Fervor/Heat !!

You can do several things to help your Horse or K-9 gain fervor/heat.


For a horse or k-9 to gain fervor/heat they must be at least age 7


The happiness level does effect fervor/heat. if the horse or K-9 is not 75% happy it will NOT gain fervor/heat. Also if the happiness falls bellow 75% it will stop gaining fervor/heat.


The horses or K-9’s do have to have breedable food to gain fervor/heat. If you start a horse or K-9 out on pet food it will have to eat breeder food for 7 days before it will be able to start gaining.


Riding a horse as well as salt licks will help ensure your horse gets above 75% happiness and builds fervor. Also Sugar Cubes will help boost happiness. Playing with your K-9 and chew toys will help your K-9 gain happiness, Rawhide lollipops gives a boost to happiness also.


Remember before filing a ticket about your horses or K-9’s not gaining fervor/heat be sure to check the info listed above to make sure all conditions are favorable for fervor/heat to be building.


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