Boomtown is Boomin!!

A Boomtown is a community that experiences sudden and rapid growth. The Amaretto Community could definitely be described as a Boomtown, so we thought it would be nice to add an actual Boomtown sim to the Amaretto sims!  The Amaretto Boomtown sim is a beautiful little town you can go to hang out with other members of the community and possibly run into some of the Amaretto Team while you’re there.  Although there will not be Horses or K-9s sold at Amaretto Boomtown the buildings in the town are available to rent to sell clothing, shoes or whatever else you may want to sell there (besides Horses or K-9s)! The buildings, however, went very quickly today but you can contact Avalon Crystal via note card in world to get put on the waiting list for when a building comes open. We are not allowing sales of the Horses or K-9s at Amaretto Boomtown so we don’t take anything away from the wonderful Sales Markets that are already out there! We hope the community enjoys the addition of Amaretto Boomtown and we look forward to seeing people bustling about the town!

So c’mon down and sit a spell….

Until next time……..




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