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Hello everyone today I would like to talk about something new we have released to help users place their ads on the website!


Starting today you can pay for your ads using PayPal OR L$ in world. the process for L$ payments is simple:


Create your ad on the website give it a title/url/desc/picture and create a new or choose an existing campaign.


Now when you go to place the order to pay by lindens ignore the pay with PayPal button and check your email, you should receive an email within 60 seconds containing slurls to the locations you can pay and a URL for your ad. Go to any of those locations and touch the terminal it will ask you for the URL to the ad please copy/paste the URL in the email on the channel in world and the terminal will look up the details of the ad for you. If the ad is valid it will tell you to pay the terminal a certain amount ( based on the package price you chose when creating the ad ) and give you 60 seconds to pay the terminal. Once you do it will record the transaction and mark the ad as paid then when we go through and see the ad that was paid we will look over it to ensure its appropriate and approve or deny it ( your time doesn’t start until its approved and if it takes more than 7 days to approve you are refunded the price of the ad ).


I hope this system helps more people who don’t use or don’t want to use PayPal to pay for ads get their ads out there!

Until next Sunday



P.S. this is the 200th post


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