Fall Newness!!

Hey guys it is a Terrific Tuesday! I wanted to share with everyone all the amazing surprises that the Fall LE, SE, and CE’s were hiding! Lets take a up close and personal look!

First up the horses! They dropped 4 new Wild Manes and Tails!
Limited Edition Fall – Autumn Nights

Limited Edition Fall - Autumn Nights
Limited Edition Fall – Pumpkin

Limited Edition Fall – Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind
Limited Edition Fall – Breezy


These Wild Hairs do have the ability to pass! I can’t wait to see what projects you guys will begin with these!!!

Next up the K-9s! They got a super cool brand new coat! Introducing to you the Autumn Nights Beagle! This coat Does have the ability to pass! I am excited to see these all traited up and in the market!

Last but not least the Barnyard Birds got shown a little Golden Glitter Love! Thats right these cuties were hiding a Golden Glitter Leg and Beak! The Golden Glitter Leg and Beak DOEs have the ability to pass on!!



Remember any breeding of the Fall LE, SE, and CE will give you a chance to get these new traits!!

On a side not please be careful buying high end horses as I have encountered some copybotters out there! Better to be safe than sorry! If you are unsure ask someone!!! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!


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