Final Spotlight on Holiday Inspiration

Happy Thursday!  I have really enjoyed writing these Spotlights on Holiday Inspiration and I hope many of you have taken the ideas provided here and started your own Holiday projects!  I think I have saved the best for last!

I was out and about the other week and spotted a display from across the sim.  After going over and having a closer look I knew that I had to talk to the owners and do a Spotlight on their Holiday creativity!


The Elf project was started by venere00 Resident and her partner KillerTrex Resident.  I spoke with venere00 who was happy to share their project with everyone here in my Spotlight.  This is what she had to say about their fabulous Elf project:


Hello my name is Venere00 and I started to make horses Amaretto
a little more than a year ago with my husband Killertrex.
Breeding Amaretto horses is a passion that we share. They’re
a lot of fun to create stand for them, and all of this for us and
a beautiful game.
We had a lot of difficulties at the beginning due to the language we are
Italian and we do not know the English language.
But all breeders of Amaretto Horses were always
kind and helpful, and told us about the site Amaretto
where we learned a lot, and more we entered college.
We never had much luck with the new features, for this
why we really enjoy creating projects because that way the
horse design will be unique … lol
For this time we decided to create the Christmas elf
are four months that we work and the result we really like we got
what we wanted … we later found out today that Amaretto created the new eye of Santa’s elf and this makes us happy because it ‘s perfect for our project.
What is the Christmas Elf you ask?
In our imagination there are two types:
The Green: Ripe Lime Crazed Coat Sorrel, with hair Mystic Siam,
the red socks and saddle roses Heart (because ‘the elves have big hearts lol)
their wives are instead
redheads: Sizzling Red Coat Crazed Walker with green socks
wing grim and saddle Rose Heart
Now we just have to hope that they can both have new eyes
to be the perfect Christmas elves of 2015 especially hope
They will appeal to our breeder friends.
Dreams for the near future, will be one of the many ‘what I and killer
we crown our love with a wedding Amaretto spouses and friends riding
I am sure that we will achieve it.
Now we just have to say goodbye and to wish good luck to all breeders
especially to our friends Brillantecometa cloud.funizza and wishing them good luck
for their project secret …… shhhhhhhh


A secret project?!?! Sounds like I need to do some further investigating and find out what venere00’s friends are up too!


Thank you for sharing your beautiful project with us all venere00 and KillerTrex!  Check out the pictures below and look for the displays out in the markets because they are fabulous!

Until next time … Happy Breeding!


Elf2 Elf3



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