Mystery Sale May Madness!!!!

Hey guys its your favorite Ava and man do I some juicy gossip for you guys! I was talking with the bosslady, Amaretto has come up with a great idea, a mystery sale for our customers. Thats right starting on May 1st!!!

What am I talking about each month Amaretto will choose a consumable from either the horses, K-9s, or Barnyard Birds and discount the price for all of you guys!!!!

This will be like the sale that we are currently offering on Forever Foals, Perpetual Puppy, and Beloved Bird. We wont tell you what the mystery sale item is until the 1st of the month and we wont tell you when it will be over! Its a mystery!!!!

I do hope that you guys will take advantage of this mystery sale!!!
Keep your eyes peeled for the Mystery Sale!!!!
This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding Everyone!!!!









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