Heavenly Fortitude and Diligence!

Hey everyone hope you are having a great Thursday and we have almost made it to the weekend!!

I wanted to take a few moments to share and talk about one of my favorite newer K-9s and traits!

Have you guys seen this Heavenly Fortitude running around in the market?

On July 1, 2016 Amaretto held the Amaretto Jamboree Auction and unveiled the second K-9 in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues. Eve Greymoon was the winning bidder on the OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Pride. Congratulations Eve!

You can read all about it here: http://wiki2.amarettobreedables.com/index.php?title=OOAK_Seven_Heavenly_Virtues_-_Patience

The Heavenly Fortitude breed was hiding in the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Patience K-9.

The Heavenly Fortitude coat DOES have the ability to pass!
Well its certainly a lovely coat but did you know that it has a matching eye, collar, and nose??
Take a look at these Diligence traits!

All of these Diligence traits do have the ability to pass so you guys start building your Heavenly Fortitude with matching Diligence traits!

This is Ava over and out I hope everyone got an awesome Bundle. Kennel, or Nest today!!!!


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