Amaretto K9’s :)

 Hello Everyone.
 As most of you know yesterday was the 2 month anniversary for the Amaretto K9’s!! The K9’s came into play back in November of last year when we announced we would be adding them to Amaretto Breedables. Then after months and months of work by the team they were released on August 22nd of 2011.
Today I come to you all for your feedback on the K9’s. What I am looking for is this:
    What you think of them as a product?
    What you would like to see in them as in traits and such for future updates?
Yes, we do listen to our community and what they would like to see. Although you might think your idea isn’t that great it could be one of the greatest.
No we might not use every single idea that someone has but we do look through them very closely.  Please file tickets with your comments or your suggestions with the title (Attn Richie) I will personally look through every single ticket we get and write down all the details to go over with our team.
We want the community to feel involved, you all are what has made Amaretto what it is today and we will strive to keep on making Amaretto one of the best products within SL.
On a personal note I see each and every community member as a family member. To be honest you all have done so much hard work, just like the Amaretto Team has. From breeding to selling to even sending in great ideas to the Amaretto staff, you each play a very important role in keeping the breedable community alive. So at this time I would like each and everyone of you reading this today to have a seat, get some coffee and just think about what you think will make the K9’s more enjoyable for you and the rest of the community.
PS:  Although you might ask yourself are they using my idea? That is one thing you will have to wait and see when updates come out .


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