Spotlight on the Amaretto Alphabet …. J is for ….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!  Make sure you have gone over to the Amaretto stores and get your 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Edition animals to celebrate!!

We are going to continue our journey through the Amaretto Alphabet today by adding a little “class”.


J is for ……….. Jester and Juliet! These awesome Barnyard Bird Classes are a very helpful addition to the bird traits.

The Jester Class is a non-starter class trait.  The benefits of  having the Jester class is that the Barnyard Birds vivacity will never go below 75%.  The Jester class does have the ability to pass.

The Juliet Class is a non-starter class trait also.  The benefits of having the Juliet class is that this class actually gives the Barnyard Bird an extra breeding cycle!  The Juliet class does have the ability to pass.


You can see all the Classes possible in the Barnyard Birds by visiting this link:


Until next week, Happy Breeding!!!







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