Spotlight on Mules

Happy Thursday!  I hope you’re all excited about tonight’s Hawaiian Christmas Party!  It is going to be a great time!  I wanted to talk to you all about some exciting little cuties that are often over looked in the Amaretto Community …..Mules!

I can hear you all asking now, How can I get a Mule? By breeding any of the Haven Donkeys with any Amaretto Horse other than another Haven Donkey there is an opportunity to receive one of the Mules.  The Ash Grey Mule, Brass Mule and Sienna Mule are super cute but they do not have the ability to pass their coats.

I personally had to go and get a couple of the Haven Donkeys so I could try for a Mule of my own!  In case you’ve forgotten those Haven Donkeys make the cutest sounds!  So save up those Haven points and go get your own Donkeys and let us all fill the grid with these awesome Amaretto Mules!






Until next time, Smile!!! You are a member of the GREATEST Community in SL!! Be proud, Be happy, Be inspired …. Be Amaretto!!!


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