Happy Thursday!  Hopefully everyone is having a great breeding week and enjoying seeing the new surprises popping up from the Father’s Day Editions.  This week our journey through the Amaretto Alphabet we have reached one of THE most important things involved in breeding …..


V is for ……………………. Variety!!!


You know as they say “Variety is the spice of life” it’s also the spice of breeding.  In each of the Amaretto Breedables, Horses, K-9’s & the Barnyard Birds, Amaretto provides our breeders with a wide assortment of traits so that our breeders can combine them in whatever way they chose.  Each breeder likes different combinations of traits and can combine the traits provided to make their own version of the perfect horse.  Variety!!

You can find inspiration in many different places in the Amaretto Community! Variety!! You can find inspiration here in this blog nearly every day, by browsing the wiki, talking and watching in the Amaretto groups and by simply walking the markets and looking at all the different breedables!  Variety!!


I’ve posted a few pictures below from a variety of community members to remind everyone that one of the most fun parts of Amaretto Breedables is …. Variety!!


Until next time, Happy Breeding!!


Princess Charming Purple Grape Crazed California Gray w_Pumpkin Snapshot _ Hax Huxx Family, Forbidden City (134, 103, 3501) - M


Zen1a Zen5A




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