Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a great breeding week! I am excited to continue our journey through the Amaretto Alphabet this week because I get to talk about one of my favorite new editions to the Barnyard Birds!


L is for ………… Lakenvelder


In December of 2015 the Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds were released.  By breeding these Holiday Edition birds to any other bird you could discover what surprises they were hiding.  Those lovely surprises turned out to be the Silver Lakenvelder and the Platinum Blue Lakenvelder!  These beautiful birds are the perfect breed to begin many new projects with.  Just in case you have not seen them I have included pictures below.  I really hope just seeing these birds inspires you to give the Barnyard Birds a try and if you already have Barnyard Birds ….don’t these pictures make you want more!!!


Until next time Happy Breeding all!! Bok Bok!!Platinum_Blue_LakenvelderRooster1 Platinum_Blue_LakenvelderHen Silver_LakenvelderRooster2 Silver_LakenvelderHen2


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