Azure lovelies!!!

Hey guys guess what today is?!
Its Hump Day \o/

Ok so I have been a little swamped and running behind but I wanted to take a moment to share these with everyone!

I am totally in love with the surprises that came from the Fathers Day Editions!
Introducing to you

Overo Azure!

Overo Azure

This is just gorgeous!
Read all about them here:
Azure Faverolles




These birdies are pretty darn cute too!
Read all about them here:
Azure Splash Great Dane

Azure Splash Great Dane

I saved my favorite for last!
Read all about them here:
All of these Azure lovelies DO have the ability to pass!!
Can’t wait to see these out in the markets! Don’t forget to check out all the events at the Jamboree this week!!!


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