Transformation Tuesday!

Its transformation Tuesday here at the ranch and man have we been hard at work! After much debate about the amount of sims Amaretto has versus the amount of prims we were using we have decided to consolidate some of our sims. So here is the break down!

We have made the decision to do away with the Amaretto Boomtown, Amaretto Ranch University, and the Amaretto Haven sims.

Please know that we have place haven, puppy paradise, and bird sanctuary boards at all locations including the main stores. This does not mean that we will not be adding to these in the future. So any rumor you have heard about haven horses going away is simply NOT true.

Amaretto Ranch University has been moved to what used to be the haven sim! So now all class will be held at the following location:


We have also relocated the dock where we hold fishing events, we will still host fishing events from time to time at the following location:





AMOC has also received a new home but don’t worry there is still those monthly meetings to be had heres your new uber to the AMOC meeting location and donation boxes!


For my racing breeders don’t worry we still have your practice and training track we have just moved it over a little so be sure to change your landmark to:


Remember if you don’t landmark all of these special places you can always find them on our locations page on our website which has been updated!

So please spread the word and delete those old landmarks. There will be a 100 linden fee for anyone who messages me asking why they can no longer get to boomtown or the ARU sim! 🙂

This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone be sure to go check out the new Amaretto areas! Also I am encouraging everyone tomorrow to join me at 1 PM for our BCA Auction 100% of the proceeds will go to the BCA Kiosks!


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