the group so if you see her be sure to give her a big hello!

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?
I am Brazilian, I live in São Paulo (Capital), and I’m 39 years old, married with one child, 6 dogs and 5 cockatiels 🙂
What brought me to the Second Life was the loss of my dog … I was at home very lonely, had no son (at the time), my husband working hard. I was invited to meet the SL.

Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?
140 horses
8 k9
1 bird frankstein (CO)

How did you get started in breedables?
In November 12, 2010 did birthday and my sister with some friends knowing my passion for animals presented me with some horses … instantly became my greatest passion here in SL. Since then, I have not done anything hehehe

Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?
Yes, I have 2 lions WK (pet only)

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?
Ride horses with traits whites: Crazed Appaloosa, Crazed Pintos, and Black Piebalds. Also work with oranges, yellows and pinks, 4Th Birthday’s riding a horse that will soon be on display … but has a special I’m starting with Crazed Cotton Candy

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto K-9s?
My k9 do with pink possess the Love Blossom Beagle traits pinks.
My k9s are more pet

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Barnyard Bird?
Frankstein as have my pet, I’m looking for her partner hehehe

What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable?
I LOVE Appaloosa *. *

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables?
I love to chat with friends (enough), but here in SL My focus is on horses. I’m putting together a new store (horses) with my sister Carol Breaker and my good friend Jane Warilard (consider as a sister).
I would like to thank you Karrie for this interview, I loved show a little of what I do 🙂

Thank you Juliana for letting me interview you this week! I am including some pictures of Juliana’s special Amaretto Breedables.

Until next week Happy Breeding!!

Juliana Shelbyville 1

Juliana Shelbyville 2

Juliana Shelbyville 5


Juliana Shelbyville 4


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