Happy Thursday Everyone!! It’s been a fun week so far waiting on the surprises from the Spring Editions to start dropping.  Now that they are starting to be posted in group it’s been exciting to watch!!  Only one more day to get out to the Amaretto stores and get your Spring Editions while they’re still on sale!!

This week the spotlight is going to shine on the next letter in the Amaretto Alphabet which is also one of my absolute favorite Amaretto coats!!


O is for ……………… Overo!!


Back in November of 2015 to celebrate Thanksgiving we released the 2015 Thanksgiving Limited Edition Horses.  These beautiful LE’s were hiding this new and absolutely fabulous Overo Amber coat!  I have seen quite a few people talking in the groups about using these pretty coats in their projects.  I know I sure have an Overo Amber project going and can’t get enough of this pretty horse!



Then in March of 2016 we wanted to do something to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day so we brought out the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Edition horses.  These LE’s were hiding the also beautiful Overo Clover coat.  This is also one of those coats that is awesome to use in your projects and I can’t wait to get some and start my own Overo Army!




Until next week, Happy Breeding and don’t forget to get those Spring Editions while they’re still on sale!!!!




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