Happy Thursday!!  This has been an extra exciting week on the Amaretto Ranch! So much going on, so many new things, super fun events at the Jamboree and awesome Independence Editions that are hiding some pretty amazing things!  Finishing this week off with the OOAK Auction will just be the icing on the cake!! Now in my Spotlight this week we are almost through the Amaretto Alphabet and when I saw what letter we were up to this week there was nothing else I could think to write about than …..

W is for ………………… WALKERS!

Go to any market or auction anywhere in the Amaretto Community and you’ll see any number of Walkers.  They have been a favorite of many breeders for as long as I can remember.  In the Amaretto groups I watch daily as White Walkers and Black Walkers are posted with a wide array traits.  They have long been used for project after project across the grid and I have been happy to witness a lot more people showing off the other colors of Walkers (Brown, Red, Silver and Tan) also being used by more people in their projects.  How pretty they all are with the many different combinations of traits each breeder decides to put on them.


Since we have the OOAK Auction coming up tomorrow we can’t forget that the last time we auctioned a “Create Your Own Coat” what else would the winning bidder decide to create if not a new Walker!  Be sure to check out the Demon Black Walker and don’t forget to attend the OOAK Auction Friday, July 1st at 3pm slt!


Until next time, Happy Breeding!


BlackWalker WhiteWalker RedWalker TanWalker SilverWalker BrownWalker Demon_Black_Walker1


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