Interviews with an Auctioneer

Today I had the the awesome pleasure of interviewing Avalon Crystal! Even though her name tag says Amaretto Bully, she is not even close to being one, she a very sweet and charming person and so easy to talk with. Below are the questions I asked her today and her answers.


Q.When did you first start being an auctioneer?

A Avalon Crystal: My first time auctioning was the 2012 Amaretto Auction for a Cure that was in March. I was so scared but after 6 hours it turned out ok! We ended up selling everything!

Q.What made you decide to be an auctioneer?

A. Avalon Crystal: Well Amaretto was having an auction and i was the only one crazy enough to volunteer?!

Q. When you first started auctioneering , what breedable were you auctioning for?

A. Avalon Crystal: Amaretto Horses were first, then we did some auctions with all three breedables. Now I love to auction k-9s, birds, and occasionally you can catch me at a horse auction helping out!

Q.What do you feel is the most difficult thing for you, being an Auctioneer?

A. Avalon Crystal: Well first, not buying all the animals im auctioning! It is difficult to get it all lined up and spam sent out and get people to come and have fun and engage at the auction. I hate feeling like I’m talking to myself for an hour lol.

Q. What is your favorite type of auction to call?

A. Avalon Crystal: I love to call K-9s either classic or drop because they are “droooolers”!

Q.What do you feel makes a good auctioneer?

A. Avalon Crystal: Nothing, lol! I don’t consider myself an auctioneer I can’t call fast or talk like an auctioneer. I do like to have a good time tho and make people laugh and in the process maybe sell their breedable.

Q. What is the funniest thing that has ever happen to you when calling an auction?

A. Avalon Crystal: Oh hmmmmm………………lots of funny things happen at an Ava auction I forget prices, skip stalls, call the wrong one. But the funniest thing that has happened to me is prob wearing a kennel at a k9 Auction and removing all my clothing and having to tp out really quickly!

Just by the answers to the questions I asked, you can really tell that Ava really enjoys being an auctioneer and helping people sell their breedables.

If you are an Auctioneer and would like to be interviewed, just send a notecard titled Interview of a Auctioneer with your sl name on it to Maleficent Farshore!

Until next week happy breeding , and go check out the auctions for some great deals and fun!


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