Thanksgiving 2015

Hey everyone hope that everyone is enjoying a lazy Sunday! Well we didnt get a chance to be lazy here at the ranch! I wanted to talk a few moments about all the really cool Thanksgiving 2015 surprises that you may have gotten on Thursday November 26, 2015!

Its all in the eyes! Thats right there was a random drop Thanksgiving 2015 eye for each animal Horses, K-9s, and Barnyard Birds! This eye does have the ability to pass!
Check out how cool these are gonna be in your collection!




Wait im not even anywhere near done yet! Let’s talk horses along with the eye you could have gotten the Thanksgiving 2015 Wing or the Thanksgiving 2015 Ear Tip! These are gonna be so cool to see you guys work these into your projects! Remember the wing and the ear tip Does have the ability to pass!


Arf arf! Where my K-9 breeders at?! I am excited about your Thanksgiving 2015 surprises! You might have gotten a Thanksgiving 2015 Nose or Paw warmer!
That is correct a brand NEW paw warmer and K-9 nose do have the ability to pass!
Check em out!



Last but certainly not leastĀ isĀ the Barnyard Birds! Bawk Bawk!
Barnyard Birds had the ability to get a Thanksgiving 2015 leg or Thanksgiving 2015 Beak! You guessed it these DO have the ability to pass as well!



All of these traits were random drops on November 26, 2015 for 24 hours only! All of these traits have the ability to pass on! I am ready and waiting to see what you guys don with these traits!

Don’t forget to pick up those 2015 Thanksgiving Editions if you haven’t or you would like to purchase more you are almost out of time! They will not be available after November 30th 2015!!!

This is Ava over and out!


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