Nest Gender Reveal!

That’s right guys we are always hard at work on the ranch, we have reached the final phase in our gender reveal plan. The gender will now be shown on all Barnyard Bird Nests!

Just like the horse bundles and K-9 Kennels, the gender shows when you click stats of a nest. You can toggle the text off and back on for nest that you have already turned the text on for.


These changes were made in ┬áresponse to all the call to action note cards that I asked you guys for so please send yours in if you haven’t. I have personally taken the time to read and share all the great suggestions that you guys had with the boss and can’t wait for you guys to see more of your suggestions implemented!

Side note guys we are still taking nominations for the breeders choice awards, please list full legacy names when nominating someone so that we get the correct nomination. Also only send in one nc! Duplicates will be deleted! This is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!!!


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